Demon Vessel RP

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Hitosu Moriko
In the gates of hell The demon Hitoigari was beating up his devil bretheren for evil they have committed through there life time " I won't stoop to being this devil anymore I will change" The demon looked at their deaths as they kept falling one by one. Hitoigari aimed for the gate to earth and punched the glass wall blocking his entry. A burly demon and many demons surrounding Hitoigari were ready to finish him off. "Its a little too late to choose sides now your already in hell" Hitoigari kept punching at the gate over and over again. The surrounding demons started throwing javelins and spears at the demon hurting him badly with Hitoigari at his knees now he felt powerless. *Please let me break free let me have another chance to prove I don't belong here* "LET ME OUT!!!!" The wall shattered in front of Hitoigari and a portal swallowed him up sending him to earth.

On earth a school for especially for people with great spiritual power attend this school those such as Shamans and Monks they trained not only basic school material but spiritual training as well to maintain there powers

Morihito a boy with a great six sense was sleeping in his bed dreaming a nightmare a very strong nightmare but that nightmare was vanquished

"You feel a sense of unease and angst its because i chose you. You are my vessel and you will be my ticket to a new world of justice destroying those who causes horrible things to this world and you will help me!

"Me taking out those who corrupt and poison this world I'm in"

"Hmmm why do you want a world anew?"

"Lets just say i'm tired of those who cause us to be fearful those who inflict pain or even has the drive to kill someone for there own greedy reason I've had enough with these sadist bastards."

"I'm glad your on board with me"

He awakens from this dream

Morihito got up feeling a bit dizzy but he still managed to stand he got dressed quickly and went to school as he checked his watch he noticed how late he was so he ran yet he didn't run his usual self he trail-blazed through the street to get to his school Morihito noticed what he did he looked dazed but now in front of his school he enters the gate and got into his classroom. He sat down patiently waiting for his teacher.

Gakupo straightened slowly, rubbing his head. He hadn't slept much for the last few days and his mood was, naturally, not very good. He looked at the clock, not even five yet. A few birds chirped outside of the window. Gakupo ignored them and got out of his bed. His usual clothes were already laid out for him, still smelling slightly of laundry detergent. Of course Lacey was responsible for this just as she was for the smell of breakfast wafting through the narrow space between the door and it's frame. Getting clothed, Gakupo thought about what was causing those restless nights. He couldn't find a reason, he just felt like he should be up and doing something as soon as he was resting. Behind him the sun had only just begun to rise. Why the hell did those birds start singing so early? As Gakupo left his room another question came to his mind. How does she always know when I'm going to get up?

His Jiang-Si was waiting in the kitchen, as always waiting for him. Gakupo acknowledged her presence with a muttered "Morning." before slowly starting to eat the food she had prepared. He gave her a quick glance, she didn't eat anything, of course. Instead she simply stood there, looking at him with that certain something playing in her eyes. It unnerved the Dao-Shi that his servant had something to her that he couldn't decipher. Having finished his meal he looked at the Jiang-Si quizically. There was lots of time left till they had to leave for school and Gakupo had no idea how to spend that time. But one glance at Lacey told him that she knew. He stood up, shrugging: "Fine. Go ahead."

The young man looked at the school as he walked through the gates. Same old, boring piece of architecture. At least his mood had bettered. He and his servant were the first, as always. They walked into the building their steps echoing throughout the hallways. The classroom was empty, their teacher probably going to take his time as usual. Gakupo had often asked himself why someone so disorganised was able to keep his job here. Probably it was because all of the students liked him. The Dao-Shi sat down on his place in the back of the room and, tilting his chair back dangerously and putting his feet on the table, caught up on some sleep. The class filled slowly while he half-slept. He opened his eyes as Morihito entered the classroom, late. he looked a bit off but that didn't concern Gakupo. He finally sat down normally and waited for the teacher to finally turn up while gazing out of the window. He had only been here for less than an hour and already wanted to get out again.

