China: The New Bin Laden

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Lord Shadow Z
If they do, what reason could they give to the world? They no longer have a fire and brimstone attitude to communism like they did before so any reason would have to be a pretty strong one. Not to mention war with China has always been avoided at all costs in the past conflicts; more likely the U.S. and ourselves will find an easier target - that is if they are purposely looking for one.

Originally posted by Deano

i believe america will war with china at some point. what do you think?

People have been claiming this since the 50's, bro.

And China isn't the new Bin Laden, we already have an Asian Bin Laden in N. Korea and Kim Jong-Il.

That would seem like a very large step - from a sole person to an entire country.

I'm actually interested to see who becomes the scapegoat of the western world now.

well we have to have someone to fear. and its gonna take something special for us to accept a new world order. ...

Originally posted by Deano
well we have to have someone to fear. and its gonna take something special for us to accept a new world order. ...

That begs the question, if Osama was the "fear figure to control the masses", why get ride of him?


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The conspiracy theorists state that they got rid of him as a form of more control. It rallies support for the lizard people's puppet and get's him re-elected. It was part of the plan, all along. Dun dun dunnnnn.

Anyway, inimalist wrote a very nice rebuttal to the idea of going to war with China.

Lemme see if I can find it...

Ahhhh, here it is:

Additionally, China owns lots of our debt.

inimalist made some excellent points about that, as well, here:

It puts into perspective how ill-founded the anti-China hate is. Sure, they are bastards at times..but so are the NATO nations. The only thing I want to see China do is be much more socially liberal. If they do that, then I can swallow lots of the other stuff they do.

I'm stil "USA! USA! USA!", I'm just not a blind idiot.

Those are some good points but in reality China Would be more powerful if they owned the US after all is this not in the Communist manifesto to rule the PLanet?? They could make even more if they owned our resources. What is a little unnerving is that while we have a high tech Military complex China are not dumbass' and they have NUMBERS. I liken this to Rourkes Drift ,anyone Familiar with Military History. It was 100 someodd British and Welsh most in the infirmary. Literaly I thik there was about 50/60 healthy Fit for duty Soldier up against 4000 ZULU now The Brits had All the Tech Smokless powder, metal cartridges. Breach loading canon, grenades exct. The Zulu had a couple riffles from a previous raid but anyway in my example they had spears and the brits had bolt action 8 round magazines so i corilation it would be like the brits had 20 round semi auto riffles and the Zulu 8 shot bolt action then the being out numberd somuch is HHuge.

I could be wrong but i heard China had a Billion that could be fit for duty maybe a couple hundred million less but we must take the numbers into consideration . We would simply run out of Bullets. its all about atrition. and think about it.The chinese invented War, well Battle tactics. SunTsu was quite smart.

I am prepared . I am a former Marine I have a very good armory. PLenty of comparable weapons and lots of rounds ,gas masks MOP suits 6months of MRE;s for 6 people,but What is scareing the shit out of me is....How Do I Fight a SOUND Weapon?????

Look at when mr bin larden got killed , well there was never any proof of that anyway but it was right when obamas ratings were the lowest they had ever been then then hit the roof , there was never any pictures of Osama dead and you will never get an account from the people who went and shot him cause they are all dead now , america has to have a enemy for the fear factor , china is a big step though , if Russia America and china went to war , I Wounder who would be the good guys , I think the British France Germany most of the eu Australia new Zealand would all have to join up to protect themselfs but would it be enough , I think if Russia and china smashed america there would be nothing holding them back from taking over , freaks the shit out of me

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If China wants to overthrow/destroy our Western, misanthropic, capitalist regime they are most welcome to. I, for one, am getting sick of our Imperialist ways.

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