Daniel Radcliffe.

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So - Daniel Radcliffe has already been in two projects, and the Harry Potter series hasn't even been entirely released.

He's currently on Broadway as a lead for the show "How to Succeed in Business Without Trying," playing J Pierrepont Finch - also known as Ponty.

It is a song and dance production, first released as a movie of the same name, in 1967. Bob Fosse was the choreographer.

Having seen a clip from the show, taken during a number called "The Brotherhood of Man," Radcliffe shows impressive dancing chops He also sings - of course, with an midwestern American English accent.

To find out more about "How to Succeed...." go to Youtube and look up "How to Succeed on Broadway...". The channel has interviews with all the main cast film , the kind of trends that makes me think he will, one day, be among the ranks of the traditional superior British actors - Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Kate Winslet, Colin Firth...

Yay. I haven't felt this kind of expectation for an actor since I 'discovered' Elizabeh Taylor's films.

Anybody else have things to say?

I am going to see him on broadway for my birthday next month so I will comment on his acting then but as for the movies I seen him in which is all the harry potter movies.I want to say he is a pretty good actor and gotten better since the first hp firm.
Not the best actor but a good one.

oh my, I'm so jealous! The movie is one of my favorites and I've seen like a 30 second clip of him singing and dancing, just enough to tell that he could be on Broadway without the big name. It barely satisfied my hunger. Well, I love Broadway, and I love Daniel Radcliffe, so it's a deep hole to fill. But GOD!!!

Sometimes I hate living in Nebraska.

You will have to plan a trip to go see him in NY!I love that musical as well!Specially the coffee song and the mail room one as well!

Well the coming movies test his acting Skills. But i guess he shouldn't have any problems playing Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black.

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