ANY 80s Movie BUFFS? Prove it, Name these Movies!

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I'm looking for a few Movies. CAN YOU NAME THEM???

1st Film;

OK Before you read this.. Just know its not a porno but a adult comedy from Late night TV like USA UP ALL NIGHT. A very B-Movie!

I don't recall much about this film but a few scenes stick out in my mind as I was really young when I saw this & I would like to see it again, with a little help from you.
There's a young man in High school or College. Age range 16-22?
In the scene I remember the young man, some how shrinks himself?? (Like Honey I shrunk the kids SMALL!) I think he found a Genie?
I remember the guy having a crush on this Hot girl in school. Well, He somehow shrinks & FINDS HIMSELF INSIDE OF THIS GIRLS VIGINA (LITERALLY) You read that right! While she is in a classroom in school. Hes freaking out because he doesn't know where he is (I'M NOT SURE IF HE KNOWS HE'S IN HER VIGINA or NOT but hes trying to get out) Anyway, He trys to get out and the girl can feel his every move and She starts to have a Orgasm. She starts to moan loud in class, everyone is looking at her. She doesnt understand whats turning her on.. Then she cums and the guy is going to drown in it. He uses her pubic hair as a latter and gets out. Im not sure but I think he found a Genie? & This was one of his wishes??? I even think the Genie was in a Beer bottle and not a lamp? Maybe or that was from a different movie...? The Movie I'm looking for is the Guy in the Girls Pussy! If anyone can Help name this movie I would greatly appreciate it! Remember I know this isn't a Porn and I'm sure It was on late night TV.

Movie # 2

This is a post apocalyptic Movie. The whole world has gone to sh*t as we know it today.
I remember the film starting out in a lab or hospital of some kind? The doctors are putting bar codes on the new Born babies or implanting micro chips in them? The plot of the movie is when your born you have a value set to your life. You work & you earn life credits. If you buy stuff you get scanned & that is taken off of your life... so there is Cash & No credit cards, just your life. I recall in the beginning of the movie a rich women goes to a small town. She buys a little boy from a poor mother of two. The boy had a sister but the Rich Women only took the boy. Anyway... fast forward 10-15 years & the Boy is now a man. He runs a business or casino for the rich lady..? The sister he once knew as a boy comes back into his life... She is a mess... I think she is gambling in one scene & she doesn't win.. so this means shes going to die. The brother tries to save her... Not sure the rest of the movie.
HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS? I think it was a USA UP ALL NIGHT MOVIE or along those lines... B-rated late night films.
Can anyone help me with the Name???? Anything lead would help!
Thanks again.

I have a few more movies from the 80s im looking for but I'll leave you with these two for now.

I found the title to the first film! Its "Getting Lucky" Thanks again Rob, for the Help!!

If anyone can help with the second film. I would Greatly Appreciate It!!

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