Sequel speculations

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Darth Jello
An extension from the First Class thread. Assuming that they will keep the continuity, they have to do a couple of things in the two sequels to them them relevant with the time periods and make Charles and Erik friends again. A good idea would be a love triangle with Charles, Moira, and Banshee and bringing in the New Mutants. Without making any other plot inferences, some casting ideas-

Anton Yelchin-Quicksilver
Mia Wasikowska-Scarlet Witch
Michael Shannon-Avalanche
Scout Taylor-Compton-Boom Boom
Stella Maeve-Polaris
Ralph Garman-Unus
Kyle Galner-Cannonball
Michael Angarano-Rictor
Ryoko Hirosu-Karma
Phillip Seymour Hoffman-Cameron Hodge
Adel Emam-Apocalypse
Tamara Feldman-Mirage
Eddie Izzard-Sinister

Thoughts and other ideas?

Since Vaughn stated he only want to introduce one new character into a sequel, my best guess is it's going to be a young Jean Grey. With Xavier and Miss Emma Frost battling for control over which side of the mutant agenda is going to influence the girls mind.
Since Azazel and Mystique are both in the mix i'm hoping they'll go ahead and reveal that they are indeed Nightcrawlers parents in the film franchise just as they are in the comics.

But for the whole Jean Grey arch to play out they would have to skip foward a few years to keep it in sync with film continuity and if that's the case they could add a new mutant or two to the roster but seeing as how Banshee and Havok (at least in my opinion) didn't get enough screen time, I would really like to see more done with them before they add too many new faces to the mix.

Though it would be out there - I'd be more of a fan of a Shi'ar arc. They can bring Darwin back, maybe introduce Vulcan, and Prof X can get some of that wild, make-me-walk-again alien tech to boot. Plus it's a way of removing Havok, Banshee, etc as they live their lives in space. Some, Hank, stay behind of course and there's still room for a 3rd movie to repair Prof X and Mag's friendship and then break it in time for the end of XO:W.

Darth Jello
I'm still not sure if someone like an apocalypse or a sinister could work unless they had a good script and someone very good like to play them, but I think that if they are going to do three movies, that Xavier and Magneto have to become allies and Xavier has to be able to walk in the third movie. Their final disagreement can be left off screen, probably more effective that way. As for a threat that brings them together. How about something like the Mutant Massacre and bringing the Marauders into the picture? Riptide's in there and could be a double agents. Then again, child/mass murder is hard to pull off with a PG-13 rating. Plus they could bring back Gambit and make him a huge *******. Maybe have Weapon X capture him at the end of the movie but make the audience think that he deserves it for bringing the Marauders together?

I could see Sinister being put into a sequel but with the way the movies have worked out I think the majority of fans wouldn't be to fond of how they work him into the films. What I liked about Shaw in first Class is that he was the first "real" comic book like villian brought into the films.
Or at least he felt the most like that to me. So who knows.

With Apocalypse I think we could possibly see him in a future X film but I think they would merge Days of Future Past with AOA. Probably make him some kind of mutant leader that starts a huge uprising in a post apocalyptic world. I'm not saying that's the right way to potray him but I think that's how Fox,Singer,etc might in a vague way work it out.

They should at least jump into the early 1970's, and have it be about them finding Scott Summers and Jean Grey (we'll see how they want to explain Alex Summers connection to Scott in this continuity ), and how Emma likely splits from Magneto and his circle to form her own mutant academy.

Darth Jello
Well they're trying to tie this into history right? Sinister, Apocalypse, 1969, cults, Manson-style murders. Think about it. Plus if there were psychotic cult mutants indiscriminately killing other mutants or even humans, that would be something to reunite Charles and Erik. Especially if there were interlopers in their ranks (again, Riptide?) The only Marauder they couldn't use would be Arclight.
That could be for a third movie but in the next one, I would really love to see Erik's kids and Vinnytsa/searching for Magda to be a plot point. As for a new character to fight Erik in the new movie now that Charles is crippled? Polaris?

Darth Jello
What if a third movie is set in between Wolverine and the first X-Men movie during the mid-80's, probably without Patrick Stewart but still within the same continuity and having it involve Cyclops and Jean's first mission? Have the final schism that breaks up Xavier and Magneto be the Mutant Massacre? Instead of Sinister though, they could have the massacre be secretly engineered by Cameron Hodge as an example of mutant on mutant crime and to fit in with the 80's gang hysteria? They could bring back Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in a far less savory role, showcase Alex Gonzalez as a defecting, psychopathic Riptide, Liev Schrieber as post Weapon X Sabretooth, heck maybe to be really disturbing hire some really young actress to portray a prepubescent Arclight as one of these psychotic creeps.

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