OST New Trailer!!

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Tramps Lady
So excited!! smile

ohmygoodies, XD

Has Barbossa gone to the law? He's wearing an official-looking hat - and that very short shot of the white wig being pulled off - him? Jack?

The fresh-faced boy who said "You're killing her," about the mermaid, reminds me very much of Will.

But "I am a bad man," from Blackbeard... that was awesome.

Although, I couldn't understand one word Penelope Cruz said, but that'll be better when it's as loud as it needs to be.

This is the first time I'm actually excited about this movie.

Keith Richards returns!!

Tramps Lady
i couldnt understand her either. i was thinking "im a mermaid, jack" but i went back and it sounded nothing like that...

I checked the imdb page for it, there were already quotes from the trailers. Jack asks, "What do we need for the fountain?" and Angelica says, "A Mermaid, Jack." So they probably have to sacrifice a mermaid in order to use the fountain.

I can't believe how into it I feel!

I really like it but it feels weird at the same time because they basically replaced some non-returning characters with different versions of the same (Phil and Syrena standing in for Will and Elisabeth, Groves standing in for Norrington). First, they said they`ll make Jack-based movies because he is the reason why POTC is popular, so they got rid of bunch of big and smaller characters. But OST brought the same type of characters only different names and actors. So the point is?

That said, this doesn`t seem to be focused on the new young couple (thank God!) since they didn`t get character posters, so I assume they are secondary to the new trio Jack-Angelica-Barbossa and the villain. Which is a huge bonus in my book cause J-A-B have great chemistry, well Johnny has great chemistry with Jeffrey and Penelope (Blow) and it shines in trailers as well.

I love the return of colors, after dreary, gray AWE that didn`t even feel like Caribbean and I like the change of setting (Jack comes to London).

Sad about Barbossa`s leg. sad

Blackbeard looks great and happy to see Captain Teague.

Overall, looks like tons of fun so I can`t wait. I`m very excited that Jack is now going to be a bone fide romantic lead so it`s a nice change.

Clever they used a book as the basis of the screenplay. Hope it doesn't get, as Depp put it about At World's End, subplotty.

This is looking really good, not long to wait now...

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