The Chosen Few

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The day has just begun and already the young wolf is on the hunt. Ai, a being of unknown past, moves through the unmarked city via the roof tops. She hides herself in a form of her choosing. The form of a white wolf. Her fur is a soft white-- like snow. Her eyes are nearly closed, though she sees perfectly. Calming. Her paws move across the cool, wet cover of the roof top-- enjoying the late rain of the early morning. She loathes the feeling of dry, rocky concrete against her paws so early. It is not as calming or relaxing. But she did not travel this far into the country to enjoy the wet roof tops. No... She was here looking for answers.
The answers that she was seeking was to what she was. She had done this often, though rarely ventured so far from her home. Something was drawing her to this location. As if something about where she was kept her from it. Ai would continue to move around the roof tops though would come to a stop. She heard voices which were as common to her as any, but she could not help herself. Her paws moved faster then her mind as she moved near the edge of the roof to look down at the crowds of people. The commune to work was no doubt stressful at such a time. She watched the people. Confusing, she would think. Why would people give up their freedom to go somewhere to do something they are told? What benefit do they gain? But she was careless.. Suddenly a child pointed and began to laugh.
"Doggy!" the young child in the crowd points at the roof top. Ai's ears fly open quickly upon alert. The father and mother of the young boy look to the roof-- but nothing was there. Ai was gone as quickly as she had appeared.
Soon after, Ai had found herself in the park. A white wolf in the park in a place like this. She stood out easily.. had she kept to the north, she could hide with the snow. No.. the only snow here was black and filled with the pollution from factories and manual labor. Ai didn't understand work. She had never been made to do so, she had never had a reason to. She acknowledged that her curiosity will get her into trouble if she continues as she is, and she disappeared into the shadows still lingering from the trees. She did not find answers yet, but she was determined. She wanted to find something, or someone, who could answer her questions.... but who?


The Scenario
New Orleans, thought Moria. How much it had changed over the years. Far from the simple port city it had once been, New Orleans was now a bustling metropolis. Moria had seen it grow, watched as the city attracted all kinds of strange folk, and became a haven for dark magicks and partygoers alike. So much out of the ordinary happened here none would notice an extra zombie.

Moria dropped down from the wall he'd been clinging to and slipped into a nearby alleyway, running one finger across the wall. With careful speed, Moria darted from one shaded alley to the next, crossing the city with practiced efficiency. Eventually he reached the place he wanted: the Necropolis. The magnificent city of the dead rose from the ground, stone and marble mausoleums holding the dead as they rested for eternity. Or, at least, most of them did. Moria approached a simple tomb compared to the others and, as he always did, read his own name. Moria grave grave acted as his home, empowering him as he stayed close to it. Placing his hand on the smooth stone, Moria felt refreshed, or as close to it as his dead flesh could. Once finished, Moria reached into his coat and produced a small bag of herbs, a vial of oils, as well as a single candle.

"This ha better work, old crone," Moria muttered. For the past hundred years, Moria had only one goal: to be alive again. His undeath sickened him, the unfeeling nature repulsing all life that now was all he knew. With another grunt he reached into his coat and retrieved a match. He lit it, then lit the candle, placing it on his grave. This ritual was yet another of Moria's unending attempts at life, one he'd aquired from a voodoo priestess. With a motion, Moria scattered the herb and poured the oils onto his grave. Then he began the spell:

"Empty grave, now hear this cry
I call to one who will not die
The cursed man who perished here
Shall live again, now reappear!"

The candle blew out. Nothing further happened.

Moria screamed his frustration.

Alice, the next leader of her kin, born of royalty...was on her way to a public school located somewhere in the southern part of California. Against her parents orders she took a journey like her fellow peers to be considered one of the clan's member, Alice's parents had exempt her from this test but she did not want any favors because she was of royal blood she ran away. Getting help from a few trusted friends and using her magic she was able to make it to another world, "Earth."

The young dragon thought about the event that happen six years about while on her way to school when she was pushed by one of her class mates. Alice caught herself before she fell and turned to see who was trying to bully her today, it was a girl that she had in a few classes, she was always picking on the dragon because of the color of her hair. Her green hair was not a natural color on this world but on in her world it was the considered the most beautiful hair color and one was lucky to be born with it. "Hey freak, watch where your going you almost bumped in to me," the girl said rudely. Alice smiled and replied, "Oh sorry I was just day dreaming." The girl just stuck up her nose like a snob and said, "Whatever freak just watch it next time," then she walked away with her group saying mean things about Alice. When the girls were farther away Alice took the amulet that hung around her neck from a silver necklace that she had stumbled on by chance or fate, "Humans are so aggressive," The dragon said with a laugh to show she was okay.

Alice finally make it to the campus where she attended school the building were painted in school colors: yellow, green, and white. Most of the students said they hated the colors but Alice found them to be beautiful. The young dragon walked through a hallway full of lockers, she reached her locker and put a couple books away and took the ones she'd need for her morning classes when she heard some of the students gasp, she looked up to see a huge man with scars and a tattoo on his face. The huge man walked up to Alice and put is right fist over his heart and bowed before speaking, "I finally found you, Princess." Alice looked stunned, she was found, on a world like this? One of the dragons that helped her here most have spoke. "Y-your a guardian," Alice said stumbling on her words. "Yes Princess, Your father has ordered me to take you home" his voice got more serious "By any means." Alice took a step back but the guardian put his massive hand on her shoulder, "Please come quietly" he said. The young dragon squeezed her eyes shout had a lot to think about but no time, she opened her eyes deciding on one thing, "I'm not going back! Not yet!" Alice said determined. She put her hand out toward the guardian's chest and fired a magical force that sent him back a few feet then ran of the exit on the other side of the hallway.

Alice made it outside but the guardian was in quick pursuit, black dragon wings sprouted from his back and is hands turned in to dragon claws. "Please Princess, I do not wish to hurt you but I will not let you escape!" Alice turned to face the guardian and whispered something and suddenly her clothes transform to robes that of a mage. "And I am telling you I'm not ready, my trials are not over guardian. If you want to bring me back you'll have to beat me unconscious first!" Alice held her hand to cast a spell but the guardian charged her causing her to stop and jump out of the way. Alice quickly got back to her feet and pushed her arm out "murus" a barrier appeared just in time to protect her against the guardian's claws. The guardian took the the sky and and dived down on Alice's barrier threating to shatter it, Alice put everything she had into the barrier but she feared it was not enough. The barrier finally shattered and the guardian dropped on to Alice pinning her arms down, "You are strong but you are still too young Princess." Alice struggled but it was no use and she couldn't turn in to her dragon form being bind like this, "Daemon!" she yelled almost as if it was a spell.

"Remember my love, no matter how far you travel. We will always be together in our hearts.."
"H-Huh..!?" The man's eyes open and he sat forward quickly in bed. "It was a dream..." The man had been dreaming again.

Hyrokai Tomoshi, Captain of the 7th Squad in the Order from the realm of Light, Akemi. It had only been a while sense the attack on the Order by an unseen force. He remembered every second of the fear that had run through his mind as he was told to escape by the woman he loved.. but now was not the time for the past. As much as it may have pained him. Hyrokai laid in bed, shirtless. His hard muscle tone was not unique in his line of business. He was a warrior, but on Earth, that was not natural to still fight by the sword. After placing his hands together and covering his face in grief, he laid his head back to the pillow and sighed.

Not long after, he was out of bed and in a seemingly happy mood. Hyrokai walked to the end of the hallway of his apartment to the bathroom, wearing only his underwear. He turned on the water to the shower and pulled off his underwear, getting into the shower to clean himself. As he waits inside the shower and cleans-- he thinks about the Order.

"The Order is under attack, but we cannot continue to fight. It is a war that we will not win. Hyrokai, you are special. But your talents are not destined here. Head back to Earth. If we are over-run, we will need everything we have to keep the end from coming through and killing civilians." This was all spoken by a pink haired woman, appearing in a young age, late teen years. This was natural in the Order for the youngest of the Late Family to be in charge.

"What am I supposed to do..?" Hyrokai thought to himself. "I am just a warrior.. I'm no great hero like Lady Fiona or God General Vambane.." The water in the shower was turned off and the man stepped back out of it, wrapping a towel around his body as he continued his morning rituals. He moved through the apartment and gathered clothing, pulling on a pair of gray sweatpants and a dark blue t-shirt which was tight on his body. He then turned to his wall where his Collapse Blade rested on it. "Yes, nobody will suspect I'm up to anything with such a large sword.." With a sigh, he did not take his weapon. If need be, he could use his body as a weapon. He steps away from the center of the room and slips on a pair of shoes as he then walks to the door, opening it and moving around to the other side to close it, locking the door behind him. As he turns around, he seems the image of a man covered in blood as he then views the image slipping blade deep into his gut. Hyrokai gasps, moving his hand to the area he was stabbed.. he is surprised to see nothing and the pain is instantly gone. He's seeing things again...
He pays it little attention and moves down the staircase of the apartment complex. "Today will be a good day!" he is determined in saying so, as he exists the complex. Hyrokai does not travel by car and the motor in his bike has been acting up on him. He continues an exercise pattern by moving on foot, with a bag over his right shoulder which is held only by a rope around the top which he holds the end of in his right hand. He walks the side-walk to his advantage in this city he cannot call his own. Hunger will claim his mind soon. To remedy this, he makes his way for a restaurant nearby. Supposedly this restaurant hosts a famous chef today. "Perhaps this is the time to get some quality food in me, rather then the crap at my house", Hyrokai heads in the direction of the restaurant. When he arrives, he opens the door and walks in, looking around. He takes in the flavor in the air.. Though it is only breakfast, he smells things. Wonderful things.. Delicious things. He smiles and holds up his left hand with a peace sign. "I approve!" He continues to wander around, curious to why it is so empty in the morning despite the signs of delicious food.
Hyrokai walks to the place he would be ordering from, if not at the counter, at the table. He then speaks to the man who would take his request. He is not rich, but his years of service in the Knights have not been worthless. He speaks to the man who takes his food order. "Anything, Everything, I'll take whatever is good! And please, the smell of the food in this place is amazing, give my pre-compliments to the chef!" Hyrokai smiles largely again. He is a man of great kindness and he is very excited to try anything new. The man pulls from his supply of money for today-- not to brag, but to show that he can afford whatever is made.

Hank, Soldier of Cuisine, had been idling chatting with his fellow chef about things they've eaten and how it was made until an order came up. A paper was printed out towards Hanks side of kitchen saying 'Anything, Everything, I'll take whatever is good! And please, the smell of the food in this place is amazing, give my pre-compliments to the chef!' Hank picked up the order and gave it a chuckle Hiyahiyahiyahiya, Interesting order! Not something I expected at a time like this. Surprisingly it sounded like someone who hasn't come here seeking Hanks dishes, and this person didn't flee at a good look at prices. These were the kind of customers Hank seeks.

Now let's see... The famous chef rubbed his hands together and stared at his ingredients with his eyes brightened up, thinking of what to make their new guest. No matter what, he had to make something delicious, mouth watering enough to make the customer always seek Hanks cooksmanship. American? French? Mexican? Chinese? He took hold of a spatula and raised up high in the air, which somehow made the whole room lit up brightly. No, he will have Hankshicanese! The greatest food type of them all, BOOM! With that he began to make enough food for three people. Juicy ribs dressed with Hanks special sauce, with stuffed peppers full of cheef and brown rice. Another dish with stuff boneless catfish filled with Special Hank Stuffing, with 1 single big curly fry on the side that shaped/curled into a mountain. Then third dish was mushed plantains mixed with shredded pieces of chicken, sided with a blooming onion. All this was done impossibly quick for a cook and was ready to be served.

Hank placed a dish on his head, on then one on each hand before he dropped kicked the kitchen door towards the restaurants dining room. He flew a few feet in to the room and looked around for his customers, quickly finding a brown haired man waiting in front of no food. Ha! There you are! An Order of "Whatever is good!" He jumped in to the air towards Akemi, and threw the dishes towards him as if they were ninja stars, landing the dishes perfectly in front of the man. Hank landed on his feet next to him and took out a pickle, placing it on the table near the dishes. Somewhere around the dining room, a young boy was clapping at Hank while happily eating the food the great chef made him earlier.

The Pickle was there in case the food was not to the mans taste, easily purifying his taste buds if he finds the dishes disgusting. Hank waited and watched, seeing of his dish was enough to satisfy Akemis hunger. "Anything to drink?" The man by the register asked.

A smirk would appear on Hyrokai's face. "Yata! It all looks so good!" He smiles at the sound of the man's voice and said quickly, "Just some water please, but take your time good sir!" He smiles and pulls a napkin to his shirt and tucks it in, then grabs a fork, and a spoon with no need for a knife in his hunger fury and he began to eat the delicious food placed before him. He ate in a fierce frenzy, though he savored the taste of each bite. So much so in fact that his eyes were even watering. He scarfed down so much of the food so fast, he would have given off the feeling that there was not even enough as even when he was more then half way done he looked hungrier then ever! As Hyrokai trained often, his body could consume a vast amount of food without putting on a single pound of fat or hurting his muscles. He tore at the food-- but stopped only for a second, turning his eyes to the restaurant's chef and called out. "It's so GOOD! AMAZING!" He smiles as he continues to devour the food like an animal, but soon the food was all gone and Hyrokai sat without having missed a crumb. His hand rested on his fine toned stomach, and he lightly exhaled with a soft burp, but smiled for the knowledge that it was from an amazing meal.
Hyrokai quickly stood as he felt refreshed. He wanted to thank the man who prepared the food personally, so he walked forward to the front counter. "Excuse me, but would it be too much trouble to talk to the man who made this delicious meal? I want to pay him my compliments personally, and of course tip most generously as well!" He smiles still, though he has little left on his mind as it seems to be smoking from the high quantity of food that he quickly consumed.

Man in the counter poured a glass of water for the customer chowing down all his food, and placed it right next to one of the empty dishes. He sweated nervously with the way he ate and just couldn't help but watch him eat like a monster. When Hyrokai was done, he asked a question concerning Hank.

"Excuse me, but would it be too much trouble to talk to the man who made this delicious meal? I want to pay him my compliments personally, and of course tip most generously as well!"

The man smiled as he took the empty dishes to be cleaned by the other man in the back. "He's right next to you" The man behind the counter said as took them away. It was always weird to hear that kind of question without knowing who Hank was in this place, people even travel far to get taste of his cuisine.

Hank had his fist to his hips with a big grin on his face, and eyes lighten up. "Hiyahiyahiyahiya You've already given me the greatest compliment a chef can have by finishing your meal, and the best tip possible." Hearing the words 'Its GOOD! AMAZING!' Shouted out so loud always brought a good smile on any Chef's face. "I'm glad you enjoy it!"

