Afro Marvel U (Read for Stips)

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Borrowing from the storyline from Afro Samurai, 10 magical Headbands of Power arrive in the Marvel Universe. Whoever possesses the #1 headband can only be challenged by the #2, and the #1 can achieve Godhood if he/she possesses all 10 headbands. At the onset of the event the bearers of the Headbands are the following:

#1 Madrox
#2 Iron Fist
#3 Sandman
#4 Nightcrawler
#5 Blade
#6 Klaw
#7 Black Panther
#8 Bullseye
#9 Elektra
#10 Venom

A pending cosmic disaster that no other power below Headband granted Godhood can prevent is about to befell the multiverse and destroy the Marvel U, however, due to the spell the Headbands have over sentient beings, the heroes and villians of the Marvel Universe have devolved to bloodthirsty savages killing and fighting amongst each other to climb the headband ladder, slaughtering all of the baseline, unpowered civilians in the universe. While the heroes are no longer in their right minds to use team tactics, the universe has become a sort of battle royale. In 3 weeks the Marvel multiverse will be destroyed. Is there any single being, including members on the list, that can collect all of the headbands, achieve Godhood, and save the MU from annihilation.

-No being above Low Meta level is allowed.
-Beings can work together to achieve a victory, but will try to kill each other once their opponent is dead.
-Only one character can challenge the #1 directly while possessing the #2 headband, but the #1 can attack anyone wearing headbands #3 and below, as well as non-headband bearers, at any point in time.
-All characters are totally and utterly bloodlusted.


i need a tier guide to know who I'm restricted to bring up as a challenger. There aren't too many people below mid-meta who can take out Venom, so challengers for that 10th headband are limited.

Of the people who already have headbands, I'd say Sandman has the best chance.

A character doesn't have to fight these characters in order 10-2, these are simply the headband bearers. Any character can challenge and kill the #2 and become the #1, but in order to achieve Godhood you must possess all 10 headbands.

Wolverine types might have the best chance due to their energizer-bunny nature.

Personally, I'd think a character like Sandman or Hydro Man would make pretty short work of a Wolverine/Sabertooth type via suffocation, but that's probably just me.

In a direct confrontation, sure. Wolverine (and other Weapon X characters) were designed to be stealth weapons though, and I don't really see Hydroman or Sandman actually finding them before wandering into a trap of some sort.

Black Panther stands a really good shot too due to his resources. Also, whoever gets control of the X-Mansion's stuff... Cyclops probably.

There's also Moonknight and Nighthawk to consider.

Also Nick Fury. He might have the best initial position to tactically take down every meta, with complete access to SHIELD files and tech. Plus his espionage expertise, etc...

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.