What Can Destroy Dante Majin Form?

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Hello People This will be my very first Threads In this site smile

I Wanna Talk about Dante from Devil May Cry Series, Due to the Devil May Cry Fanboys that keeps overhyped Him. There is one thing however, They keep overhyped WAAAAY TO MUCH and that Is Dante Majin Form also Knowns as "Desperation devil trigger" from Devil may cry 2. Dante use this form When his health is dangerously low In Gameplay, He is able to assume that form and becomes invincible.

This is Where Controversy begins. >_>

Because of this Majin Form Dante Fanboys are saying Dante is INVINCEBLE against every kind of attack.............literally ANY KIND ATTACK. Apparently They think Majin Form Dante can survive Attack such as (Planet-Busting Attack, multiversal-Buster Attacks, Galaxy-Buster attack.

they also says banish him From another world wont work, Even Erase him from existence wont work, simple because Majin form make Dante Invincble

Devil may cry fanboys even said Dante wont lose to Omnipotence Beings, Cause ONCE AGAIN Majin Form Make Dante Invincble. Pretty much Because of Majin Form make Dante invincible in Devil may cry 2 they think He is Invincible Againts Anything And Everything

I find That very funny Because No matter how Powerful Dante Majin form is. He can never survive Everything, Especially Againts Omnipotence Beings.

So What I want is this. I wanna see you guys Post of What can Destroy Dante Majin Form. I wanna you all tell me what kind of attack that can Overpower and Destroy the Majin Form and WHY.

Demonic Phoenix
There's a reason they are called fanboys, though the correct term would be fanbois.

It might be that the DDT was just a gameplay/easter egg kind of thing. I don't recall it being brought up in the storyline.

That said, this is the wrong forum for this thread. It should have been in Games Vs. I believe. You can request a mod to move it.

Demonic Phoenix

How do you request a mod?

Should go to computer/video games as a topic on his durability, not a verses match.

Those people don't realise that being invincible in the game is a gameplay mechanic where it really only means that he has much higher durability in this form. (Love to see someone claim galaxy durability)

Right, base DMC4 Dante has low city block durability and his DMC4 Dreadnaught form is on the multi city block level. By DMC2 he'd have mid-low city block level at base and multi city block in DT, taking into consideration that Majin would be above the likes of Dreadnaught (For being in DMC2, above DT and being the full extent of his powers) DDT would have low town level durability. His regeneration, especially his heightened DMC2 and DDT regen, sells it.

- Taking hits from a skyscraper sized Savior,(high large building level strength) Abigail(same) and being in the center of the blast that vaporised Abigail. Dante would need low city block durability to take the hits like he did.
- In the DMC4 novel Dante enters Dreadnaught form to completely tank the Savior's mega beam, by powerscaling especially considering Abigails beams they'd be multi city block beams.
- In the DMC2 trailer he uses DT to tank a blast in the same manner as he did with Dreadnaught. Seem to work quite similar.

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