Respect Xemnu, the Living Titan!

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This thread is devoted to Xemnu the Living Titan, AKA Xemnu the Hulk, golden-age monster and one of the most powerful telepaths in the marvel universe. I'm not really big on writing bios, so I'll keep it brief: Xemnu is an immensely powerful alien who is the last of his kind, and whose principle pleasures are conquest, revenge, and trying to surmount the loneliness that comes from being the last of his kind. Read the wiki for more:

This respect thread will be divided into the following sections:
1. Telepathic Powers
2. Miscellaneous Powers
3. Telekinetic Powers
4. Durability
5. Strength
6. Scientific Abilities


II. Miscellaneous Powers

Xemnu has a host of unusual abilities that don't fall neatly into some of the other categories, and these will be treated here.

First Xemnu's ability to absorb energy. When he first landed on the planet earth, the man who discovered him had no idea what he found, but seeing that Xemnu had some cybernetic components, hooked him to a machine and zapped him with electricity, which rapidly brought him to his full strength:

Here he absorbs energy from a reflector:

Another neat power of Xemnu's arose accidentally, when Xemnu tried to use his hypnotic powers to disintegrate someone, and a mirror reflected his powers back against him (gotta love those old comics), completely disintegrating him:

Despite this temporary setback, Xemnu's psychic force was strong enough that this was actually turned to his advantage: from then on he could assume a gaseous form whenever he was in danger, capable of traveling at faster than light speeds (he visits a distant star system and returns in little time), passing through solid barriers (an astronaut's air-tight suit), and taking psychic possession of others' bodies. Once he's possessed a body, he can transform it into a shorter version of his original body, but may also resume the host body's original form when it pleases him:

In addition to being able to absorb energy, assume a faster-than-light gaseous form, take possession of others' bodies and shapeshift, Xemnu can also project a psychic aura capable of repelling magic:

III. Telekinetic Powers

The Living Titan also commands formidable telekinetic powers, which not only allow him to move objects and create force-fields, but make both living and non-living matter plastic to his mental commands.

Here, in a weakened state, he is shown using telekinesis to take control of an asteroid:

Animates stage-props to attack Thing:

Wraps Thing up in Wonderman's giant dumb-bell:

Makes the rocks and trees in a forest attack hulk:

Attacks Hulk with street-objects, and takes off on a slab of concrete:

Attacks the Defenders with pipes and a steamroller:

From long-distance, wraps up Hulk in turf and carries him to his base:

Shields himself in a telekinetic "atmos-sphere" (hulk eventually shatters it, but it holds up fairly well):

IV. Durability

Xemnu only has a few durability feats, but they are far from negligible.

Here he is taking a ferocious beating from savage hulk, and despite the rain of blows is still able to launch psychic attacks in retaliation!

Takes a blast from wasp straight to the eye, but aside from some pain is totally unaffected (this is actually Space Phantom using Xemnu's body, but as it is the real Xemnu's body that is being used, not a doppelganger, it can be used in debate):

Withstands being encased in lava (again, this is Space Phantom using Xemnu's body):

V. Strength

Xemnu's physical strength (which is sometimes amplified by his telekinetic powers) is prodigious.

Smashes a statue:

Hits the ground with enough force to create shock-waves and send his opponents flying:

After he'd been encased in hardened lava (see durability), he burst out of it (light around his head suggests he's augmenting his strength with TK here):

Lifts a giant chunk of rock to smash his enemies (again, TK appears to be involved):

VI. Scientific Abilities

Last, but not least, Xemnu is an extremely accomplished scientist.

He easily recreates a number of extremely powerful beings (Goom, for instance, can levitate an entire city): Diablo, Taboo, Groot, Goom, and Blip.

Uses Hulk's DNA to create an anti-hulk named Kluh:

Creates a device that, when placed, in a camera, places subliminal messages in the material that can place viewers under instant hypnosis:

Within at most a few hours, Xemnu transforms a space-garage so much that She-Hulk doesn't even recognize it, turning it into a laboratory where he can perform psychic/genetic operations:

Begins transforming She-Hulk into "The Bride of Xemnu" (he is very lonely) -- a process which, as you might have guessed, never reaches its final stage:

Haha awesome. I <3 this guy! He deserves respect for pimp slapping that over rated skank Moondragon! Go Xemnu!

And nice job Simbon big grin

Don Corleone
Nice work Simbon.

Thanks! Good to know there are other Xemnu fans out there.

Mad props! Awesome character with awesome abilities.

Some handbook info on Xemnu

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