Gosuto had waken up at around 5:30am he didnt want to go to school seeing as he had just gotten home yesterday and went straight to sleep. But he also couldn't wait to see his best friend after being away for a some what long time. Morihito had no idea that Gosuto was back yet he wanted it to be a secret to surprise him. Gosuto was about to go back to sleep pretty sure he had jet lag but was woken by Hattori with a drop kick to his stomach. Gosuto screamed in pain to his wake up call. "damn what the hell I thought you where suppose to help protect me not hurt me yourself." "You need to get up it's time for school Yuza-san your mother wouldn't like it if you miss the first day back from your trip. It is dishonorable to miss this occasion and you don't want to dishonor your family do you Yuza-San." "After as long as we've been together it seems like you put dishonor after everything I choose not to do but what ever where's my cloths." Hattori pointed into the direction of Gosutos cloths. Gosuto got out of bed grabbing his cloths he went to take a shower. After about 30min in the shower he got out dried off and put his cloths on then went to brush his teeth and put deodorant on. Gosuto then reached his hand out Hattori then passed him his staff and messenger based book-bag. Gosuto then pulled his window open and yelled with an echo through the house. "see ya mom see ya dad I'm off to school I might be late for dinner!" " Okay.. Boy I wish he would use the door like a normal boy well at least Hattori got him up" replied his mother. Gosuto then made a quick clean jump out his window onto a rooftop Hattori closed the window behind them and met back up with Gosuto who was running and jumping quickly from rooftop to rooftop on his way to school. After a while he had seen his school and he was able to see Morihito through the glass even though he was far. Gosuto had go to the school jumping from the rooftop landing on the school gate and onto the side of the building. Gosuto climbed up the building and through a window that led to a janitor closet. Gosuto moved the ceiling panel and jumped up into the ceiling from there he made his way to his class room crawling. He had stopped right above Morihito opening the panel slightly to look down. Gosuto nodded at Hattori and he nodded back. Gosuto removed the whole panel jumping down at the same time landing on Morihitos desk. "Did you miss me buddy long time no see." Gosuto stood crouched on Morihitos desk Hattori was nowhere to be seen.

Hitosu Moriko
Morihito looked up not surprise by the jump on his desk. he looked very tired "Welcome back how was the training trip learn anything new". Morihito noticed a cold glare from somewhere.

Gosuto was a little upset that his best friend who he hadn't seen for about 2 years didn't seem happy to see him but tired. Well he couldn't blame him he was tired too and lucky for him Hattori wasn't hear at that moment. "Well it was training long boring draining hardwork and not fun. Well I haven't learned so much I would say. Heck I can see your tired how about we skip this class and get some z's on the roof." Gosuto never liked to brag especially since Morihito wasn't fortunate to have abilities other then to see spirits. But it seemed like something was different about him. Gosuto pulled out two pieces of paper that had a symbol and on each piece of paper their name. Putting a small drop of his and Morihitos spirit in them he made doubles of them to take there place in class.

Hitosu Moriko
Morihito Got up from the desk looking pale as a sheet he got up and left with Gosuto. He followed him up the stairs to the roof "Sorry i'm as less enthusiastic than I usually am but as you can see I feel like utter crap last night was not very amusing feels like someone beat me with a bat, crowbar, and hammer heh so did you at least take a break during your training to view the sites how did it look there".

The night before

In a ware house miles from the school a battle was being fought, this battle was between the super natural. An angel stands alone against a small army of demons that had been drawn to this town by the school of the spiritually gifted. Gabriella, an arch angel, is surrounded by her enemy, she had no fear of the fiends and gladly would end their miserable lives. Gabriella spread her wings causing them to glow brighter and making some of the demons to cower, while they covered their eyes the angel strikes with her spear impaling three demons at once, the others took attention and all attacked at once. The being of light pulls her spear back to her and sinks the point into the ground and a bright light explodes from her most of the demons are obliterated and what remains are mortally wounded. Gabriella finishes them off one at a time then she come to the last of the demons, it looks at her with such hate, Gabriella stares back reviling nothing. "What are you waiting for, Do it already!" it yelled. Gabriella did not hesitate, she stabbed through the demons and pieced the wall behind it.

A stream of light appears behind Gabriella and another male angel steps out of the light, "Very nice performance but they were rather weak. I wander why you were dispatched to take of such lesser demons," he said with a questionable tone

"I don't question orders," Gabriella said crouching down and wiping the blood off her spear on the fallen enemy. "So what is my next assignment?" she asked bluntly.

The angel smiled, "Always to the point, huh? Well it's all in here." he said handing Gabriella a folder that she hadn't noticed until now. "Have fun, Gabby," he said with a laugh then walked back into the light and disappeared with it.

Gabriella sighed, and quickly looked over the folder and made her brow rise, "under a human?" she said before her body was covered in light and disappeared with it, A clean up team would be dispatch to take care of the mess she left behind.

