Shang Chi with Spider powers

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Sounds kind of lame but hopefully the story is good.

HigH ScholaR

He's going to job. SC with that upgrade should be unstoppable.

something i will buy

Dum Dum Dugan
Like the idea of bringing immortal weapon like bride of the spider into the main stream universe meaning having them in another book out side IF.

Also interesting concept though seems little silly, hope they do a good job with it.

Also think Author very much underselling Shang-chi in terms of power. Sure chi is technically his own inner ability, And technically he still 100% human. However to pretend he does not display superhuman abilities is misleading. Dude does matrix dodging bullets, turn into a tornado, shoot range chi attacks before, deflects bullets, amp strong enough to stop hulk level character punch, fallen thousands of feat, casually stood up down ect.

Also the author keeps saying Kung-fu which could make for lot of action, but he also seems in my opinion to not understand martial arts, which could make for some showings/events that are completely ignored after this run, like "spiderman learning kung-fu". But hopefully I am wrong and it ends up being well done and the author knows what he talking about.

I don't think he's underselling him in terms of power against Shangs peers or weight class. Just in comparison to guys who can live through bullets(which is why he likes Spiderman), guys weigh above his weight class he's talking about. Spiderman was trained a bit by Cap but it didn't change his style.

It will probably be something more on those lines he trains him a bit and Spiderman never uses it or references it again. I just hope that we get to see how a version of Shang with real powers does in comparison to others.

But Deadline might be right. Even Cap once had true blue powers once because of the Vipers poison IIRC and he still jobbed out at times. Hopefully they portray him in a better light and this silly power up just goes away and it's back to regular Shang I hope. These are really just gimmicks to help sales IMO.

Originally posted by Dum Dum Dugan
turn into a tornado,

I really think your taking that scene too literaily.

Originally posted by Dum Dum Dugan

shoot range chi attacks before,

When did he do that?

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