Genius was about to materialize and punish the girl for her her rudeness when Alice's soothing voice restrained him. He snarled something to himself as he went back into his half slumber. He silently watched as Alice through the one way window of his amulet. She was his second master, not his original one. But somehow he felt more connected to her than the actual holder of the amulet. It was unusual for sure but Genius didn't need any explanation. He just needed to serve. As Alice entered Campus Genius watched her eyes flicker up to the school colors as they always did. She loved them but he couldn't bring up any liking for them. His favourite colours were the red of blood and the shine of cold steel.

When the guardian appeared at the other end of the corridor Genius immediately noticed him but couldn't quite identify him. He didn't know if the man was an active threat to Alice so he readied himself and waited for her to release him. When Alice retreated from the man, Genius was straining to get out of the amulet but his master had made sure that he could only appear when she told him to do so. She knew him well enough to decide that that was a wise decision. The Guardian bared his teeth as he watched Alice trying to defend herself from the attacker. His eyes widened as the other dragon destroyed the barrier and pinned Alice to the ground.

"Daemon!" Finally! The dragon looked highly irritated as Genius entered the material world. Immediately he twirled the sword that lay in his right hand in a vicious strike, driving the man away from Alice. Genius snarled at him: "My master may still be too weak to defeat you but I was born an avatar of war! Die you misbegotten creature!" He started an aggressive pattern of attacks to drive the dragon further away from Alice as the enemy tried to regain it's composure and comprehend where the bloodthirsty warrior had come from.

Shadoboi walked down a busy street with a briefcase roped onto his back like a backpack. He looked around it was i nice place to bge it seemed and with so many people he could probably make a good amount of cash. Shadoboi walked till he found an ally and was ready to set up shop in front of it. He took the briefcase off his back and placed it on the floor. With his foot he kicked a button to on the briefcase revealing a cart that set it's self up. Shadoboi needed this because he knew he was always on the move to different places so a collapsible food cart was good. After the cart popped up stools did to it was like his own benihana ready for people to eat, air was good for them. He begain cooking his different blends of food when five different costumers sat down and in an instant they all had what was called Kyodaina supageti onigiri a giant rice ball with tweo different types of pastas in the middle. They all enjoyed his food and as they finished the left his a big tip. His cart stood empty for a while till a person sat down Shadoboi looked over to him and noticed something different about him. Unlike the other people this person had no shadow and he knew exactly why. He passed the person one of his rice balls and had his guard ready. " This is a great rice ball..... You have talent i like that." "So you around these parts looking for someone." " Yeah and I think you know who." Shadoboi noded and quickly kicked a button on his cart and started to bend down right when he did that a pitch black mace came flying past his head missing him. His cart went back into the briefcase he quickly grabed it and jumped backwards just in time to dodge a giant sledgehammer crashing into the floor. The person who was trying to attack him was another shadow being it wasn't the first time it happened to him and it wouldn't be his last. Shadoboi placed the briefcase on his back and ran off into the ally the only reason he set up there and not against a wall just encase that happened. The shadow being was right behind him with sai's in his hand. Shadoboi jumped at one of the walls then off on to the roof then onto another roof. The shadow being transformed to what looked to be a giant snake with wings and flew onto the roof persuing him. "Come on are you kidding me I can't even do something like that i guess that makes you a full shadow being, blending shadow forms is so cool i want to do that." "I'm going to devower you and make your power mine ha ha ha run." Shadoboi ran and jumped from roof top to roof top till he turned forming two dessert eagles upside down. He squeezed the trigger with his pinkies shooting the shooting the shadow being one in the body the other in one his wings. It injuried the beast and sent it spiraling with the lose of a wing. He quickly jumped down into an ally and walked out blending in with the crowd. Till he had came to a restuarant curious and wanting to get off the street he went inside. He had seen a guy with brown hair at a table with tons of food looking around before he went to go sit at a booth picking up a menu ready to order and hide his face.

Alice got back up to her feet and immediately started to chant a new spell while Genius kept the dragon busy, she needed a spell to keep the guardian away and to keep Genius from killing him. A magic blue circle appeared on the ground around her, the magic symbols continuously circled around her as she cast her spell, "redimio quod obex servo meus hostilis etiam!" Alice yelled, the guardians hands, legs, and wings were bound then a barrier dropped down around the dragon so Genius could not get to him. The guardian struggled against the binds but it was too powerful for even him to break, "Thats enough Genius, thank you for your help." she kindly said. Alice stepped toward the barrier and looked the guardian in the eyes which made him stop struggling, "Guardian what is your name?" she asked. The guardian hesitated his pride was blinding him to the fact that she was still royalty. "Guardian what is you name," Alice said in a hard voice. The guardian remembered his place and replied "I am Darius Atra of the Guardian Flight," he said with his remaining pride. Alice took another step forward and continued to question, "How did you find and are there any more of the guard here, on earth?" Darius hesitated again but didn't wait for Alice to ask again, "We found one of the mages that helped you escaped he told us every thing...with a little bit of resistants. And I am the only one here as of yet but I have one month to capture you or we will come in numbers."

Alice sighed and turned away from the bound guardian, "I need some time to think, do not follow us or I will not stop Genius next time." The young dragon looked up at her new guardian and smiled, "Lets go I think we caused enough damage here for one day, we should probably leave this city as well, " she said looking at all the spectators that gathered around during the fight. Alice walked to one side of the ring of people that circled them, they parted letting them pass still with their jaws dropped. "I knew she was a freak!" the girl bully yelled. Alice turned and shot her arm out, a small magic circle formed in her open palm, "bind," she commanded causing a magic circle to form around the girl causing her to drop like a sac of rocks. "Not really a smart idea to scream something like that," she said with a giggled and continued to walk. She had to pack a few things before they fled the city that she spent six years in, "Maybe this will be a good change scene," Alice said being her optimistic self.


The female wolf seemed to move at a high speed pace, moving through the dirtied snow over a continuation of time. Ai had traveled across the entire country in little more then a few hours. She was not tired, she was used to this. Ai was now somewhere around the state of California. Why she was here, she has yet to discover. It is as if something was calling to her.
Once Ai reached the state, she heard a call. The call of a female being who existed in this place that did not belong. She had smiled because this had seemed odd. She enjoyed the abnormal.
"I wonder... What it is." she thought to herself. Her body had begun to twitch and move, as it slowly became illuminated by light. She had shined brighter then any sun as this happened.. Perhaps it was to keep others from taking notice of what she was doing. At this time, her body seemed to move back onto two legs and it stood taller. A horn began to sprout from the top of the light, and the white fur had gathered from her body to the top as well as it came back like a mane of hair. Her blue eyes opened to look through the endless sky, as the rest of her body fully formed. Finally, the light spread out and then quickly faded. She was back into a human-- well.. as close to human as is possible. She smiled still and remembered the sound that she had heard. It was like something like her was calling out and she wanted so desperately to know.
Ai began to move at a fast pace speed, jumping through few obstacles such as buildings that she had grown too lazy to walk around and simply jumped above them, moving from rooftop still. It did not take her long at all to arrive in the spot where the voice had originated..

It was a young girl, with beautiful green hair. She wore robes like that of a spell flinger that Ai had read about so wishfully in old books. "A Mage.." she spoke to herself, as she dropped from the height and moved quickly behind a tree. She kept herself stealthy and with interest, she watched the female's fight against the attacker. Her steps made no noise and after years of practice, she hid her energy well so nothing could sense her. With the signs that she had seen, she seemed to gasp lightly and spoke to herself once more. "A Dragon! Not only a Mage but a Dragon! Beautiful!" She smiled with absolute joy and watched the two who overpowered the attacker and now entrapped him. Ai wanted so desperately to just ignore her survival instincts and run out in front of them, clap her loudest, and ask her to be her friend. But last time that she had been so open, she was nearly killed. She kept to the shadows still... but lost no enthusiasm watching the beautiful sight.
Soon however, it was over and the two had begun their leave. It would be sad. But Ai was mindless at the moment. She had no desire to continue searching alone, she wanted to follow and see the secrets that this beautiful woman held. She wanted to learn more~ "Perhaps.. only perhaps. We are the same." Ai continued speaking to herself, and as the two beings left. Ai silently and stealth fully followed.


It was still early and Hyrokai had a large breakfast. He had smiled and shaken the hand of the man who made his meal. "Hank.." He spoke to himself. He was no longer at the restaurant. It was not his cooking that had amazed him, he believed that with enough determination anything could be possible. What he found amazing was his binary elements. Indeed.. There was more to Hank then meets the eye. He did not belong in a common place of food, yet he enjoyed it. All of this was certain.. Hyrokai did not dwell on the past however and continued with his daily chores.
He left and began jogging down along the sidewalk. A bit of exercise would help to wake the nerves and loosen the muscles from the strain of sleep. Of course he always thought opposite. Hyrokai had an interesting way of thinking-- which, in the Order, was a good thing. Exercising early could also get his creative juices flowing and he had a desire to get to something really creative and fun. Without much more hesitation, he continued his exciting morning, wondering what to do next.
As Hyrokai ran down the sidewalk, he saw many interesting things. A dog chasing a cat.. a cat chasing a dog. Three mice teaming up on a squirrel for dominant control of the universe. All petty things that while they may catch the attention of a Human from Earth, Hyrokai was not quite so. He saw beautiful women, cute women, sexy women-- more that he had ignored. Hyrokai was content with his life as it stood. He had a beautiful wife and in the future... more. He had close friends. He had a well paying job. All of this was fine to him. So then what was he looking for...? He thought this often.

The Scenario
Moria stalked the streets furiously, again bounding into the shadows. His rage had not quelled since the revival spell had failed. Just one more failure for the growing collection. It was beginning to seem pointless, but Moria would never give up. He knew that his will was all that kept him bound to the material world, and should it falter, he would cease to be. With that thought lingering in his mind, Moria nearly passed his destination. It was a simple shop, nothing more than a hole in the wall of some forsaken corner, that bore no sign to announce to announce its presence. In Moria's experience, the true occult never showed themselves overtly.

The queen did not react when Moria broke down the door. She simply continued humming over a lit candle, a bag of unknown substances in one hand. Moria could feel the working of magic in the air, and this style was quite familiar to him. Voodoo was about contacting the spirits to work with their power over any the practictioner might have. The queen was in contact with spirits at the moment, which suited Moria's purpose just fine. Just when Moria began to move, she spoke, stopping him.
"Death returns to us. Why, we wonder?"

"Your little ritual failed, queen. I want to know why before I rip you to pieces," Moria spat.

"Life, a complex thing," The queen muttered, seemingly to herself. "Our power over the dead is not such that it may be conquered." As she spoke, as if to enforce the point, two zombies shampled in from behind a curtain. Their blank eyes held Moria in comtempt, as if to judge his form as being inferior, even as their bodies decayed. The Voodoo queen, eyes still closed, nodded at the bag in her hand. "Here we hold the arts of protection from death, and the spirits' power to choose unlife over death. Already you posses the warding from death. Is this not enough?"

"No!" Moria screamed. "Enough?! You think this half-death is enough?!" With a swift movement, Moria bounded forward, hands outstretched. Just as swiftly, the two dead men on either side of the queen blurred, intercepting Moria as he tried to the reach forward. "I want to live!" Moria cried, producing a knife from his coat pocket. He jumped back from the zombies and, with no sign of discomfort, drove through the palm of his hand. "I want to feel!" He ripped the knife from his hand, blood welling into his palm, and hurled it forward. The knife sunk to the hilt in the first zombie's neck, and Moria's blood went to work, dissolving the dead man like a powerful acid. At the same time, Moria flicked his bloody hand in the direction of the queen, unleashing large globs of the corrosive liquid he'd turned his lifeblood into. It splashed upon the second zombie, eating large holes into his body, but rebounded from the queen herself as if it had struck a barrier.

"Your own power holds no sway over the spirits'," the queen said calmly, gliding out of her chair and back behind the curtain. Most infuriatingly, she still had not opened her eyes. Moria retrieved his knife, and tore through the curtain, only to find the queen gone. With another howl of frustration, Moria called to the blood in the room, that of his own and the dead men. A stream of liquid rose up and dove into Moria's injured hand, healing it completely. The rest was directed towards Moria's mouth, where he devoured it angrily. "I want to taste," he growled, wiping his lips with sleeve of his coat.

As Moria left the building, tendrils of smoke began to curl up from it, flames consuming the room and everything held within. He didn't care to watch the flames he'd set as they went about their work, and quickly made it back to his grave. With a practiced motion, he heaved the stone aside, jumped into it, and moved it back into place, sealing himself inside. Moria did not sleep, but it took time for the blood he'd consumed to join his system, and he needed to think in any case. There were countless legends of how to achieve eternal life, and Moria would try them all. Even if it took him to the ends of the earth and beyond, Moria would not fail.

Genius screamed out in a inhuman shriek as he realized with frustration that his master wouldn't permit him to kill the enemy. It was like being denied the sweetest nectar while it stood right in front of you, in a golden chalice. He snarled at the now captured dragon: "You're lucky my master is so generous! Next time we meet I'll fashion myself a cloak from your miserable hide!" Muttering more and more vicious insults and threats directed genius finally accepted that he wasn't needed any more. He simply turned into shadows that briefly held the shape before dissipating and the amulet was momentarily surrounded by swirling darkness before Genius was completely gone from the material world.

As Alice walked off again, the amulet dangling around her neck he didn't even have to look around to know that that damnable little bully was around. Not even a full second later he heard her comment. He smiled to himself as Alice took care of the b*tch her own, soft way. He would have parted head from shoulders but his master was much milder, simply binding the girl. As Alice giggled he chuckled along. Her laughter often prompted him to laugh along. "A good scene change? If you say so..."

When Hank shook the mans hand, there was a special bond to that handshake he couldn't fully understand. Power within him that causes him to be the best professional cook in the world of food. This power was telling him that this man was more then just a normal 1 shot customer then meets the eye. He had a good feeling that this won't be the last time he sees this guest. There will be a time when Hank has to cook him another meal, a time when the kitchen must be used again for him, and it might or might not be in the same restaurant...

"Hiyahiyahiyahiyahiyahiya Can't wait till then"


Hank, Champion of the Kitchen, had a long boring day during work, but he stayed overtime when the restaurant got packed at night, which is when the real fun began for him. He did all sorts of tricks for the guests. He cooked in the middle of the dining room with a special custom stove and used his fire powers to leave his guests in awe of his amazing skill. Hank left his job after a brief goodbye to his co-workers, and went straight for the nearby hotel he was living in.

Hank never much like living in one place or working in the same restaurant for over a month. He always moves to a new area when he gets bored and travels to other places when hes tired of the current ones he's in. Hells kitchen wasn't new though, it was a common area when it came to restaurants and it he was a place he used to live in a few times. But something had called him to serve food there this month. Something he wasn't able to explain to most people...

