The Last War

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We were told victory would be ours, and that God wouldn't let us die. Over 35,000 of our ships stand against the enemy advance. Hold the line, and don't let them destroy earth. No one will save us, not God, not the others we have encountered, not our own technology. We have reaped these sorrows, with blood, and tears. Over a million people are manned on these vessels, and we promise to hold against these walking nightmares. I am Commander Nathan Rowle, of the earth warcruiser Oddessey. This ship along with the Agrippa, the Valen, and the Roosevelt, are our most advanced warships, and our last hope for victory. Our enemy, is a race called Shintoks, a wraithe like people whose very existance is to dominate all life throughout the stars. They've consumed entire galaxies, laying waste to billions, maybe even trillions of sentient life forms. Our first encounter with them was 3 years ago, and it changed humanity forever........

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To tell you the story of our war, I need to tell you our history of violence.

In 2062, the United States declared war on Afghanistan, and Iran after the terrorist nuking of Los Angeles. Over three million people were killed, and the U.S. vowed to bring the middle east to their knees, and war began. It took all of 6 months to level both countries back to the stone age. Afterwards, the United States declared that both countries were now U.S territories. With the reconstruction going on, other countries sought to bring the U.S to justice for war crimes. Saying that the U.S still killed soldiers after Iran's and Afghanistan's unconditional surrender. The U.N didn't have the courage to bring the American President and Generals to a international committee. Soon after, Russia, paranoid that the U.S would try and taker over all of the middle east and Europe, halted supply lines to the reconstruction effort in Iran, and Afghanistan. Soon China joined in the effort, and with these two powers joined against the U.S, more countries followed.

In 2077 WWIII was officially declared. After 3 years of combat, the U.S withdrew and surrendered, and recalled all forces back to home country. Major wall fortifications were built by the U.S on the Mexico border, and the Canadian border. The U.S underwent a self seclusion, that saw the collapse of nations who were dependent on U.S aid. No trades, or imports, nor exports were made. The U.S drilled in it's own waters for oil, and for 30 years, was not apart of any foreign relations. 2110 Saw the end of the United States self exile, with the invasion of China. China fell to the U.S within 45 days, the world found out what the U.S was doing for those 3 decades of seclusion. The next to fall was Russia, followed by most of Europe, and parts of the mid-east. Great Britain at first showed signs of trying to help the conquered nations, but was found to be in partnership with the U.S. For 300 years the allied governments of the U.S and Great Britain ruled over the majority of the world, discovering great leaps in technology, and setting out to explore the stars.

2416 Was the beginning of interstellar space flight, without the use of sleeper ships. Scientists discovered Ion/Gravitic technology, which would greatly enhance the propulsion of the Space flight vessels. And would also give the ships artificial gravity. By the year 2426, 10 explorer class ships were built that would carry Humanity through the stars, and beyond the cradle of our own solar system. Each ship went in a different direction, manned by a crew of 45 people, and for the first time in centuries, no weapons. In 2428, the U.s and Britain gave all nations under their rule the sovereignty, along with massive reparations. Humanity it seemed was finally heading towards peace. Most nations proposed a plan to reestablish the U.N, but some other countries thought it a waste of time. By the year 2435 though, a plan to have a planetary alliance was brought again to the super power governments. And within 4 years, the Earth Union was made, and though some governments declined invitation, about 90 percent of the worlds nations are now under a single governing rule.

For the next 1200 years, humanity sat in comfort, crime on earth was dwindled down to nothing, homeless population shrank to .006 percent of the entire worlds population. New metals and other materials were brought in from nearby star systems, and the earths economy grew to such heights, that it would have been inconceivable just a millenia before. Humanity now had in it's possession it's own solar system, with colonies on the moon, and Mars, along with a massive Space Station around Jupiter. Along with a colony on a world much like earth, only 6 times bigger. With other space stations, and colonies in 4 nearby star systems, humanities advancement on finding a viable way to explore more of the galaxy, was becoming increasingly difficult. Scientist had discovered hyperspace, but have yet to discover how to open a sustained portal that was big enough to send a particle through.

The E.U. began to send the explorer ships to more far away systems, the first system that would take the ship nearly 3 years to get to was the Vega System. This would be the farthest away any human would be from earth, it was 2.3 million light years away. So the E.U. decided to build a new king a star ship, and it was no longer called a mere explorer vessel. This Star Ship Heavy Cruiser was outfitted with the latest in weapon technology, and would also carry a battalion of Marines along with the crew of over 300 people. This was the first ship built that had a Captain that was military, and not civilian. Many thought this was a bad idea, but the E.U. decided if they were to be gone in deep space for 3 years, better safe than sorry.


It was in the year 3638, when the Heavy Cruiser Lexington reached the Vega System, nearly 8 months early. The crew of the Lexington only found two planets viable for Human life. The first was a planet that was inhabited by primitive humanoids, that resembled early homo-sapiens back on earth. The other planet was where we discovered a world that was entirely made of water, though it had city sized floating domed saucers spread throughout. The technology required to sustain these cities where incredible. We sent messages to the cities, and never heard a response. Upon closer inspection, we found a continuous broadcast being sent out from a city on their north pole. After spending nearly a month breaking the code to the message, we found that the race who had once inhabited the cities were dead, and that they had terraformed the planet we had visited before to sustain life forms with their DNA.

For the next two years, the crew of the Lexington studied and opened the cities. The race who had died, were a very benevolent species, they setup mathematical equations, and other forms of questions to keep these cities from falling into the wrong hands. After downloading our language into their systems, all of the instruments were turned from Hydra (their language) to English. Every aspect of their cities, and their culture were at our finger tips. These cities gave humanity a leap in technology thousands of years beyond what we knew. The elusive problem to our hyper-space dilemma was answered, and even how to integrate them on our current ships. This seemed to be our biggest break since going to the stars, but it would turn out to be one of our biggest downfalls.

In the years that followed our discovery in the Vega System, we built our own Hyper-Space Gates, and explored beyond our own quadrant of the galaxy. We made first contact with over a dozen alien races. The oldest of these races, were the Markeb, a race so old, we humans haven't even been born yet when they first ventured out into space. They taught us how to navigate through known space without expending too much energy on the ships engines, taught us to cure diseases we still couldn't cure, and most importantly, taught how to stay clear of certain star systems, which where laden with ancient traps, and defense systems.

For 200 years, we along with our alien brethren, studied, and learned much from past civilizations fallen to decay, and from those who have wandered out of their home galaxies. It was on the fateful venture to the Alpha quadrant of the Milky-way that we met with the aliens known as the Shintok. First contact went horribly wrong, somehow we had offended them, and they fired on our ships, destroying all but one of the explorer fleet. They left the one ship for one purpose, to send a message to all humans......we were next to be conquered and destroyed.

When the crew was rescued, and report given back to EU, we prepared for war with these Shintok, building more advanced ships, and more advanced weapons, but it would count for nothing. Although we had been using shield technology, and smart hull designs, which were nanites that repaired the ships hull if damaged, we still couldn't fight an enemy whose ships were near indestructible.

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