Present time

Gabriella walks into a classroom already late but it looked like she was still there before the teacher was, her body was that of a human and took some time to getting use to. She was a lot shorter and wingless, her new body would function as a regular human and would be able to switch between that and her angel form at command.

The new girl took a seat in an empty desk, she could already feel the aura of her target and if her was as high level as she read he would know what she was too. Suddenly her stomach growled breaking her concentration, for some reason her stomach was hurting and making funny noises all morning, she would have to consult with her "How to be Human" hand book later.


Lacey started her morning like any other morning, getting Gakupo day prepared from laying out his school clothes to making him breakfast. She had nothing else to do, she didn't need to sleep so she would learn new recipes so she could be able to cook new things for Gakupo. When her master awoke she waited for him to get ready and eat the meal she had prepared for him, he seemed pleased which made Lacey happy.

On their way to school Lacey tried to keep quite so that Gakupo could focus on the day ahead of him, she glared at any girl that passed them and would rip their eyes out if they even dared to take a second look at her master. Lacey saw how seeing the school made his mood change a bit making her sigh, "Cheer up I'm here!" she said cheerfully attempting to lighten the mood, it hardly ever worked. They were the first in class as always, she took a seat behind Gakupo and took out a cook book to go over the details for dinner. She ignored the other students as they walked in, she really couldn't careless about the worthless scrubs. Lacey looked at the back of Gakupo's head and wondered what he was thinking about, they hardly talked anymore and she tried not to pressure him into talking so she just tried to make him happy by doing things like cooking and cleaning and would be there for him if he ever needed some one to talk to.

Gosuto and Morihito had made it to the roof and their doubles sat at their desks standing in for them. Morihito told him how he felt so beat up. "I don't blame you I'm still suffering from jet lag. Well yeah I took a break I guess I was able to have fun 2 days a month but I couldn't go back to my uncles house till the two days where up so that sucked. But when I was out there I was flirting my behind off had a girlfriend she was 21 lasted 4 months. When I was let out I would see the sites with her and she let me spend the night. But the whole only being able to see each other two days a month wasn't good. So we broke up and when my training was over I moved back home after saying bye." Gosuto laid down on the roof tops about to pass out in a sea of dreams before he asked. "so what's been happening with you."

Hitosu Moriko
"Nothing much I have been bored and bored though out of all serious last night was weird and it was when i fell asleep this dream that really scared me ever since i awoke I felt like I fought a dozen people since I awoken

Gosuto was ready to doze off he was so tired and he was a little happy that Hattori wasn't here. "Maybe it's just stress there is a ton of ways to deal with that. One of them is napping get some rest so we can hangout later." Gosuto yawned showing he was tired and in that second he fell asleep. Gosuto began to snore showing he was tired and asleep.

Vincent sat at the bar stareing in his whisky trying to block out some of the memory that haunted him. ~So many people seduced or killed by the Demonic forces. There is no way i can stop them all,how could i. I never asked for this responsability~ The dark,dankness of the sleeze bar was sudenly interupted by the bright lights of the street as the door opened. "Vincent" a patit young girl exclaimed as she walked in. Her smile denoting some excitement in seeing Vincent although he never new why. "Why were you not there to help Gabriel? I saw the hole thing she was amazing. I Prayed for her in hopes that would weakin the Demons" Donna said expectantly "Gabriel does not need our help" Vincent returned sarcasticly ,dipping his finger in his booze and licking it off. "She has been in this game a long time" Donna, not liking his tone sat with a frown. "you started class didnt you" Vincen said trying to distract her and thinking it may make her happy to think about. "Yes " she said un moved . "I think there is something going on there so go find whats happening. Should it prove to be somethin of interest and we have to Intervine I will let you lead"He said not sure if it was a good idea or not. "IM on it boss" She said happily as she skipped out of the place. "Hey" He yelled stopping her in her tracks "Here is some money. In case" he gave her $30 . H was like a Father to her and she appriciated him.

Vincent felt something big was going down and the key players were at Donnas school. Vincent would just ride it out confident she would do the right thing when it went down. "Bartender another round" Vince shouted anxious to get a buzz and kill the pain.

Hitosu Moriko
Morihito may have tired but to no avail he couldn't sleep he felt too energized yet tired like a a battery being used excessively then finally popping that the acid comes out of it "ARGH Dammit" Morihito grumbled and lied down "Man what is this sensation I feel"

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