He had opened a fortune cookie! The 'lucky' number on the back's first 4 numbers was the same number to the building he used to live in when he was a still a kid on Hells Kitchen. Normally he didn't care for such things. But he was sure he'd find a new ingredient or something if he came here! But sadly, that wasn't the case this time. He found nothing here so far and its been a month.

For now Hank took a few sleeping pill and went straight to sleep. Hank was a very active person, so active hat he needs drugs to help him sleep half the time. He slipped in his comfortable Hotel bed, and went straight for slumber.

Shadoboi had ordered his food and eat it quick he knew the shadow being chasing him would find him soon and he didn't want to be in a place like this when it happened. After eating he paid the bill and left he turned and walked down a ally his foot steps echoing and he noticed a silhouette on the floor and walked past it. "You know what lets just end this i have to find a place to crash and your boring me." The silhouette on the floor rose and formed what looked similar to a chupacabra and he was ready to fight. "I see mythical creature forming is your specialty i could use your strength to help me out." "too bad your going to die here and I'm going to absorb your energy." Shadoboi and the shadow being both ran at each other ready to kill. Shadoboi crossed his arms outward placing two dessert eagles in his hands and began squeezing the trigger with his pinkies. The shadow being kept dodging till it jumped off of the wall kicking Shadoboi in the face sending him flying down the ally into a dumpster. Shadoboi got up shaking the pain off he put his dessert eagles way and grabbed the dumpster behind him throwing it at the shadow being. The shadow being jumped and slashed the dumpster in half and right when he did that Shadoboi was right behind it with a dessert eagle in one hand and a katana in the other. Shadoboi knew it was over he shot the dessert eagle and swung the katana at the same time slashing the shadow being in two and putting a bullet in his head. The shadow being turned into a black puddle and shadoboi landed right in it. The black puddle covered shadoboi for a second and dissappeared as he absorbed the defeated shadow being. He looked on his back and he was able to grow small dragon like wings. "Come on thats all I get I can't even fly with these small things well what ever one shadow being out of my hair now to find that hotel." Shadoboi walked out of the ally and into a hotel nearby and got a room. He made his way up into hios room fell asleep on the bed after placeing his briefcase on the floor and taking his shirt and jacket off..

Alice had the oddest feeling of being followed but she didn't hear or see anything she shrugged and thought it must be her nerves, being attacked by the guardian stressed her out. The girl sighed and continued to walk, she picked up some things for diner and some snacks, this would be her last night at the place she spent the last six years at just thinking about it made her sad. The sun was starting to set so Alice hurried home still having the feeling that someone or something was watching, "If someone attacks your by my side, right Genius?" she already knew his answer but she wanted to hear Genius' voice, or rather his thought.

Home was an apartment filled with all kinds of pretty and shiny trinkets that Alice collect over the years, even the furniture was cute, she had gotten all of this by the means of magic. Alice had to use a lot of magic in order to live in this world undetected by humans, she even had to make dolls to pretend to be her parents.The young dragon prepared diner that only contained meat, she like all dragons were carnivores and the only reason she cooked the meat was because she was used to it now. As always she left a plate for Genius in case he wanted to eat, she also told him many times before that he did not have to stay in the amulet if he did not want to. After eating the girl took a shower and skipped her evening run and went to bed, "well Genius, tomorrow is a big day. I'm going to have to use a large amount of magic and will be very drain afterwards but you will be there to protect me, right?" Alice asked again knowing the answer already, she liked the feeling of being protected.

Genius remained silent as Alice went through the streets picking up snacks and ingredients for today's dinner. Genius didn't need to know more than three things that were put in the shopping bag to know that it would be usual meal for tonight. Being a carnivore Alice never bought any vegetables or bread. Cassiers often looked confused at the massive amount of meat the young girl took with her. After she had gotten everything she needed Alice walked along the streets, aiming for home. Suddenly she stopped and as people passed by her she sent a silent question to the guardian. Genius had had a feeling that she would ask sometime soon. "Of course I'll be there master. I always have and always will be." Genius had spoken these words often. He knew that Alice took less comfort from the actual words than from the sound of his voice, his presence. He smiled, it was nice to know that somebody needed him. Everything else was secondary, he was after all, a guardian.

Finally the pair reached the apartment. Alice had filled it with gleaming trinkets. On more than one occassion Genius had made jokes about them, saying that they were Alice's equivalent of a dragon's treasure of gold. She had been silent and had just smiled whenever he made one of those jokes so Genius didn't know if he had scored a lucky hit with them. He threw a quick glance at the two dolls lying around in one corner of the living room. Alice's "parents", they were all a happy but highly strange family. A dragon daughter, doll parents and sometimes he played the antisocial big brother to keep bullies away from Alice without uncovering their real identities. Alice had seemed to enjoy it and he knew that it pained her to leave this place behind. She prepared a meal, leaving a plate for him as she always did. She simply ignored his insistance on the fact that he didn't need nourishment of any form. Instead of eating the meat, Genius stayed in his amulet and dozed off for a while when he suddenly felt something spatter against the cold silver.

"I know that you have grown accustomed to wearing my amulet but would you please refrain from wearing it while you are showering? I can look out side you know? I don't but it is still a very uncomfortable position for me to be in. He sighed and kept his eyes shut so hard they hurt. He let out a breath of reease as Alice gently put him on the edge of the sink and showered on. She was a bit loose for a master. Situations like these weren't uncommon. Instead of going for a quick jog as she usually did, Alice went directly to bed. Once again she asked the question and Genius replied with the same answer: "Of course I'll be there master. I always have and always will be."

By the end of the day, Ai had not gained the courage to confront the dragon woman of where she came from or what she is. They were both clearly in a place that they were not originally meant to be-- after all, the woman was a dragon, and Ai... was something even more unusual. Not clear in her intentions as always. Ai followed the woman to where she would rest and from there, her body then began to glow again. In a swift movement, her body has changed from that of a wolf to that of a human-like being once more.
Ai walked around for a few minutes as she listened, hearing through the walls at what was happening. As Alice would make her dinner, Ai's mouth would begin to drool in hunger for some form of nourishment. It didn't matter, she wouldn't get anything and she was accepting of this. Instead, of lingering on it, Ai looked around the house and settled herself at a simple tree just outside of the building. "This should suffice.." She smiled a bit and closed her soft blue eyes, as she turned with her back to the tree. Though to a surprise, she did not simply lay back, instead leaping into the air onto a branch in the center of the tree as she would hide there to rest.
For about an hour, while she listened to the silent conversation between Alice and her other, Ai began to drift off. Slowly she would fall into a sleep like many others would at that time. She fell asleep with one leg over the other along the tree branch. Her back was to the tree and her head remained slumped forward a little with the horn pointing almost directly at the wall of the building. Her arms were folded in front of her waist, having them resting as if to restrain her back against the tree.


Hyrokai had more of a short day then he had expected. He had a nice meal and a relaxing exercise. After having finished his run, Hyrokai turns his path to his apartment for a relaxing rest. It was not very late already yet he was feeling tired. He turned himself in the direction of his apartment and began to jog again for home.
Soon, Hyrokai reached the front door of his apartment complex. While he cooled himself off before going in, he heard the idle conversation of two younger kids. They appeared in their teenage years, Hyrokai recalled his teen years. Nothing like the two-- he was fighting warlords and demonic beasts in Akemi when he was that young.
"We made a deal, I want my cut." Demanded one of the boys. He seemed aggressive. He used two fingers on his right hand and pressed them to the younger boy's shoulder, then pushed him into the wall.
"O-Ow.. P-Please I'm trying to tell you, I don't have the money--" The boy was cut off.
"Liar! I know your trying to rip me off!" The older and more ignorant boy shouted. He grabbed the boy by his collar and began to use his opposite hand to beat the boy about the face. It did not take long for the boy to begin bleeding.
"That's enough.." Hyrokai stands next to them now, his hand is open wide and holds the ignorant boy's fist in his palm. "Violence solves nothing. Stop this before things get out of control." Hyrokai moved once he saw violence begin the first time, because of this the boy was already struck three times.
"That twig needs to pay what he owes!" The ignorant boy demands. Hyrokai looked the boy over once. He was a classic badass, which of course counts for nothing in today's society. He had the greaser look. Slick hair, a black leather jacket, blue cut jeans. Idolizing is one thing, but this is just a shame. Hyrokai then turns his gaze toward the other boy. He was a school boy, he had a uniform on. His hair wasn't much less then a mess. His books were on the ground beneath him.
'What deal could they have made?' it was certainly a curious thought. One that Hyrokai was interested in pursuing in thought more thoroughly. But for now... Violence was not desired. "I'll give you one more warning. Call it a day and leave him alone." Hyrokai did not wish to pursue a conflict. He had nothing to prove in defeating a child. The boy finally agreed but in anger, turning only to run away.
"You'll regret that!" the boy yelled as he ran.
"Sure I will.." Hyrokai smiles and turns to the young boy, helping him to clean himself off and with his books. "Do you have a name?"
"M.. Me?" The boy asks. Hyrokai picks up with the attitude immediately. The boy is shy, this peaks his curiosity even further. "I'm Kale.."
"It is nice to meet you Kale, I am Hyrokai.. Sorry to say though, but I feel exhausted. But you must live around here. Perhaps, we could talk another time?" He smiles again, offering his hand to shake in kindness. Kale accepts and shakes his hand, a but red with embarrassment at the heroes act. With that, Hyrokai ascended the stairs to his apartment directly. Once he reached the door, he pulled his key from his pocket to unlock it. He opened the door, and closed it once he entered, making sure it was once again locked.
Once he was inside his home again, walked through the hallway to the bathroom. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it into the laundry hamper. He would do laundry later of course.. In the bathroom, he turned the sink on and caught water in his hands as he cupped them, then brushed the water over his face. As he looked down into the water that began accumulating in the sink.. his mind wandered. For an odd reason, he saw a woman. She was a beautiful woman, he see's as if from behind as her body is turned at the waist; like she was to look back at him. She has beautiful hair, not quite red, more of a crimson to it. Her eyes were a devilish beauty, like that of a hawks that it might use to find its prey rather then draw to it. The woman was naked. He saw over her body. Her soft skin, her curved figure, her supple-- his eyes suddenly opened widely. "I really have to stop daydreaming!" he smacked himself once and brushed the water over his face, then shook his head once to release the water from him like a dog. Hyrokai stood, and turned the sink off, then made his way to his own bed. Without even a second thought, he fell face first into the bed with his eyes quickly closing. "What a day..." was his last words before he fell into the world of dreams. Tonight... would be a very naughty rest.

The time was nearly midnight after the Chosen beings had laid down to rest themselves for the next day. Surely however, they did not anticipate what was to happen on this night of all. For when they slept, a power began to rise. One of unimaginable power. It was the power inside of them-- awaken tonight, of all nights.

As the beings slept, their minds stumbled through the endless veil of dreams. They would dream of many things. Alice would tonight dream of her home, of her parents. Of their deaths. Hank would dream of forever being lost within himself and never realizing his true self. They dreamed of things that would haunt them still... which is perhaps why what happened... did. Before long of being asleep, each chosen.. began to beat. A sound like the thumping of a heart, but it grew louder. And louder. As it did, their bodies became illuminated by an azure light that would shine from within them. Each vein being separately illuminated by the light until every vein beat with the light. As this would happen-- their eyes would open, but they would continue dreaming. Their eyes were drained of all color, to reveal only white. Then they saw it...
In the un-waking nightmare of dreams, they dreamed the same. All of them could see each other.. standing on a destroyed plain, floating above in an empty void. They would see each other, all of them. Seventeen total. Then their attention was immediately drawn from each other.. to another being. A Darkness. The creature is like a demon, yet nothing so weak. This power made the Chosen quake with unquestionable fear. It is the absolute end. It turns it's face to them and pauses. After a temporary pause, the beast opens it's mouth... and unleashes a terrible roar.
The beings fade from the plain. Now standing in nothing but darkness. But soon the darkness too fades, to show the world around. The world... is no more. Death is everywhere, life is no where. Fear... is unimaginable.

A voice from above is heard. The voice seems to speak to the chosen, speak to them so all can hear.

"Listen to me my children... For there is not much time.. You must wake... You must wake... and stop it, before it has a chance to begin...! You.. Are the Chosen..."

The voice fades and the bodies of the Chosen awaken. Their bodies like normal once more, they wake up, all, in fear. Despite their bravery... This darkness reaches to all of them. And yet, this was only the first of a great many dreams that they would have before the end... Afterward, a word seemed to appear in their mind. This word, echo'ed. It spoke to all of them. This word was... "Chosen".

Genius had actually eaten the meat, though more out of boredom than out of appetite. Silently he watched the sleeping Alice. There was a certain peace to people when they slept. It was as if the world was alright when you weren't awake. Guardians didn't really sleep so Genius would never truly know how sleeping and especially dreaming was like. He simply stood there and watched Alice. He had closed his eyes and leaned against the wall as if asleep himself for a while when suddenly he heard the rustling of the blanket. His eyes opened, the rustling wasn't the quiet, calm kind, when somebody turned about in their sleep, it was the frantic rustling of a nightmare. Another thing that Genius would never understand fully. Alice was throwing herself from side to side frantically and just as genius reached her to wake her up from whatever hellish vision she was caught in, her body began glowing.

Genius squinted as bright azure light filled the room. What was happening. he took the last step to the dragon's bed and tried to wake her but somehow it wasn't possible. Helpless, Genius watched as Alice's eyes raced about beneath her eyelids. Perhaps this was how nightmares felt. genius shook Alice violently, trying to wake her up. But it didn't work. The guardian sank to his knees in desperation. His master was caught up in a horrorfilled vision and he could do nothing to aid her. The azure light seemed to get brighter by the second and soon Genius had to look away as not to be blinded. The pain of not being able to help Alice was almost physical. His hands curled into fists and he simply looked at them. He didn't know how long he had stood there, staring at his bound hands when the light slowly faded.

Genius whirled around to see if any harm had come to Alice while he had been unable to look at her. He smiled as he saw that she was seemingly perfectly fine and when the young dragon finally opened her eyes again Genius embraced her, feeling eternally grateful that nothing had happened: "I'm sorry I was unable to wake you master. Please forgive me!"

Alice woke up in a panic, cold sweat covered her body, she was shivering uncontrollably then suddenly arms wrapped around her she flinched but realized it was only Genius. It took a moment for Alice to register what Genius was saying, she gently pushed him away so she could look him in the face, "It's alright, I'm fine. It was only a nightmare..."Alice said not too sure it was just a nightmare. The young dragon put on a smile for Genius so he wouldn't worry then spoke, "I'm sorry for making you worry but it's okay now."

