Commercials for Comics?

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It seems that comics, especially DC comics at the moment, are struggling to draw in new readers, what do you think of the idea of televised commercials promoting comic books? I'm surprised I haven't seen such a venture before - though my LCS owner said he had seen a commercial for Fables once - and I honestly think a quick blurb promoting the company in question or a specific character/title would be effective in getting people interested in comics.

On the local scale, I know one of my local comic book stores has released several commercials promoting various books and it seems to have bolstered sales and attract new readers and customers.

Do you think a marketing strategy exploiting commercials for comics would work or do you think it would just be a waste of time and money for either DC or Marvel?

Comics don't sell all that much so I would think the ad would need to bring in a substantial amount of new readers to justify the price it costs to air a commercial on major networks. Once the digital market place is better, web adds / banners could bring in some new readers by announcing deals and sales on sites like this, I could see that being more effective than commercials since I think a lot of people are intimated by comic stores anyway. I know I've seen comic shop clerks treat new readers like garbage saying stuff like "you want to read THAT?" and other snide remarks.

Omega Vision
What I could see working is advertising comics in small timeslots allotted in Animated programs produced by comic companies.

Like in the middle of Batman Brave and the Bold have a brief solicitation for a Batman comic or the comic of a character who guest stars. Something like "if you like X then why don't you visit your local comic store and read more about X?"

Maybe it would work, maybe not, I'm not an Ad guy.

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