The Holocaust [Nemesis] Respect Thread

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Astonishing X-Men 3


X-Man Annual 1997


As Nemesis, he is able to demolish the AoA X-Men headquarters, killing several members. He is then able to fight off both AoA Rogue and Scarlet Witch :

Killing AoA Wanda :

For comparison, Holocaust in energy form and with armour, produces similarly large blasts :

Exiles 61



Holocaust is able to fly, here using his blaster to propel him :

Or here, seemingly without needing his blaster at all :

Holocaust can also travel quickly underground :


When being taken out by the Avengers, it takes several shots from Thor with Mjolnir, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch to put Holocaust down :

Here takes a bath in a vat of acid, has his brain activity reversed by AoA Rogue (with Polaris' powers), is crushed by Morph and still able to fight against the AoA X-Men :


Holocaust is able to sense energy patterns, such as here where he detects the M'Kraan crystal :


With modifications he received from Dark Beast, Holocaust is able to manipulate the physical form of his suit :

He does this to return to his Nemesis form :

He can extend his body :

Or copy the form of others :



Holocaust's attacks are devastatingly powerful :

So much so that it is assumed he can take down both Sunspot and Caliban, off panel, essentially with OHKOs :

Here, according to the announcer, he is strong enough to put Thor down, if only momentarily :

And again, Holocaust able to take down Thor with his blast :

Here Holocaust one-shots Blastaar :


Holocaust has very fast reflexes, so much so that Sebastian Shaw makes note of it here :

He is considerably faster than Mimic :

He is fast enough to keep up with Blink for some time :

Holocaust is fast enough to catch Quicksilver and tag Iron Man :

Energy Drain

Holocaust is able to drain the energy of people even just in his proximity :

There is no known upper limit to his ability to drain, here he decimates the population of an island, absorbing all of their energy :

Super Strength

While not possessing any lifting feats, as noted above, Holocaust has enhanced strength, such that he is able to send opponents flying with a single punch :

Here Holocaust crushes Morph's body to mush :

Holocaust is also able to grapple with characters like Blastaar :

Even though he eventually loses the fight, Holocaust is strong enough to get some good blows in on King Hyperion :

Astonishing X-Men 3


VS AoA Sabretooth and Wildchild

We see here that, even when the armour is broken, Holocaust has full control of the energy of his body, able to reform himself effortlessly after a long fight :

VS Exodus

Holocaust overpowers Exodus in terms of raw power output, something Sersi has failed to do :

Continues in :

VS X-Man & Madelyne Pryor

Forces the to retreat, in the end it takes their combined effort and some trickery to bring down Holocaust :

VS X-Man

Round 1: in AoA timeline, only ends because the M'Kraan crystal teleports the two away :

Round 2: Has the upper hand at the end of the fight :

Round 3: Stalemant with X-Man, pretty impressive :

X-Men Chronicles 2


X-Men Chronicles 2

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