It was still early in the morning but after a few attempts Alice found it was impossible to fall back asleep, the vision of her parents death replayed in her head like an endless loop every time she closed her eyes. Alice got out of bed and stitched, she would start her day early which was okay because she had a lot to do anyways. Before too long Alice was dressed in her mage robes and was already casting spells, she used her magic to make her things fade into nothing, it was quiet sad but she had it had to be done. The last things left were the two dolls that acted as her parents, she held them in her arms pushing them close to her chest, "Mother, Father, I miss you both. Hope your doing well and that your not too mad with me." She said then the two dolls also vanished. The young dragon blinked to stop the tears that threated to fall and instead began to think of the next spell she needed to focus on.

Alice made her way to the roof of the apartment building, she needed a lot of open space for the spell she had to preform next. "Alright Genius, I'm going to cast a teleportation spell, opening a portal from here to Colorado." she said then explained why Colorado I want to see the beautiful mountains when we get there, I've seen them in lots of pictures and want to see them up close," she said with a smile. Alice took to the center of the roof and closed her eyes, a green ring of magic appeared on the ground around her, it circled her and and the magic symbols spun around never stopping. Magic of space and time open a gate and make the there near, allow safe passage to the travelers and guide us safely to the place we seek..." after Alice spoke the words a portal opened on the ground under her filling in the magic circle it would stay open only for a few seconds then it would shut. "We'll never see this place again...but we'll make new and good memories where ever we are," she said optimistic then vanished into the portal.

((The portal is open, if you want to still a ride Phoe. and it's not opening to Colorado but to New York closer to the other Chosen. big grin ))

-NO SALT!!! Hank yelled out loud, suddenly waking up from some kind of weird dream before standing up right and punching the air with fire bursting out of his fist and out of across the room and right into the wall to leave a black spot on the wall. He was having a cold sweat, catching his breath as his mind took in slowly of what just happened. Whoa....what a strange dream. He kept sweating while placing a hand on his chin, trying to remember everything he had just dreamt. Chosen...? The word Chosen and the vision of 'The end of the world and all its ingredients' was always on his head for some odd reason. There was also quite a bit of other people that were there with him as well, but he only got a quick glance of them. One of them was very familiar...

For now Hank kicked himself off the bed and started punching the air a few times before stretching his whole body, getting ready for the day ahead. He wasn't working today, right now he was just going to do a little bit of soul searching and checking out any nearby restaurants for 'Chef Specials'. He took a shower before getting his usual outfit on, then head out of the hotel.

Shadoboi had awoke from his Nightmare sweat flowing down his face and shirtless body. His breath was heavy as he sat up and lend off the edge of the bed. Shadoboi couldn't believe what he dreamt it felt so real and the people around him was unfamiliar. He usually dreamt about food or his mom and dad it felt like a sign. Shadoboi got up and went into his shower to wash knowing he would be able to het back to sleep. After freshening up he went to his briefcase and put in a code on the side then pushed a button. This time instead of his food cart popping out rack popped out full of cloths all of them looked exactly the same but each had a small difference. After putting his cloths on he put the rack away and decided to sit out on his window ledge to stare at the city as the sun rose.

Hyrokai awakens after the harsh night, his palm to his head. "What was that..?" he questions himself-- unbelievable. For roughly ten minutes the male simply sits in bed and stares across the room with his hand to his head. He tries to gather what little sense remains in his mind right now. While he does so, he plans out the rest of his day. It should be like normal... exercise, breakfast, exercise, lunch, exercise, dinner, exercise... perhaps he should cut down on something today.
Ignoring his previous thoughts, he finally rose out of bed and made his way through his house, preparing the water of his shower and stepping into the burning water. Perhaps today, he would "Hunt"..

Shadoboi stood up going back into his hotel room but all that was going through his mind was the word chosen what did it mean. He knew it was important but he also knew he had a job to do he wasn't going to keep people happy and their bellies full just sitting there. So he picked up his briefcase and walked out of his room into the lobby and out the door. It was a nice day but he felt it was going to be the beginning of something but he didn't know what. Shadoboi walked down the street and set up shop in front of an ally. People flocked in eating his delicious blends of food. After a while he decided to go on break and shut down his cart heading towards the roof of one of the buildings in the ally behind him. He decided he was going to train for a while and then start cooking he wanted to stay loose. While he trained the word chosen echoed through his head.

A Green magic circle appeared on the roof Shadoboi sat on, it circled and shined brightly slowly being filled in by magic, finally the portal was opened and Alice appeared in the middle of it. The dragon girls eyes were closed, it was always scary to travel by teleportation to a far away location, if you didn't do it right half of you body could end up missing. Alice took a second to feel herself making sure she was all there not daring to open her eyes, "hands and arms, check." she said then bent down. "feet and legs, check." she slid her hands up her body silently checking herself then she got to her breast, "still there and still small..." Alice said with a sigh of disappointment. "Oh well, at least I made it in one piece," she said then took a deep breath to take in the mountain air but instead took in smog and began to cough. "This is Colorado?" she said and finally opened her eyes to see she wasn't in the mountains but in a busy city and what was worse was the guy that was sitting there no doubt seen her little show. "Uh uh uh uh uh" Alice was so caught off gaurd that she had lost the ability to speak, all she could do was hold on to the silver necklace that hung around her neck.

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A Green magic circle appeared on the roof Shadoboi sat on, it circled and shined brightly slowly being filled in by magic, finally the portal was opened and Alice appeared in the middle of it. The dragon girls eyes were closed, it was always scary to travel by teleportation to a far away location, if you didn't do it right half of you body could end up missing. Alice took a second to feel herself making sure she was all there not daring to open her eyes, "hands and arms, check." she said then bent down. "feet and legs, check." she slid her hands up her body silently checking herself then she got to her breast, "still there and still small..." Alice said with a sigh of disappointment. "Oh well, at least I made it in one piece," she said then took a deep breath to take in the mountain air but instead took in smog and began to cough. "This is Colorado?" she said and finally opened her eyes to see she wasn't in the mountains but in a busy city and what was worse was the guy that was sitting there no doubt seen her little show. "Uh uh uh uh uh" Alice was so caught off gaurd that she had lost the ability to speak, all she could do was hold on to the silver necklace that hung around her neck. Shadoboi had stopped in his tracks as he watched a green circle appear next to him he stood on his guard not knowing who or what this person was. The green circle had revealed a cute girl with green hair but he didn't let her cuteness throw him off guard. In the back of his mind she seemed so familiar but he couldn't get from where. But that wasn't important right now what was important was if she was after him or not. "Who are you and what are you to be exact? Whats the reason your here answer me."

The Scenario
Moria lay in shadow of the dead city, trying to gather his thoughts. The stone that covered his grave lay on its side from where Moria burst from it, a small network of crack playing along its edges. Moria didn't know what had happened, but for a short moment he felt alive again. A heartbeat, something not part of him for over a hundred and fifty years, coursed through his entire being. He had seen the other beings, felt his mind touch theirs, and saw the beast. Again, he felt something that he had not in all his unlife: the sensation of fear. Raw terror of this shadowy demon moved his form, and the word "Chosen" pulsed with him. Moria knew he would have to fight against the darkness eventually, but now that the living heartbeat, the fear, had faded, Moria faced it. He stood up, now fully separated from the vision, and thought. "Seventeen of us against the shadows," he murmured to himself.

Moria went over the vision again, as best his memory could piece it together. At least two of the beings had arosed his interest: one of shadows, the other hiding a dragon's appearance. There were others , but they did not seem to Moria to be as useful. Those that had powers of supernatural origin were much more like to be useful to him. "I'll find them," Moria vowed, "they must have the power to give me what I seek." What Moria would do if they could not he speculated fiercely, but he was sure he could come up with something entertaining. But first, to find them.

Later in the day, Hyrokai could be found in the city as normal. His clothes resembled his normal attire, nothing special. Though his thoughts were not normal today. Instead of focusing on the beauty of nature.. he was focusing on the "sexy" of nature. His eyes caught a female body as she passed. He felt the urge to say something. The woman had a tight figure. She wore a white shirt that barely covered down over her chest, blue denim shorts which also barely covered. All of this was a sign to the obvious. But despite his desperate desire for sexual activity after such a long hiatus, he resisted. Something today was off... that dream. That dream eats at him like a bloody demon that dug into his soul. There was not much for him to do for the rest of the day, so he leaned back against the wall again and continued to think. In Akemi, Hyrokai would be assigned a mission by the Lady of the Order. But here... there is not much he can do. He lives on a retired salary-- no work to do. 'How boring...' he thought.

Genius was tempted to demonstratively yawn as his master worriedly checked on herself: "Everything's there. Calm down and open your eyes." He didn't know why Alice was so afraid of teleportations and her constant fear of losing something on the way was starting to annoy him. His focus soon shifted to the figure that was standing nearby. Of course he had observed the arrival of the little dragon. As the man addressed Alice, Genius immediately strained against his chains to confront Shadoboi: "I don't like his tone of voice master. Not in the slightest bit. If you order me to kill him I will gladly do so." The guardian was already planning out how to best attack the figure without leaving Alice without protection.

Alice felt Genius's rage and and blood lust in his voice, she knew if she didn't stop being nervous her guardian would kill this guy. The young dragon took a step foward and rose her head to look him in the eye, "uh, I am a mage and I came from California using a teleportation spell but it must gotten mixed up some where and now I'm here." she said kindly but firm. "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Alice Rose," she smiled with a curtsey.

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Alice felt Genius's rage and and blood lust in his voice, she knew if she didn't stop being nervous her guardian would kill this guy. The young dragon took a step foward and rose her head to look him in the eye, "uh, I am a mage and I came from California using a teleportation spell but it must gotten mixed up some where and now I'm here." she said kindly but firm. "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Alice Rose," she smiled with a curtsey. Shadoboi was confused about where she came from but what he was wondering is if she was after him or not how could he believe the story she's telling him it could all be just a trick but the idea of a her being a mage seemed a little farfetched. He thought for a moment then again the idea of there being shadow creature/beings was a little farfetched till he found out about what he truly was. Shadoboi kept his guard up not clear if she was after him or not shadow beings/creatures could change there shape to appear human or even animal. "How do i know your not after me show me proof that you are who you say you are i have a reason to be cautious you know." All while this was happening all that was running through his mind was how familiar she seemed.

Genius roared in anger at the man's words and thundered his arm through the barrier with all the force he could muster. A clawed hand, then the rest of the pale arm appeared to reach out of the amulet, trying to reach Shadoboi while struggling to keep a grip on the material world without permission: "You disrespectful little human! Kneel and introduce yourself to my master or I'll skin you!" Genius snarled in pain as the amulet tried to force him back again. His eyes widened in disbelief and fury as he saw that the human was still not on his knees: "Kneel you miserable wretch! KNEEL!!!" The hand was nearly able to reach the idiot's neck and Genius strained to reach him.

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Genius roared in anger at the man's words and thundered his arm through the barrier with all the force he could muster. A clawed hand, then the rest of the pale arm appeared to reach out of the amulet, trying to reach Shadoboi while struggling to keep a grip on the material world without permission: "You disrespectful little human! Kneel and introduce yourself to my master or I'll skin you!" Genius snarled in pain as the amulet tried to force him back again. His eyes widened in disbelief and fury as he saw that the human was still not on his knees: "Kneel you miserable wretch! KNEEL!!!" The hand was nearly able to reach the idiot's neck and Genius strained to reach him. Shadoboi had freaked a little seeing as a hand came out of her amulet but he stood his guard but it didn't appear from what was happening that she could have been a shadow being/creature seeing as Shadow beings/creatures are usually hand to hand, armed or creature combat. But this power coming off of her was different it wasn't even similar to any shadow being he had heared of or faced. But as the hand reached out at him he changed his hand to that of a sledgehammers head and punched the hand. Shadoboi looked down at the girls shadow it was there but it was oddly shaped usually shadow beings dont have shadows unless they where born from a human like him but it was a taboo to mate with a human and his father was the only in the shadow world that had done that. Shadowboi looked at Alice his hand turning back to normal. "So I beleive your who you say you are but the question is are you after me or is it just a coincidence that we met? You seem very familiar to me but I can't place where I have seen a cute face like your's?"

Alice brought her hand up reaching in front of her, "shield!" she said then a pink magic barrier appeared in-between the two guys. "There's no need for violence," she before being shadoboi spoke, he had called her face cute which made Alice blush. "Well now that you mention it I feel like I've seen you before too, oh an we're not after you trust me if we wanted you, you'd be bound by now," she said with no hint of arrogance.

Genius didn't even twitch as the fist turned into a sledgehammer and struck for his hand. He sighed a bit in frustration as the barrier came between them. As Alice spoke he immediately reacted, his hand disappearing back into the amulet within a second. His face formed into a grimace as he felt his arm burn in pain at the exertion of leaving the amulet: "I still don't like the look of him master." Genius then remained silent, his eyes didn't stray from the stranger who still hadn't introduced himself for even a second.

Shaodboi was curious as to what or who that was coming out of her amulet but if he asked maybe he could get some answers. "Sorry I was so rude to a pretty girl like yourself but I have to be on my guard. But my name is Shadoboi Pleased to meet you so what exactly brings you to this roof top." Shaoboi thought that if she was an enemy she sure was cute but it's no way that shadow beings would hire a none shadow being to kill him but he wouldn't hold it against them. He just had to figure out what she was all about to see if he was in danger or not.

Hyrokai had left his apartment, having taken only few things. However, he had left and it was clear that he would not be returning. This time he was not wearing his training gear but instead a wear of white and golden trimmed Heavy armor. He carry a large sword over his shoulder as he simply walked. Though as he walked, his body opened up to the world around him. It was as if the powers that had laid dormant in him sense birth had instantly awakened-- though their limits were not well known. He knew that there were others like him, but as much so as the desire ran him through to see these others like him, he was here on business. He had ventured deep into the states and finally arrived. Of course.. the desire to see them burned brighter as he was fully aware that not far from here were others like him. He turned and looked in the direction.. there were two of them to be sure. The woman named "Alice" and the male called "Shadoboi".
"No.." Thought Hyrokai quickly. He moved his right hand up to his skull and pressed his fingertips to his skin. "I have a mission to accomplish.." Hyrokai quickly turned from the direction of his others and walked toward a more wide open section. He needed the perfect spot to begin this magic. As he walked, a smile quickly came across his face as he reached a wide open field. Not common to find anymore with industrialization at its growing age but he found it. Now it was time for the solution to begin...

