Snake Eyes Vs Cassandra Cain

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who wins?

You're not talking about the GI Joe character, are you?

yes, the ninja.

Tough one they are both very good. I'd give them relatively = in skill but Snake eyes has the better strength, greater mass, and raw agility imo.

Cass's agility is pretty crazy high too, and her lower mass is a boon there.

Hm, this is a tough one... SE is crazy impressive.

I think the real question is who's fast enough to actually keep up with watching their fight and tell who's winning before one or both falls over? ^^

toss up, but cassie eeks out a victory or two

anyone want to list a few snake eyes feats? i havent been following the books.

i give slight advantage to Snake Eyes.

Never mind. Saw this thread. I think Cassandra is scrwed here. These guys have the best bullet dodging feats I have ever seen.

Snake Eyes.

It's been a few years since I read G.I. Joe comics but from what I remember, Snake Eyes slices her to bits.

He and Storm Shadow were capable of doing crazy shit like moving their swords so fast they caught fire, reacting and moving faster than bullets to the point it was without a doubt superhuman, outrunning vehicles, performing random ninja stuff lsuch as turning invisible or mental based powers like entering an unstoppable berserker mode, senses that were borderline precognition etc. To be fair, there were times that writers toned them down.

There about half a dozen major different versions of comic Snake-eyes. The main three are the DDP version which is a continuation of the Marvel and Image continuity, there is the reboot IDW version which ignores all the prior GI Joe comics, there is the IDW relaunch version that is a continuation of the Marvel continuity but ignores the Image and DDP run.

Marvel/Image/DDP continuity Snake-eyes makes Batman look like a yellow belt and is legitimately superhuman. I would give him odds against the entire Batfamily in h2h.

Marvel/IDW continuity Snake-eyes is tough as nails and incredibly skilled, he would take a slight majority from most street level martial artists.

IDW continuity Snake-eyes hasn't really did much yet and gets rolled up like a sleeping bag.

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