First non European or South American country that will win the FIFA World Cup?

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I personally don't see it happening in the near future, but I'm pretty intrigued by the possibilities here.

Who will become the first country outside of Europe or South America to win the FIFA World Cup?

Darth Angel
Very hard to say. I am not seeing it happening in the near future though

Mexico or Russia

Darth Angel
Originally posted by majid86
Mexico or Russia

You barely dodged it with Mexico, but Russia? Come on...

The USA. They have a large athletic pool of talent to choose from, and potential investment. All they have to do is get the youth setup sorted out so the players get quality coaching younger, and of course the interest has to wander from other popular sports in the USA.

Really talented players like Messi, Ronaldo come about because they love football at a young age and play everyday out in the street or some street soccer pitch. You need this sort of genius player to win a world cup, unless you play like a machine (germany)

As show in the previous world cup, the US is a force to be reconed with, all they need now is highten the technical quality and a genius player.

I think the US is the most likely country to do it.

Either the US or Japan, I think. The USA basically for the reasons Bicnarok mentioned earlier. Now I'm taking a big risk by saying Japan, but there's been a lot of good young players coming from Japan in recent years (Keisuke Honda, Ryo Miyaichi etc.). I don't think Japan even had a professional league since 1992, so they're making progress very fast.

If neither of these countries would be afraid to hire on foreign staff in the decades to come, both of them could become world champions in the future.

I think the US.

And I agree with what Bic said, Soccer is gaining popularity here. Where I live they are already having more premier youth league teams.

Omega Vision
US followed by Ghana.

America is really an untapped potential while Ghana is already a decent team but doesn't really have the resources to expand much.

In no particular order. USA, Korea, Japan

Though if Russia wins the 2014 bid, I have a feeling Russia will have a chance of winning it that year; not cos they're any good;cos they're back-handed bastards who'll pay off or threaten the refs.

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