Hyrokai walked around in the field and stopped, only to move his right hand back into the bag that hung from across his shoulder. He grabbed a crystal from the bag and removed it, then dropped it onto the ground. By the time he was done with this task, several crystals laid in the ground. After he was done doing this, Hyrokai walked toward the center of the crystals that had been placed.
"Soon the world will be enveloped by darkness.. Lady Arcania said that I would know when it was that I should call them, I can only assume that the dream was a sign.. It's time for us to mount a defense against the end.." Hyrokai nodded once to himself in approval of his idea, and with a quick swing, he pulled his blade from his shoulder and spun it upside down, then with a quick thrust-- he planted the blade deep into the soil. He swung his left hand out and called out loudly "Now it is time for the God of Balance to bring it to all! Balance take thee! Awakening Soul!" The ground shook around the field and from above, a light could be seen sparking at each crystal. A beam of light shot from each side until it formed a large symbol into the ground. Hyrokai backed away quickly from the center as the light shot up high into the air above. The light could be seen for miles and would surely capture the attention of all those in range. Hyrokai awaited, and while he did, a smile appeared on his face.
"Finally.. My destiny has come.."

Kale sat forward in his bed, his sweat dripping off his nose and falling onto the bedsheets. His heavy breathing echoed off of the walls in his small apartment. He glanced over to his bedside table where the illuminated digital clock read 13:21.
The word echoed through his head. Kale reached over to the other side of the bed where his laptop lay. With a grunt he shifted it onto his stomach and turned it on. After being prompted with two different passwords, Kale opened up a word document and began writing.
"Last night I had a dream. I stood with others watching a darkness consume the earth. I don't know what it meant, or who the people were. I don't even know if it was me. A voice spoke to me about great power, and crushing the darkness. Does this mean that something bad is going to happen soon?"
Kale stopped for a moment and read through what he had written. He let out a sigh and reached over to his bedside table again and picked up a cigarette. The flame from the lighter danced in front of his eyes as he inhaled, he knew he was killing himself, and in a sense enjoyed it. He turned back to his computer,
"There was a word at the end. I feel like it has some significance, but what that significance is I am not aware of. I shall think about it today and attempt to come to an ultimatum..."
He paused for another moment, and started a new paragraph.
Kale then saved it on his desktop and closed the file. He opened up his mailing system and found 3 new messages. The first was an average just mail claiming he had won a million dollars, Yeah right.
Second was of the same concept.
The third however was titled 'contract.' It had been sent by an unknown email address, it read;

"Good Morning K.

I have a job for you. 27, male. A photo has been attached with his appearance. All you need to know is that he is a supplier for our.. 'competition'. He lives in Colorado and that this job needs to be done before the end of the week.
All additional info is attached on a bio sheet. Method of disposal is up to you.


Kale opened the picture file, got out of bed and angled the computer so that it faced the window. He stood topless, admiring the sights of New York City, it's never ending life, the abundance of people going about their daily lives. A life without relentless killing and betrayal.
Kale turned back to the computer and examined the targets facial features. With one last puff of his cigarette he threw it out the window. Time to work.
He went back to the computer and began looking for the earliest flight to Colorado while simultaneously printing out the extra bio. The nearest plane was in an hour, I'll just read it on the plane.
Kale shut the laptop and opened his wardrobe, from which he selected a black hoodie, some baggy jeans and a backpack. He grabbed the bio from the printer and folded it neatly in the bag, after putting a nicely folded suit as well. He slung the bad over a shoulder and made his way to the door. As he exited he took one last look at his apartment, the clothes on the floor, the smoky haze with a beam of light emitting from the window. Should probably do the washing soon.. he thought as he shut the door.

The airline seat was uncomfortable, the beer tasted stale and the bio that lay on his tray table wasn't particularly informative. Kale, however, had already decided on the quickest and most discreet way to kill this man. This man who he had never met but who apparently is the enemy due to business politics. He would make it short and silent, and planned to do it in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd, allowing him to disappear seamlessly. A metallic sound emitted from the speaker above his head, "Goooood Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we will now be descending into Colorade, please make sure your seats are upri-" Kale had stopped listening. He folded the bio and slipped it into his pocket, as soon as he exited the plane he would burn it. Kale turned and had a look out of the window. He hadn't been to Colorado before, and might even stay after the job is done for a while and see the sights. As he stared off into the distance, a massive beam of light shot from a field in the distance. It looked like a spotlight, except a lot brighter. Kale stared at it, trying to figure out what it was. Perhaps I'll check it out after I finish the job.

"... zz.."

It was late in the day already.. She hadn't noticed at all. Ai's eyes slowly opened and she looked up into the leaves of the tree. She sat motionless and with a blank look, her eyes were opened fully. She simply laid.. staring at the tree for a few minutes. Then she sat up and looked toward the window of the house that she was sleeping near.

"They're gone.." Ai sighed with depression and fell back against the tree trunk. She overslept again, and the only person who might know what she is was already gone. Still... her mind left the subject and returned to the dream she had the night before.

Ai turned her lower body around so her feet hung out of the tree, then she pressed both palms against the branch and hopped from it-- she fell to the ground and landed on her feet, slightly crouched. She did not move an inch while her mind seemed to expand outward as a visual assistant. She was curious... and then she knew it was true. The girl she was following was completely gone from California. She sighs and stands up again, bringing her hands to her head, then fiercely shaking it.

"WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!?" she screams loudly and begins to stomp her feet into the ground. Ai was attracting attention.. the negative kind. She quickly picked up on the humans that began looking at her. She was shy.. when they began looking, she grew flushed with rosy cheeks and she turned her body quickly, moving into a sprint away from the tree she slept in the night before. Once she was clear of the humans, Ai leaped into the air and her body seemed to twist into that of a horse-like being. She was not the most inconspicuous of animals though-- as she was white with an ample amount of hair, red furious eyes, and a long shining horn on her head. She ran rapidly along the ground and made a bee line for the closest hint of familiarity. Her time in California was up-- but where would she go this time; she didn't even know.

Kale stood in an alleyway. The smell of garbage and puke rose like a tantalizing aroma. He stood about 3 meters away from the alleyway entrance, his hood drawn over his head. Colorado was nice; the people were pleasant and the air was fresh outside. Kale contemplated moving here, before reminding himself that he was working. This assignment was going to be too easy. He knew his target took this alleyway as a shortcut between his work and his home. Currently Kale was facing the home side of the alleyway, his back towards the entrance to which his target would walk through. All he had to do was wait for this man, kill him quickly and leave. He would use his powers for this assignment because no one else would see them, and blow his secret. This is almost... suspiciously easy... Kale suddenly thought. He surveyed his surroundings, double checking his escape route and items of importance; a pipe running up the side of a building, a bottle on the ground, a dumpster and the single lamp above his head. Kale looked back at his watch, the target had 2 minutes till he arrived. Kale took a deep breath, closed his eyes and waited.

Footsteps sounded from the other end of the alleyway, however it sounded like there were more than just two. Kale opened his eyes to find 2 rather large men blocking off the entrance in front of him, both holding crowbars. He took a look behind him and saw 4 other men gathering, holding an assortment of different weapons, one even had a handgun. Kale smiled, whoever had given him this assignment would pay heavily for this set up. Kale turned around and clapped his hands.
"Bravo boys, you got me. I do have to ask, to who do I owe the pleasure for organizing this elaborate trap?"
The guys looked at each other, then the shortest one with the gun took a step forward, Kale recognized him immediately. Mecca. Worked with him in Cyprus, Hong Kong, 2 jobs in New York and Chicago.
"Listen K, Brett want's you dead. I dont know why, but this is business... No hard feelings right?"
Kale looked at Mecca, then down to his gun.
"Sorry I don't do 'dead'."
Kale flicked his foot against the bottle, sending it rocketing till it struck Mecca's gun hand. As the weapon fell through the air, Kale spun around and kicked Mecca straight in the chest sending him flying into the 3 guys behind him. Then he turned to his left, grabbed the dumpster and threw it towards the two guys at the entrance, killing them as the metal collided with their skulls. Kale however Kale had held on to part of the dumpster and was now left with a metal shard in his hand acting as a knife. Mecca was still on the ground but two of the other guys had gotten up, baring their weapons. Kale turned to them and smiled,
"Hope you boys like the dark" he said as he flicked the shard into the light above, plunging the alleyway into darkness. Before the glass pieces had hit the floor, Kale was already on top of one of the guys, his hand had become a void tear and he plunged it into the man's heart, erasing it from this world. Before the other guy could react, Kale had morphed his hand into a blade and had jumped backwards over the other guy, aiming a precise slice to the man's neck, killing him. Kale landed and turned his hand back to normal, but just as that happened the third man had risen up. He raised a baseball bat high above his head when suddenly a loud bang sounded through the alleyway. Kale turned around quickly, grabbing his chest in fear that he had been shot, but as he turned around he saw the man, eyes wide open standing over Kale, with blood dripping down his face. The man then crumpled, revealing Mecca lying down with the gun in his hand.
Kale walked over and stood above Mecca, Kale's hand had returned to a void tear and hummed with energy. Mecca coughed up a little blood, bleeding internally from the kick.
"You should be more aware of your surroundings" Mecca muttered, trying to form words through the blood and spit.
"You should count yourself lucky that I know you" Kale retorted. He turned his hand back to normal, picked up Mecca and began to carry him to a hospital.
"You know he's going to send more," Mecca coughed.
"He can't find me."
"He'll come for you himself."
Kale smiled.
"Not if I find him first."

Alice was getting annoyed my all the boys questions, no matter how he formed them, she already told him how she got up there and that should've been enough. The dragon was at the edge of her kindness when a bright beam of light shot up into the heavens, she ignored Shadoboi and just stirred at the light. Alice was drawn to it and without notice emarld dragon wings sprang forth out of Alice's back and with a couple of of flaps from her wings she was airborne. Her wings stertched to thirteen feet but no one would see her. It wasn't long before Alice reached the base of the beam and the man that caused the beam, she landed three yards away from the man then a light shined around her wings and disappeared. "What is this light?" she asked not looking at the man but only the light.

Genius nearly laughed as Alice simply spread her wings and flew off. He had grown tired of the man, whoever he was. Alice was so fascinated by the light that she had seemingly forgotten Shadoboi. He shook his head: "As always you are easy to distract. Very easy to distract indeed." Even though his tone was surprisingly light, he was already judging the man that was next to his master now. Not to speak of this strange light. Genius was unsettled by it somehow. What if it caused a situation as that blue light that had enveloped Alice earlier? Genius couldn't stand the thought of being forced to wait for Alice as she fought invisible daemons.

Shadoboi watched as Alice flew away and was curious where she was going. So he decided to follow after her jumping from roof top to roof top with his briefcase on his back. He had stopped at the last building that came to a field where a tower of light flew skywards he didn't want to put himself out in the open especially considering that a shadow being/creature could end up spotting him so he sat at the end of the roof listening to what was going on and what the deal was with the light.

Hyrokai became so enveloped in the moment that he did not notice the other people gathering around him. The light shot up before him and it seemed to stretch up to the heavens. A faint voice could be heard from within it by the people around.. the light spoke.. "I Await the Hand of Justice".

Soon enough, the light began to waver. As if something was preparing to erupt from it-- finally, the light produced a figure. The figure spread into many. The figures within the light appeared heavily armored as they began to march in rows of five from within the light. The men wore armor of complex steel with golden trim holding tight over the edges of it. They had a white cuirass with golden trim around it, and on the center of the cuirass was a symbol that seemed to resemble a blade with two crosses and two flames coming from the sides of it. Continuously did the men in armor march from the light, seeming to make a rather large line.. and at the very front, was another figure. A single one that lead them. It appeared to be a young boy, or possibly a girl, perhaps a girl raised as a boy. The figure stood at roughly five foot and seven inches, it had teal hair which was not too long itself, and they wore a dark blue robe with a lighter blue underclothing. On the figures back was a very large blade that curved in such a way, it looked like a metallic sharpened C. Finally.. the figure comes to a stop. They turned and their right arm shot outward and signaled for the troops to stop. Instantly with this command, the men came to an immediate stop. From the look of it, roughly seventy knights could be seen from the march with their one leader. Hyrokai wasted no time, and approached. As he did so, the beam of light from behind them faded.

"God General Kentara," speaks Hyrokai. He seems to again come to a stop not more then a few feet from the leader of the troops. The being turned and nods to him with a smile.
"Captain Hyrokai," speaks the General. "You have done very well. Lady Arcania would be proud of you."
"Would be?" Questions Hyrokai. A look of curiosity sprouting on his face.
"Well..." the General begins to speak again. "Akemi is not in the best graces now a days. We are dealing with a war on the other side. But please.. do not feel regret at your actions on this side. This matter could in fact aid us as well."
"Understood, God General Kentara" Hyrokai salutes once. He prepares to continue his report, but is quickly cut off by a figure that appears from no where. The figure seems to have flickered into existence and it quickly draws its blade. The figure is a young female with dark blue hair and velvet eyes. She appears as a kunoichi, wearing appropriate attire and wielding a thick katana which she directs toward Alice.
"Master Kentara!" the newly appeared female shouts. "I sense.. one of us."
"Then.." The General stares at Alice. "Are they friend or foe..?"

" Huh...?"Alice blinked and took a few steps back, having a sword pointed at her wasn't good for her survival nor was it good for Genius, she knew he would be stuggling to get out. Alice looked at the shiny knights and stood firm, "Hello, I'm Alice," she said making her voice as confident as possible for Genius sake. Alice wondered what all the knights were here and in so many numbers, were they invading earth, were Alice and Genius going to have to fight their way out of this? All these things were running through her head well still standing firm.

Damn. Didn't expect them to arrive here. Looks like I'm in trouble. Genius grimaced at the unexpected turn of events. What were they doing here? He readied himself for battle as the orther guardian appeared. Of course, she felt his presence wavering around Alice. His first reflex was to want to strain against the chains that held him to the amulet and step in front of Alice to protect her. But that would probably only provoke the possible enemy into attacking the two and Genius had no chance to win such a fight, even if Alice unleashed her full power. He ground his teeth, he hated these moments. Moments when fate was balanced on the tip of a blade, teetering from side to side. Should it fall into the wrong direction Genius and Alice would be in for hell. Should they demand my amulet please do not resist master. I don't want to put you into danger.

Alice noticed Genius's hesitation into wanting to protect her and usually he wanted to protect her against the most smallest of things like a school bully. *Whats going on Genius, your not acting as I thought you would. Are these people friends?* she asked using the connection of the amulet rather then her voice.

