My X-Men Story

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Opening scene is a dark rainy skyline and after a few moments a mosquito airplane enters shot from behind the camera.
Inside the plane we see a man, woman and 2 boys. The 2 boys are Scott (aged around 10) and Alex (aged around 5) Summers along with their parents.
The family are relaxed and chatting about their recent vacation and plans for when they get home. Suddenly the instruments start to malfunction. Outside the plane, the camera picks up a strange ship in the distance that approaches quite rapidly and then starts to fire bright lasers on the small airplane. Inside the family panic, the father realising they have lost control and will crash. The parents say nothing, they simply look at each other knowingly, as they start to put a parachute around Scott and Alex. Outside the plane from underneath the camera sees them exit the plane and fall to earth. When they land with a thud, camera fades black for moment and then close up on Scott's face lying semi-conscious.
The camera begins to slowly zoom out whilst circling the 2 boys on the ground. Camera then tilts upwards and shows the early morning blue sky, slowly dissolving into a light blue ceiling. As the camera starts to tilt back downwards we see that this ceiling belongs to a little girl named Jean Grey (aged around 8) who is asleep in her bedroom.
We hear her subconscious voice communicating to Scott as she sleeps. She feels his pain and tells him not to worry. Then the telepathic conversation is broken by a woman's voice in the distance. It is Jean's mother who is calling her down for breakfast. We follow Jean downstairs and she proceeds to tell her mom about the boy and her dream. As the conversation comes to a pause we focus on the girls face, camera zooms up close and into her eye.
When camera resumes its focus we are now fixed on close up of the same boy Scott, only this time he is older (around 18). He wakes and is groggy, we follow him to the bathroom, where he rubs his temple as if has some mild headache, before he talks to himself a little whilst brushing teeth. Then he leaves his room and makes his way down a corridor ignoring a member of staff. He walks out into the grounds of a large building passing a sign out front that says Omaha State Orphanage.

Key points:
Want to emphasise in this story that first time Jean realised her powers was with Scott, so makes their later relationship more special.
Also want to focus on Scott being in orphanage because later there is going to be sort of love triangle between Scott, Jean, Warren. Warren is mega rich, Scott is poor and orphan.
Scott and Jean are the 2 main characters. Scott is the leader of the X-Men eventually.
Also I got idea that when Scott next goes to sleep we can have a dream of him being experimented on and cameo from Mister Sinister, not sure yet.
The film would be character study on the 5 X-Men and Xavier, with Magneto being a shadowy villain. There will be a very epic battle at the end where we see power of Magneto and the leadership of Scott, Cyclops.

Be good if any fellow X-Men fans out there like and can ask questions make suggestions etc.

... as Scott Summers
... as Jean Grey
... as Henry McCoy
... as Warren Worthington
... as Robert Drake
... as Charles Xavier
and ... as Magneto

this is only the beginning couple minutes btw

Hey I like the idea pretty good. A suggestion.......To keep Cyke's background from looking too wolverine like, why not make it to where these exerimentations happened to him and Alex's as children. Quickly have flashbacks of young alex and Scott,survivors of the plane crash,in a dark,dark, stretch of woods. Shadows emerge. One says something about the boys or one boy being special or something.

Wow good job dude.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.