MLP: Friendship is Magic

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Rainbow Dash
Who is following this surprisingly popular and amazing cartoon? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is bringing the life in Equestria by Hasbro to you, and does so in a charismatic and familiar manner thanks to the wonderful TV show developer Lauren Faust (Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

Skepticism and naysayers exist plethora, many without having given the show a chance. Perhaps amidst this flock of members on can at least a few fans of this show be found?

If so, a good starter topic would be why you enjoy this show so much? What drives you to keep watching? eek!

It's actually good. The characters are likable and interesting. It has great humour and comedic timing ad it's very fun to tell people I watch my little pony seriously and watch them react.

Rainbow Dash
It is quite fun to tell your friends you watch My Little Pony, because I think most associate it with the old show and the toys. Not this quite charismatic, well done show. There's a lot more character to each pony now than what it used to be.

I really hope Lauren Faust keeps at it with this show, and that it pick up the same speed that Foster's did. She said herself that she really loves doing FiM, so I am crossing all my hooves for her to get the continued opportunity to keep this alive.

And Rainbow Dash > All.

Its very surprising how watchable the show is. It has caught all my friends off guard. Including me

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Derpy are my favorite ponys big grin

Rainbow Dash
That's a landslide, all big grin Thanks for that link smile

Rainbow Dash, Spike, Rarity and Sweetie Belle are my favorites.

Spike and Rarity is funny to.

That last episode with Rarity being captured and Spike rescuing, has gotta be one of the best episodes imo

I couldn't stop dieing of laughter with Spikes thoughts on how he was planing on saving Rarity, and the way Rarity annoyed all the dogs to enslavement.

Rainbow Dash
My favorite show is probably Show Stoppers or Feeling Pinkie Keen big grin Both are amazing episodes, I love them so happy


this is probably my favorite scene

Rainbow Dash
The latest episode was AMAZING! I laughed so much at some points I had to pause not to miss what was going on big grin

As note to above: Flutterguy love Best. Curse. Ever.

One of my favorite scenes is the following, although the last episode had a lot of amazing scenes as well:


^ laughing out loud

I love most of Fluttershys moments

like when Rainbow Dash was forcing her to cheer


Rainbow Dash
She did cheer eventually. During her Sonic Rainboom, Fluttershy cheered like crazy big grin Never seen her scream like that before stick out tongue

video I linked showed that.

The photo shoot pony was funny yesterday, what was her name?

Rainbow Dash
I know, I was just speaking up for her stick out tongue

Photo Finish was her name. She was really cool too, but poor Rarity sad

"Forever!" - Pinkypie

Pinkie Pie
Episode 21. Over a Barrel. Undergoing change?

I was a little disappointed with the latest episode. It was really fun but I fear that for a moment, the creators forgot that it is supposed to be a children show. The adult fanbase has increased greatly and it almost looks like it was designed to please that audience erm

They should have dealt with the Pinkie Pie role differently. Her words of wisdom were frequently rejected in the episode and made fun of. More than usual stick out tongue

Aside from that, I can not complain at the story of the episode. I was a little surprise at the technology leap that was introduced but I do not mind that at all. I only hope they do not bring the technology to the level it was at in the original show smile

Since they seem to be going through something of a change in style I am also crossing my fingers that they leave the humans out of this show. Humans would ruin the next season for me confused I am a hopeful person stick out tongue

It also appear that Rainbow Dash has gotten yet another nickname. DASHIE! big grin


might as well use this to post pics, fanart and such big grin

Pinkie Pie
Derpy mystery solved stick out tongue

Derpy is so cute

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by Etna
might as well use this to post pics, fanart and such big grin

Get this heresy out of here. That will never happen! It's head and whole body would be gone bfore he utters anything like that.

Pinkie Pie
I wouldn't be so sure. She bend reality you know wink

This show actually surprised a few times, a children's cartoon.

On the first episode, I tried to have the show pegged and predicted that... Twilight was some kind of reincarnation of the Nightmare Moon pony. Turned I was wrong at the end and I was pleasantly surprised.

Another time I was surprised was in the "Griffon the Brush-Off" prankster episode. I thought Pinkpie was pranking the Griffin girl at the party. But it turned out to be Rainbow Dash.

Did any of this happened to you? @_@ I feel foolish

Pinkie Pie
The first one was far fetched and unlikely. It did never cross my mind, but that's probably because it is a children show and not just any show. In an adult show I could imagine it happen. For some reason, it appeal to people to have a deeper reason and twist on why the hero is as successful as it is smile

I did not think so initially. I thought Pinkie Pie the honest and direct kind and seeing her lie like she would be doing at multiple occasions would've destroyed my view of her stick out tongue I was swept along though. Towards the end I suspected her as well. I was happy with the outcome happy A single lie from Pinkie Pie would destroy her personality for me.

I saw the latest episode last saturday.

big grin I liked it

Pinkie Pie
It was great big grin

Fluttershy episode YES!


Oh snap, a pony thread! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, this series has brought back some of the magic of the old cartoons, at least in my opinion. It's definitely an experience I'd share with my children, if I had any.

Dominic EX2
What's so special about this show?

what is the name is ?


just started watching it this week, as it premiered on BOOMERANG UK (3pm)

and now i'm hooked .....

It took 5 years but the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally got their cutie marks!

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