Shadoboi sat on the roof top watching and waiting seeing as another girl raised her weapon at his new acquaintance. He didn't know how strong of a Mage Alice was but he didn't want to see her hurt. Shadoboi prepared himself ready to push himself off the side of the building using it to speed his drop to the ground. He pushed off landing on the ground in a second rushing to the field but slowed as he walked from behind Alice. One hand in his pocket he stepped infront of her getting Alice away from the weapon. "Bonjorno you know it's not nice to point weapons all willy nilly at people especially people as cute as her now I'm pretty sure there must be some misunderstanding maybe we can sort this out like civilized people"

The woman next to the General responds, her eyes lighting up with anger quickly as she steps swiftly in front of the General. She glares at the boy as she suspects a threat lingering from him. Though on guard, she simply stares at the new some what idiotic defender. She then turns her eyes from the direction of the defender toward the leader of the knights and speaks to them.
"Master Kentara.." speaks the young woman. "This target has approached and stepped in the target range of 'it'.. Surely he knows of what power we control." The female turns her eyes again and with a firm look, she brings her blade still at a curved point as if preparing to either attack or defend.
"I know Kayla." The General speaks to the woman and steps forward. "Excuse me friend, but that's not wise. If not already, you will be dead if you do not remove yourself from this area. Guardian's are not the type to accept a threatening feeling to their masters..." The General's eyes raise from the boy back to Alice as they speak with certainty. "Legitimate or not.."
Hyrokai steps forward calmly while keeping a distance from the two who lead the Knights. He speaks firmly yet with respect.
"God General Kentara," he directs the question to the General. "I believe I saw these people... in a dream. I believe I may have some connection to them. Please, do not--" his sentence is cut off.
"Calm down Captain," The General responded before his sentence was done. Hyrokai could be seen to obviously be a little flustered at that fact. "I have no intention of harming either of them. Though if Kayla is right, it won't be us that you will have to worry about if that boy is not careful."

These men and women are far beyond our powers. If we fight them we'll be dead without hitting them even once. That's why I do not want you to get into any danger should they make a move to take me back for... Past actions. Genius was on edge, more than ever. kayla was a legend even among guardians. He had often wished to fight her to see his own power in comparison to the best but now he was weaker than ever. There was, however, still the thirst for battling other guardians, even now, when he was weaker than all of them. Suddenly he felt something. His features contorted in anger. His guardian's instincts took over and, using Alice's confusion, he erupted from the amulet. Shadoboi had stepped too close to Alice and had triggered Genius' violent reaction by doing so: "Step aside human! You have no voice in this matter!" The blade flashed through the air viciously as Genius brought himself between Shadoboi and Alice. His eyes were focused on the human that had been such a nuisance: "Step. Aside. NOW!" Genius pointed his blade at Shadoboi, threatening to attack. The human was too close to Alice and every second he stayed in the spot tore at Genius, the pain nearly physical.

Kale laid Mecca down in a private room of a nearby hospital. The smell of the sterile room was making him a little sick and the bed itself looked like cardboard. He had only just stood up again when a nurse came and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Excuse me sir, but you need to have signed an admission form before a patient is accepted"
Kale turned towards the nurse and gave a pleasant smile while reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.
"My friend has been in a terrible accident and I think is bleeding internally, please do everything you can to make him better" Kale said with a false layer of sincerity, as he pulled out five, one hundred dollar bills. The nurse looked quite shocked, took a glance around and smiled back to Kale before accepting the money and walking out the room. As she left, Kale held up her name tag which he had stolen while giving her the money. He memorized the name and gave the tag to Mecca.
"If she doesn't treat you well, let me know."
Mecca grabbed Kale's hand and pulled Kale close.
"Kale, Brett's got more men, more money than you could possibly imagine."
Kale smiled and peeled Mecca's hand off of his and proceeded to pull his hood over his head.
"I can't stay, you know how it is."
"Don't die K,"
Kale looked at Mecca and was confused. The expression on Mecca's face was that of genuine compassion. Maybe I do have allies...
"I told you, I don't do 'dead'"
Kale smiled cheekily and walked out the door. He didn't know whether Mecca would survive or if he would ever see him again, but Kale felt for the first time in a long time, that he had a friend.

Time to go home I think. Kale thought as he left the hospital, feeling as though New York was calling his name.

Originally posted by Bladewind
These men and women are far beyond our powers. If we fight them we'll be dead without hitting them even once. That's why I do not want you to get into any danger should they make a move to take me back for... Past actions. Genius was on edge, more than ever. kayla was a legend even among guardians. He had often wished to fight her to see his own power in comparison to the best but now he was weaker than ever. There was, however, still the thirst for battling other guardians, even now, when he was weaker than all of them. Suddenly he felt something. His features contorted in anger. His guardian's instincts took over and, using Alice's confusion, he erupted from the amulet. Shadoboi had stepped too close to Alice and had triggered Genius' violent reaction by doing so: "Step aside human! You have no voice in this matter!" The blade flashed through the air viciously as Genius brought himself between Shadoboi and Alice. His eyes were focused on the human that had been such a nuisance: "Step. Aside. NOW!" Genius pointed his blade at Shadoboi, threatening to attack. The human was too close to Alice and every second he stayed in the spot tore at Genius, the pain nearly physical. Shadoboi stood in front of Alice until Genius stood in the way Shadoboi had nothing against anyone unless they where a shadow being/creature or if they where gunning for his life. Shadoboi wanted to fight this guy but figured it would stir up a problem escalating the situation probably causing the others to attack and he didn't want that to happen. So Shadoboi stepped aside thinking rational but he did want to fight with this guy just later. "Mi Scusa for trying to help but maybe next time strambo."

Kayla carefully holds her hands still caressing the katana's hilt. She knew she couldn't just trust the man.. had she dropped her guard, they could strike. Had she loosened her grip, they could strike. Had she even looked away once more, they could strike. She was not prepared to take any unnecessary risks around someone who she felt so uncertain about. The General steps forward and places their hand on Kayla's shoulder.
"Calm down.." The General said in a soothing voice. Kayla was flinching with unease at the words. Her master's voice was absolute-- but to never hear her master's voice again was what she feared.
"Yes Master Kentara," she replies as she turns her katana around so the tip of the blade is directed into the scabbard that rests on the back of her waist. She slides the blade back and it makes a clinging echo as the metal touches at the hilt. However, her body can be used as a weapon and so long as her sense of unease around the man were there she would never lower it. Her eyes never left Shadoboi, careful still.
"Captain," Speaks the General to Hyrokai. "We'll set up camp here. It is getting late now and we don't need to be walking around in the dark... might be a little suspicious." The General has a slight smile move across their lips as a sense of humor kicked in at that.
"Yeah," responded Hyrokai. "I'm sure that moving in the morning as a large group of armored killing machines will be much less suspicious." Hyrokai too smiled as he turned to look at the knights then at the group that had gathered. "I apologize for the problems caused.. If you all wish, I could invite you all into the camp tonight and explain this situation to you. Or.. you could leave. It's your choice, though I might suggest that you keep your weapons sheathed." Hyrokai laughs lightly at the image of one of them pulling a butter knife to butter some bread and having Kayla's blade at their throat.

The airline seat was uncomfortable, the beer tasted stale and a large man right next to him was sleeping on his shoulder awkwardly.
This is surprisingly familiar.... Kale thought sourly as he grimaced when the man snorted.
Just breath, 20 more minutes and I'll be safe on the ground.
All this flying in planes has admittedly cause a small fear of flight for Kale. It's not that he was scared of falling so far, more that.. the ground just felt nicer. A very attractive young woman sat two rows infront and across the isle from Kale, she kept looking back at Kale when she thought Kale wasn't watching. Kale couldn't tell through his peripheral vision what her facial expression was, whether it was that of interest, or fear for the fact he was wearing a black hoodie and looked rather dangerous.
Whatever, Kale thought has he decided to completely ignore her.

The front door of Kale's apartment was flung open and light flooded into the room. It was still rather smokey and still hadn't been cleaned. Kale took a step in, took a deep breath, made his way to his bedroom and crashed straight down face first on the bed.
Sooo... comfy...
Kale rolled over and reached for his cigarettes, lit one up and took a deep breath.
I need a drink..
Within a minute he had put on a nice black dinner shirt, a suit jacket and some nice trousers and shoes. His target was a club down the road, something chilled with a strong beat.
Something to take my mind off of Brett.

Alice was going to try and pull Genius back so he wouldn't kill Shadoboi, her small hands were wrapped around the guardians strong arm but when Shado complied she let out a sigh of relief and released Genius. She then listen to the man that was in the field first, the offer to stay in their camp was strange but she really didn't have anywhere else to go and besides that she really wanted to know what was going on. Alice stepped out from behind her guardian and gave the man a slight bow, "Thank you for your offer, we would be honored to stay at your camp. Please let us know if we can help in anyway." Alice was as polite as she could be cause if Genius was afraid of them then they were no doubt powerful. As the young dragon thought to herself, her stomach grumbled with hunger, Alice blushed and placed a hand on her tummy. "Sorry, didn't have anything to eat today." The young dragon giggled nervously but a growing dragon mage needed to eat.

Genius sighed in relief as the tension that had been building dipersed. It seemed that he wasn't to be puunished for what he had done under his former master. Not yet anyhow. He raised his eyebrow at his master: "Didn't you pack any provisions?" Knowing Alice, she probably hadn't. Well, nothing could be done about that. He was a guardian and not damn chef. With a shrug that voiced his opinion of Alice' forgetfulness he disappeared into his amulet again. You could do with a few pounds less. If I remember correctly you were considering a diet some time back.

Shadoboi was happy that the situation was resolved and that they where invited to dinner he would love to cook for them but he knew that wasn't going to happen since they don't trust him. Shadoboi was curious to why the women would get threatening feelings about him. "Sembra fantastico I would be honored to join you for dinner grazie. I'm pretty sure you wont let me but I am a traveling cook and I'd love to help your cooks make the meal."

"We need no cooks, thanks.." Kayla spoke as she turned and began to walk away. Before she could get more then several feet away her body image flickered; then suddenly, disappeared.
"Sorry," speaks the General. "Like I was saying.. My name is Mishoru. Mishoru Kentara. I am a God General of... well... that's not important. Yes.. If you would like to stay here with us at the camp tonight, we would be honored. We are used to helping civilians." With a raise of the General's hand, the troops spread out formally and began to set up camp. There were multiple tents, large enough for a few people each. As it darkened, camp fires were set up around the area. Some of the Knights would go out to collect wood, while others would begin cooking pre-made meals. They were small; Rice, Bread, a few vegetables. The Knights were also used to this.
The camp was set up a quarter to Eight and the Knights were moving around camp. Some of them retained their full armor, some walked without a helmet, some would take off their Cuirass and Gauntlets as well but almost all still had a bit of armor on. They kept their weapons at all times as they are required.
Hyrokai himself remains near the main Camp fire, which is several times larger then the others. It has large branches that lay against each other in a triangular shape and the fire itself burns quite bright in the night time sky.
Mishoru and Kayla both sit together near the fire as well, though the way they act does not resemble that of a serious general. Mishoru is discovered by those that watch to be a very kind leader. Kayla however, seems to be the exact opposite, being very careful about any who approach her Master. She smiles when turning to look at Mishoru but when her head is turned to look at a Knight or at one of the visitors, an angry glare comes over her.

Alice frowned and poked you growling tummy, "but I'm not fat..." the young dragon said to Genius. Alice watched the knights set up camp, they were so fast, it made her wonder how many times they had to do this. The camp was rather big and Alice wondered if anyone in the city would notice or what would happened if they did find it, she shrugged the thought off figuring that they would know what to do. Alice wondered through the camp and found the God General and ther others. She noticed Kayla glaring at her, she bowed her head as she approched and kept her hands visible, she sat down on the other side of the fire and waited for someone to start talking.

Shadoboi was alittle disappointed but he had to live with it cooking was his passion but it seemed he had to chill and not try to criticize the taste of the food. Shadoboi watched as the men walked around setting up the camp he wanted to help but knew he couldn't so he sat down next the fire with the others about a foot or two away from Alice. It seemed like no one was really going to speak unless something was said so he was going to start. " So what was the deal with the light and who exactly are you guys I mean no disrespect but I'm just curious."

Kayla recalls the incident from which Shadoboi breached Alice's boundary and her Guardian had struck against him. This boy clearly knew nothing of Guardians. As that information was not permitted to be spoken of, she said nothing, but instead continued to glare as she thought of enjoyable thoughts... such as killing him for having previously seemed to threaten her master. Mishoru knew what she was thinking and did not seem amused.
While at the main camp they sat, other Knights would have walked around to gather supplies and prepare for tomorrow and the tomorrows after. Men and women both would greet each other. All of them well trained.
Hyrokai now began to talk. He prepared to tell them the story of the Realm of Light, which previously he had been approved by God General Kentara to speak of it. Hyrokai had moved his hand down picked up some of the soft soil from beneath him. This soil was warmed by the fire, which had a magical essence about it, from which an ashy feeling had brought. He had paused a moment then gently with a flick of his wrist, he tossed it lightly into the air to which gave out a visual light to each of them. The soil dispersed like a sparkling light, which through magical form, they could almost see the actual story as it was told...

"... Long ago, before any of us were born, there was a great power. Most people know of this. This power was called 'God'. God had a task set upon by himself to create. But something happened, there was a divide. The Great eternal being you know as God had pushed himself to great lengths to complete his task. Creating equality through all. Finally, it became too much for even him. And he split. While the original was still existent, there became known a dozen beings of incredible power, with the original still the greatest. He watched over all. But from him came Gods of other worlds. In this case, only one is important... 'The Twilight'..
The Twilight was a being born to be known as The God of Balance. He created a world that we call.. Akemi. A Realm of Light. Also known as a Bright Beauty. And Beautiful it was.. It's residents were like those of angels. They held the light within them. But Akemi was not without problems... Soon darkness found it and it quickly came to slaughter the people of Akemi. Demons who came from other realms would take the lives of these beings in vicious carnage. But one person stood up to them.. a young boy. This boy's name, was Flynn. It was said that he was born of the Darkness, but he refused to kill. He drew his blade and cut down all that would seek to harm Akemi. But soon the darkness even over-powered him.. Weak, near death, Flynn looked up into the sky. He saw a figure that looked down on him. The figure spoke to him. And told him 'Today my child, you have earned your place' and with a smile, took Flynn into his embrace. The child was embed with the very essence of the Twilight itself. And from that... a Great power sprouted. Flynn drew breath once more and grasped his sword. This time... his very soul inspired others. As they saw him fight, so did they gain strength. So they too took up arms. Together, they fought against the odds, and together... they won.
After the fighting, the people of Akemi knew that they could no longer expect peace for eternity. They had asked, and begged, Flynn to stay. As their Hero. He told them that he would stay to defend them. Others joined.. and soon, the 'Order of the Twilight' was created. It was an Order dedicated to defending the Light. The Order was composed of men and women alike, and in some cases creatures from other worlds. They became Knights of Order. Soldiers who had trained under the sword and shield to defend the Light. They were more then men, they had an unnatural connection with 'Mana'. Mana is the life force that drives the body. With this force, they were able to cast spells, both destructive and recreational. They could Heal a wound with it, they could destroy a target with it, or they could simply use it to their advantage in combat. They had been trained with how to harness this power from the day that they joined.
Flynn of course, was not immortal. Eventually, his body grew old and he passed away. But from him, he helped bring into the world a child. This child had the blessing of the Twilight as well. And from then, each child come from his line would have the Twilight blood. A Child born of the Twilight blood held enormous reserves of mana. Mana enough to create or destroy a world, thus held an importance in figure of them. The Order grew greater and expanded. Eventually, it was discovered that other worlds came under the threat of the Darkness. And the Twilight Guardian, thus became the title of the Twilight born Child, had decided it was time for someone to help the others. After all, the child was entitled to protect the innocent. The Twilight Guardian drew breath from the air, and used their mana to construct a Gate way. This gate way divided into each separate world. From here, the Order could travel into the worlds. Only one chosen by the Twilight Guardian could actually enter the Gate, thus how they negated others from traveling through it into danger or bringing it."

"That is the story of the Order," Hyrokai took a deep breath now and looked around. "Now who we are... we are the Order. A small part of it." Hyrokai was cut off by a passing Knight.
"Very, Very small." called out the Knight. Hyrokai smiled with a thought of the millions now in the Order.
"We are here because we were informed that the darkness would soon make its way to this planet," a somewhat more grim look now appeared on his face. Hyrokai looked at them. He still wondered what part he specifically held in the coming events but clearly it was meant to be an important part. He waited to see if anyone still had any questions. He was getting tired, the story had took a while to speak as he took pauses through out it.

Kale stumbled into his room. He had been drinking and it was catching up to him. The bass of the club still reverberating in his chest and the lipstick smears across his face felt like plastic. He crashed face first onto his bed and let out a deep breath. The lights were off and the only thing illuminating his room were the neon lights of the nocturnal city. He closed his eyes and rolled over.
Come on... just go to sleep.
It was futile, something was still bugging him at the back of his mind. With a grunt he reached over and pulled his laptop out, rested it on his stomach and opened the screen. Password then password, he was in. Immediately he opened up his most recent document and read.
A notification popped up in the lower right hand corner, an email from another anonymous sender. Kale let out a sigh, it seems business never left him.

"Dear K

You may have been wondering why I sent those men after you, so I shall tell you.
It was a test.
K, something has come to the attention of us employers; a new threat. Collectively we have decided that this threat needs to be taken care of, however we weren't certain who was the right person for the job.
We each submitted a hitman up for audition; a set up. Those that would be able to handle the situation like a professional would leave unharmed and be selected for the job.
You however are something else.
Ruthless and relentless, you are the perfect person for this assignment.
Those men, with the exception of Mecca, were stealing from the firm.
Mecca was in on the whole thing.
And you may inquire with any other employer and they will agree.
This new threat is the highest priority.
And we are all offering the highest price with additional... 'bonuses'.
The bio is in the attachment.
Should you wish to come after me then so be it. I will not hold a vendetta. For I trusted in you to do the right thing regardless of if you knew it.

You must reply with your answer.


Kale lit up a cigarette,
This is unexpected.
Kale put the computer aside and thought for a while, taking a drag every few seconds.
A test? Can I trust? No. But Mecca was in on it? He didn't say anything.....No, I'll take control. I'll do the job, as bait for Brett to lower his defenses. Then strike.
Kale pulled the computer back and stubbed out his cigarette, then he opened a reply message and simply wrote.
He sent the message then opened the bio. It was a large file and when it finally opened, Kale found that he was looking at not one, but many targets.
This is a big job...
Kale selected a bio by random and read through it, taking in the information it provided disregarding the absurdity that it read.
College student Evan Redwood... this guy's a kid!
He skipped along to another bio.
Girl with green hair spotted in New York?
He closed down the computer in confusion and partial shock.
They want me to target minors? This is stupid.
Kale took of his shirt and laid back in bed. The picture of the girl still fresh in his mind. She looked only a few years younger than him, making her in her teens.
Targeting kids. What are the bosses thinking?
Kale pulled the covers over his head and once again, tried to go to sleep, eventually succeeding.

Genius didn't listen to the tales of the past, staying in his usual semi-sleeping state. He had heard the stories before, perhaps once too often to bother to listen anymore. Or perhaps it was because of his former master leaving an imprint on him. As if by coincidence, just as his thoughts strayed to his old master, Hyrokai revealed that the darkness would soon arrive on earth. My old master... From what I could tell, he had planned to take a planet... Perhaps, just perhaps... He frowned, even though no-one except Alice could see it, what if that traitor Proditor was to invade earth? Even more importantly: What would happen if he recognized his former guardian and called him back to his side? Genius had yet to hear of Guardian who could resist his master's orders.

Alice listened to the whole story only getting distracted once when a moth dived into the fire, moth to a flame she thought to herself and tried not to laugh at the poor moth. As always Genius was deep in thought about his past and the master that lost him, Alice tried not to listen to his thoughts but the guardian link was always there, Genius had to guard his mind more in order to keep something from her. It was true that Genius was not suppose to be Alice's guardian maybe that was the reason he could act like her friend and not just her servant. *Don't worry Genius, if your old master comes looking for you, I'll show no mercy. You know how furious I can be...well we'll just try to aviod him. K? In the mean while I think it best if we leave, I know all of this has you on edge.* Alice got up and yawned, "It's getting late, I think it's time we got going." Sparkly light swirled around Alice until it was almost blinding, when the light faded there was a dragon where Alice once stood. Alice was the size as a car and huge wings spout from her back, as far as dragons go she was rather small even for her age, which she was viewed as an infant on her world. "well thanks for the stoy and it was nice to meet you all," she said, not with her mouth but with her mind almost as if her brain had a loud speaker.

The Scenario
It had been far too long since Moria had felt like this. He'd been losing himself for some time in a random club, trying to gather his thoughts. A woman was dancing on a stage before him, but Moria payed her no mind; she was useless to him. An empty bottle was in his hand. Alcohol had no effect on Moria's dead corpse, though this did not stop him from trying, but the new sensation was just as euphoric. Words flashed through his mind: Mana. Magic. The force of life. It confused him. If this "mana" was the force of life, why did he exist? Magic. Moria shook his head, an scanned the crowd, his gaze lingering on his own outstretched hand. There was something there, for all of them, a presence Moria thought he could see, but defied his every attempt to give it meaning. And when he looked upon himself, it was different. Something was missing.

Of course there was. Moria was not alive, but he still seemed to have this mana. A strange word, Moria thought, and wondered how he knew it. Magical Prowess, the words came again. Knowledge of Past. Chosen. Even as he thought, Moria found new experiences, memories he was sure were not his; memories that could not be his. Who was this Flynn? What did Twilight have to do with anything?

Moria got up from his seat and left the bar, stepping lightly into an alley. At the very least, he could still pass for human. As he made his way toward the solitude of the graveyard, he caught a whiff of something he knew. Mana? Whatever it was, he recognized it, and followed it, hiding in shadow all the while. Eventually, he reached a run down housing district, apparently mostly abandoned, and a specific house caught his attention. So this was where she had gone.

Moria smashed through the doorway, coming across just the person he'd been looking for: the voodoo queen. She looked up from her work just in time to swat away the knife Moria threw, before turning to run again. As she did, two zombies moved to block Moria's path. This time, however, he was ready for them.

"I'm not the same thing I was before, highness," Moria spat. He flicked his wrists, placing a hand on each corpse's chest. Instantly, they stopped as Moria took control of the very blood in their dead veins. They turned on their former mistress, giving chase with unnatural speed. The queen tried to stop them, calling out in a tongue Moria found he suddenly knew. It didn't help, and the two zombies caught her quickly, holding her before Moria like a gift. He retrieved his knife, and approached slowly.

"I made a promise," he said in her language, watching her eyes widen farther. He reached out and grabbed the charm of protection around her neck, crushing it his hand even as it caught fire. Moria touched her skin, feeling the blood beneath. Now, it was his. "And I keep my word when I give it," he whispered. It was over quickly, and Moria left the burning house in his wake.

Alice beat her wings and got to the air, she knew she didn't have to leave but she did not want to run the risk of them taking Genius from her, the thought of her friend being taken from her made her sick and angry. The princess flew high in the starless night, she would not be spotted from the ground and took this opportunity to stretch her dragon form, it had been a while since the last time she was in this form and it would most likely be some time before she was able to take this form again.

"I hope I'm not troubling you too much Genius," she said feeling guilty that they always did what she wanted and didn't even ask what he wanted. "You know you can leave when you want to, just tell me if you do...I would understand." Alice felt like her heart could break in half if he said he wanted a new master, she would try not to show it but she failed. Genius was the only friend that she had on earth and even on her home planet she didn't have a real friend, only servants that were paid to be there.

Alice was deep in thought until her grumbling stomach broke her out of funky feelings, "I hope you don't judge me too harshly if I can't skip a day of food...this form isn't helping either." Alice sighed then started to land on a building and was back in her human form before her feet touched the ground, only her wings remained and soon they too disappeared with a gentle flick. The dragon found the roof top door and with a little magic she was able to get through it. "Ever since that dream my magic feels like its gotten stronger," she said lifting her right hand up and with little effort she gathered mana to it, the mana she collected looked blue and seemed to sparkle. With an exhale she released the mana and continued to walk down the lonely hallway. A few floors later she was on the buildings ground level and it so happened to be a fancy hotel with a restaurant inside. Alice sniffed the wonderful aromas in the air and locked onto the delicious smelling meat, she was about to walk into the restaurant when her brain turned back on. "Should probably change out of these robes to better blend in," she said getting a couple glances from the people around her.

Alice found a restroom and took a back stall that had a full sized mirror in it, she thought of a dress she saw before and snapped her fingers and her robes turned into a red dress with black lace trimming, the dress matched her red dragon eyes but not with her green hair. "Hmm...I guess a different hair color for one night wouldn't hurt," she said a spell and shook her hair, the green was replaced with raven black. Her shoes turned into cute sandals that laced up her ankle and a small red hand bag appeared on her shoulder. Alice took a glance into the looking glass and smiled but when she thought about how human she looked now and felt sad. She looked ready so she left the restroom and walked into restaurant area. After a short wait she was seated and the waiter asked if she needed time to think about what she wanted but Alice shook her head, "I want three steaks, rare please," she said with a smile. The waiter lift his eye brow at the girl, she didn't look like she could handle one by herself. The waiter snapped himself out of his thought, "would you like some salad ?" he asked. Alice had a disgusted look on her face, "no thanks, just the meat and some water too." The waiter looked astonished and walked away, Alice shrugged, there was little she could do about hiding her distasted for green food. Fifteen minutes later the waiter came back with three large steaks and placed them in front of her, "enjoy," the man said with a forced smile. Alice smiled back then picked up the steak with her hands and chomped into the cow meat causing blood to drip onto her face, people began to stare and some even looked like they were going to be sick. Alice blinked confused at them and remembered that in public she had to use utensils and the sight of blood made a lot of humans sick. The teen dropped the meat back into the plate and grabbed a cloth napkin and wiped her face clean then grabbed a fork and knife, "sorry," she squeaked. It wasn't too long before she conquered the steak and people were still looking at her, the knife and fork didn't really help her look less like a feral beast chowing down a fresh kill. Alice looked around when she notice people starring and thought they were being very rude so she raised her hand to get her waiters attention and asked for the check, the waiter swooped in like a bat out of heck with the check. Alice took the bill to the front disk and took out conjured money from her bag and paid the lady at the disk.

"That was delicious, even with all the rude people starring at me!" she said to Genius rubbing her stomach. She walked down the street satisfied with her meal and now that dinner was taken care of she needed to find a place to sleep, it had been to late to check in to the hotel and it seemed too be the case in all the surrounding hotels. Alice walked and walked until she found a park that seemed out of place in the large city, "Well I guess a tree is as good as a bed," she lied to herself. She took a look around and summoned her wings when she found that no one was around and flew up one of the many trees, she found a high branch that looked the most comfy and sat on it putting her back against the trunk and brought her knees up then wrapped her arms around them then finally wrapped her wings around her whole body. Hopefully her green wings would help her blend into the green leaves of the trees. "Good night," she said with a yawn then fell asleep.

Shadoboi watched as Alice flew away after hearing the story he grew kind of tiered. He didn't really want to stay much especially since Alice left and he didn't really want to eat their _food. So he stood and bowed in respect to his host as he spoke. " I'm sorry and I don't want to be rude and thank you for the story but I can not stay but I will be back tomorrow thank you for your time Ciao." Shadoboi walked off wondering around the area for a while he started getting pretty bored and he had very little time before he sets off to some place new. Shadoboi was curious about Alice and The order. Shadoboi was so lost in thought that he ended up in a small park he then sat down under a tree taking a deep breath thinking about this chosen thing when he heard what sounded like sleeping above him. Shadoboi looked up to see a cute girl with raven black hair Shadoboi liked to help people even though her cloths seemed like she probably had money her sleeping outside didn't seem right. "wakey wakey _Ciao pretty you shouldn't be out here sleeping in a tree in the cold. How about this you come with me I'll set you up with a place to stay the night and you take the bed I take the couch I can't bare seeing you like this."

Alice was having a pleasant dream about her parents and her home, she really did miss them but she had to stay on earth until her trial was over. Suddenly her dream was shattered by the sound of Shadoboi, "Come with me...stay the night...bed" was what Alice heard, she took a second to register what had been told to her. The dragon was fully awake now, someone had seen her in the tree even with her green wings wrapped around her and what was worse it was that boy from earlier, was he stalking her, was he trying to get her into a bed with him? Alice's mind was racing, she had never been in this position before, she tried to stand up but slipped and fell to the ground face first with an oof sound. "Daemon!" Alice yelled in a panic.

Darren looked up. He had heard someone shout something, and it seemed like it was with a tone of distress. He had spent all day doing tricks in Times Square and had earned quite a bit of money. Really he was looking forward to just finding a comfortable place to lie down and sleep, an alleyway or a park bench would have been more than sufficient. The call of distress however took priority in his books and so, with a partial feeling of "I just want to sleep and now I have to do this?", he began to run towards where the cry had come from; the park.

He made his way to an area with a few trees to find a young girl not much younger than him and an older boy. The older boy was sitting by a tree and assuming from the array of leaves and branches around the girl, she had just fallen out of one. Darren was still a decent distance and so he hid behind one of the trees and listened. If this was just a misunderstanding and she screamed cause she fell out the tree then it's nothing to be concerned about, in which case he would probably continue his search. Darren suddenly got the feeling of being a sort of, guardian to the city. The thought of Darren roaming the streets, running from rooftop to rooftop amused him, but carried a little sense of envy as well.
They must live such amazing lives...
Darren turned his attention back to the two people. The sooner this was resolved the better. After all, Darren spotted a bench on his way in that look particularly comfortable, a type of bed with a whole new caliber.

Genius smiled: "Don't worry master. As a guardian I am meant to serve, not to voice an opinion on your decisions, least of all a complaint. I'm fine but I appreciate you asking." He sighed at her stomach's growl. To him such things as food seemed a bit overrated but he had come to see that other beings ate it to survive instead of pure pleasure while under his old master. But Alice's constant hunger was starting to puzzle him. Surely a creature couldn't consume this much? Genius reminded himself that Alice was much, much bigger than her current self. He noticed the sideway stares from other pedestrians but didn't say anything. Telling his master about the opinions of other people on her looks wasn't exactly his primary concern.

As Alice used magic to change her clothing and hair colour he made a display of releaf: "Thank the gods that you used magic this time! Looks like you finally learned something about undressing in front of me." the words had a sarcastic tone to them as Genius tried to bring Alice back from her brief journey to the distant world of why-am-I-not-human. He couldn't help but grin as he found someone else who marveled at his master's enormous hunger. The waiter looked as if his jaw wasn't far from detaching itself completely. The other guests didn't react much different as Alice started "eating". Barely an appropriate word for how she dealt with the steaks. When they left he simply replied to her comment with a "It definetly looked like that." He went back to his half-sleep as Alice's wings wrapped around her and Genius' amulet.

Suddenly he was woken from a mix of memories and thoughts of the events to come by Alice dropping to the ground. Even as she fell Genius spotted the cause for her distress. It was that strange man. Had he followed them? Damn those wings! They were perfect for sleeping without being disturbed. In this case it had worked against them. "Daemon!" The panicked scream was all the guardian needed. Instead of his usual appearance act he skipped ahead to the part where he was fully manifested. His teeth bared he he pointed his sword at Shadoboi: "Give me a reason not to impale you on my blade and do it soon!" Out of the corner of his eyes he could see someone leaping behind a tree but payed him no heed. Probably only a human scared out of his skin. Genius took a low stance, allowing him maximum fredom of movement in case that weirdo tried to attack his master. Alice was lying on the ground directly behind him and Genius whispered an inquiry as to her condition in her direction from the side of his mouth.

Shadoboi heard as the girl screamed daemon falling out of the tree he was going to catch her till Genius stood in his way with a blade pointed towards him. He didn't recognize Alice seeing as she looked different then last time he seen her. Shadoboi stood up looking at Genius felt that someone was near so he didn't want to fight giving someone a show he then placed his hands behind his head. "Oh Alice is that you I didn't recognize you and dude I never got your name but its not cool to point weapons at people when their not trying to fight you Scrambo. Last time I try to give someone sleeping in a tree a place to sleep I am too much of a nice guy ...... Oh no I was distracted today I forgot to reopen my shop I guess I have to pull a late night shift tomorrow what ever." Shadoboi walked away from the two and then turned around facing them. "So do you guys want a place to stay tonight or are you going to stay out in the cold."

Darren watched silently as suddenly a figure appeared infront of the girl for what appeared to be nowhere. This was magic that he hadn't seen before, and he was a performer afterall. The man stood before the girl with a sword outstretched pointing towards the boy. Things looked like they were getting serious. The man with the sword started talking in a pretty serious tone, however Darren was too far away to be able to make out what they were saying. Suddenly an idea struck him. Darren thought back to the dream he had the previous night. Something about chosen and darkness and whatnot. Darren looked back towards the people located in the park. Could this be what the dream was about? It is a unnatural coincidence...
Darren looked at the boy and stared. Suddenly a feeling rose inside of him. He could almost sense the boy, feel his presence, identify the fact that he was one. He is one.
Then as the words echoed through his head, Darren's vision was transported into the boy's head, allowing Darren to see what the boy saw and hear what the boy said. Darren tried not to panic. He wondered what would happen to his body. But this was something new. He felt the boy turn and walk away, before turning around again.

"So do you guys want a place to stay tonight or are you going to stay out in the cold."

Darren just watched. He hadn't tried to say anything which meant that he didn't have any control over the boy. Just that he could see what he saw.
Then as soon as he came to this realization, Darren's sight was returned, looking up to the sky. Darren's body had collapsed and was lying face up behind the tree. An experience that Darren didn't entirely understand, but this boy, and possibly these people would know what the hell just happened. Darren stood up and continued to watch the conversation, coming to the conclusion that if the group should part, he would introduce himself to whichever of the two made their way to him. Friendly of course, as Darren didn't fancy his chances against someone with a weapon.

Alice thought for a second, how many girls with green dragon wings does this guy know but then was broken out of her thought when Shadoboi asked again if she want to spend the night with him. "No, my wings are great for keeping out the cold..." she replied nervously. Then suddenly she heard someone fall in the distance, she turned her attention toward the mysterious noise in the bushes and once again let her curiosity get the better of her. "Hello, is anyone there?" she called out into the darkness. In her human form she was totally blind in the dark but with her dragon eyes she was able to see, she blinked her eyes and her eyes became more wild then they were before and her vision improved quite drastically. "Do you need help?" she asked slowly just in case it was someone that didn't speak English. Alice waved Genius over to her just in case it was the Guardian from the school again. It was clear that Shadoboi wasn't a threat to them so there was no need to keep an eye on him, he was clearly leaving but unclearly nice or a stalker.

Genius nodded and moved a bit to the right, now covering Alice against whoever was in the distance. He didn't think of someone so poorly in hiding to be a threat but who knew? He looked over to Shadoboi again and something about him made Genius shift so that he shielded Alice against both the mysterious person among the trees and Shadoboi. He had gotten along with the idea that Shadoboi didn't mean any harm, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But now Genius suddenly felt as though he had to keep Alice away from him again. Why? Was there more to the boy than he could identify right now? Suddenly the feeling passed and Shadoboi seemed about as threatening to his master's safety as a little rabbit busily gnawing on it's carrot.

Finally Genius decided that he had to investigate. He signalled to Alice that he would be advancing and turned his head to Shadoboi briefly to snarl a warning: "I'll gut you should she be harmed." Slowly, his sword cutting through the air as he spun it, Genius moved toward the bushes in which the figure hid. Once close enough to be heard even by a normal human he made an ultimatum: "Either you show yourself right now or I'll kill you regardless if you're an assassin or a little child." His voice was cold, emotionless. Genius winced as he felt himself being pulled back toward his master. Never had he been this far away from Alice. In a rather aggressive stance Genius waited for the reply impatiently.

Darren saw the two approach and recoiled back behind the tree. From the clearing came the girl's voice;
"Do you need help?"
Shiiiit they've noticed me. What am I gonna do? Crap crap crap crap.
Another voice, "Either you show yourself right now or I'll kill you regardless if you're an assassin or a little child."
Darren closed his eyes and prayed that these weren't the last few minutes of his life. He had only wanted to see if someone needed help and now someone was threatening to kill him.
"Hey! Ok, I'm coming out. Please don't kill me" His voice quivered a bit as he took a step out and took a look at the sword that Genius was holding.
"uhh," while still very unnerved, Darren walked out into the clearing from out of the bushes and stood. His hands in his pockets slouching a little. He looked up towards a man and the girl and with a half embarrassed half scared laugh he scratched his forehead and said.
"I didn't mean to alarm you, I heard a scream and wondered if anyone needed any help....." He returned his hand to his pocket and put on his best sad face, "Please don't kill me?"
His eyes strayed towards the boy in the background, then back to the man's sword. An escape plan began to formulate inside his head if the event occurred where the 3 of the strangers would attack him. It was strange though, Darren was sure that before the man was pointing the sword at the boy. Perhaps this situation is in fact a free for all, however the man seemed to be protecting the girl so right there was a team with an advantage.
Ok so, situation. Boy, girl and man. Man has a sword. Girl and boy looked unarmed but it's dark and I can't see that well. I still haven't shown my abilities sooo thats an ace up the sleeve.

Shadoboi didn't think they would respond to the person he seemed to easy to spot to be an assassin. In a instant Shadoboi stood behind the boy looking him up and down walking around checking to see if he was a threat. "huh he doesn't seem like he's a one of my kind but he seems like he could be a threat I don't know I think we should be careful." Shadoboi was curious as to his hero like stalking that he was doing he wanted to help but he was smart enough to know to think before he reacts.

Darren looked at the boy who was walking around him. He was a lot taller than Darren, with a bit more muscle as well. The boy's eyes were surveying Darren and made him feel very uncomfortable.
"huh he doesn't seem like he's a one of my kind but he seems like he could be a threat I don't know I think we should be careful."
Darren looked at the other two standing in the clearing then back at the boy.
"You know I'm right here... right?"
'One of my kind'? What does that mean?.. Where is this guy from?
Inside of Darren's pockets, he clenched his fists. The close proximity of the boy was intimidating, and this was definitely not the place where Darren wanted to die. He prepared himself mentally but did his best to show no change in emotion or muscle strain to the others around the park.
"Dude," Darren said in a hushed tone, quieter and a lot more seriously, "Just back off."

Alice blinked when she seen Shadoboi instantly appear behind they other boy in question, things would starting to get hectic, the boy that came out of the bushes looked as if he was getting ready to strike and Shadoboi was obviously evading his personal space. If this tension kept up she knew that Genius would began to attack them both. A pink magic ring appeared around her and both Shadoboi and the boy, Alice chatted a spell and a barrier came up around the boys and then a magical ribbon tied them up. "Please just calm down, we're not going to harm you..." Now that Alice seen the two boys together she recognized them from the dream she had the other night. "I'm going to release you both now and then we're going to sit down and talk," she said calmly then released them both, hopefully they wouldn't think too badly of her for binding them.

Genius watched as the two strained against the ribbons for a few seconds. When they finally dispersed he didn't bother to turn around to face his master. He simply looked at the two boys threateningly. Without even a single word he vanished. But the message was clear. Should the tension of the two unload on Alice, Genius' rage would unload on them. From within his amulet he watched the two for signs of aggression. His breaths came ragged and his voice sounded shaken: "Why is it always pink? There are so many colours to choose from but somehow it always comes down to pink!" Genius' sarcastic remark was to cover the severe shock still echoing through his body from being away from Alice.

Darren felt something tighten around his body. He looked down to find a pink ribbon wrapped around himself. Having never seen magic like this apart from his own street tricks, Darren started freaking out.
What the hell is this? Oh my god... oh my god what the hell is happening?
He tried pulling his arm out of his pocket but with no success.
"I'm going to release you both now and then we're going to sit down and talk,"
Darren stop moving. So it was the girl who had done this. This magic was unknown to Darren and for the reason that he didn't know what else the girl could do, he shut himself up and calmed himself down.
Just relax. She has control over it.
Darren looked to the girl as the ribbon disappeared, "Ok, lets talk then."
He took his hands out of his pockets, and even though there wasn't anything in them and his power was actually in his hands, Darren intended that this would be a sign for 'I'm not armed and wont become armed' as he lost all intention of hurting the boy beside him. He sat down on the grass, crossed his legs, put his arms behind him and look at everyone.
"So If you don't mind me asking, Who are you guys? And why did you call for help?"

Shadoboi stopped himself as Alice placed a barrier and a ribbon around him. He thought the pink was cute but he did feel he was being a little disrespectful to the guy. Shadoboi nodded in agreement to calming down even through he wasn't angry or anything. "Mi Scuzie I didnt mean to invade your personal space um sorry what's your name?" Shadoboi leaned up against a tree as Alice asked the boy a few questions. The boy asked "So If you don't mind me asking, Who are you guys? And why did you call for help?"

Alice sighed in relief as the two boys and Genius settled down, she really didn't want to force these guys into submission, it wasn't a great way to make friends.The young dragon girl sat on the grass across from Shadoboi and the new boy, she was thinking of questions when Shado spoke up and started asking his own questions. Alice almost pouted, having a set down to ask questions was her idea but she remembered her age almost hearing Genius voice saying that she needed to grow up and act more mature. Alice spoke up to get the ball rolling, "My name is Alicstrasza but I go by Alice Rose in this world," she said with a smile then continued. "My home world is in another dimension and I'm a dragon," she says gently flapping her wings making a light breeze with the. "Oh, not only am I a dragon I am a princess," she says almost forgetting. Alice looks at Darren then to Shadoboi, "And i believe I had a dream or a nightmare about you two before I even knew you guys existed." She said seriously then suddenly changed to a happier tone, "Okay now it's your guy's turn!"

Darren's jaw dropped as Alice mentioned that she was from another dimension. And to add that she was a princess, Darren suddenly felt uncomfortable. Here he was a beggar, busker and orphan, sitting infront of a princess, it just didn't seem like he was, well, worthy.
"And i believe I had a dream or a nightmare about you two before I even knew you guys existed."
Darren blinked and closed his jaw. He himself had a dream about standing with a bunch of people. Now that he thought about it, the boy next to him did look familiar, and so did the girl. He looked over to the boy to see if he would say anything, then came to the conclusion that it was his turn to tell his story. He had so many questions however they were for a later time.
"Alice, I'm Da, well Darren really but no one really bothers calling me that. It's not as exciting but I'm from here, born in this city and lived here my whole life. I'm a human.... and hope that you dont eat humans" He added jokingly.
Darren then took a second to think about what he should say about his profession infront of the princess.
Well.. whats the worst that could happen
"I'm a street kid with a bit of a gift." As he said that he ripped out some grass from in front of him and turned his palm upwards, and began to levitate the grass just about it.
"Alice, that dream. Someone spoke to me in it about the word 'Chosen'. Is that what we are?" Darren focused on the grass and made his hand into a fist.
"Why are we the ones who are chosen?" The grass had crumpled onto itself making a small green ball, to which Darren re-opened his hand and turned it upside down, slamming the ball back into the earth silently.

Shadoboi was surprised hearing that Alice was a Dragon princess from a different dimension. In the shadow world there was only one Dragon and he knew who that was. A shadow Dragon was one of the great powerful shadow beings and to think that he was talking to a dragon something he didn't think would ever happen. But now he needed to see a shadow dragon to have seen over a hundred amazing things the only problem was the only shadow being disappeared a long time ago. He then heard the kid say_"And i believe I had a dream or a nightmare about you two before I even knew you guys existed." it made him think and he had felt that way for a while since he met Alice. Then he heard Darren ask_"Alice, that dream. Someone spoke to me in it about the word 'Chosen'. Is that what we are?" Shadoboi had heard that word in his dream but didnt know what it meant. Them Darren asked_"Why are we the ones who are chosen?" He didn't really have the answer to that question and he wasnt sure if Alice did. But Shadoboi had to speak even though he didn't want to. "Well I can't really answer that because I don't really know. I can tell you that my name is Shadoboi and I come from a small village town know as Chibo as for my occupation I'm a traveling chef that's all I'm saying for show and tell. I'm leaving I'll see you guys when I see you." Shadoboi lifted up from off the tree and started walking away from Alice and Darren he didn't care about this chosen crap but he did care about his cooking and if he could make up for what time he didn't put in today.

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