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Probably asking for trouble by making this, but I've got an evening to burn and thought getting some feedback on this from some of the folks here would be interesting.

It's long been stated by George Lucas that Flash Gordon was the main inspiration for his Star Wars films.

I tend to think that's crap, and that he says that to try and look like less of a hack.

"Kurosawa is conceivably George Lucas' biggest influence ..."

- Try, Frank Herbert.

Just like how he also says Akira Kurosawa, who if you don't know, directed The Seven Samurai, was also one of his biggest inspirations.

I've been pretty sure for a long while that Jedi aren't Samurai - they're male Bene Gesserit.

Bene Gesserit are primarily all-female warriors from Frank Herbert's Dune universe.

They have abilities very much like that of a Jedi, and I'm convinced that's where Lucas got the idea for his Jedi capabilities.

I'm also convinced he got the idea for his ships, governments, etc, were from Star Trek and not Flash Gordon.

What's really disappointing is the likelyhood that 99% of all material in Star Wars was not created by him, but were rather either the ideas of subordinates or works by other authors.

When he develops the PT movies, in the behind the scenes documentaries, you can clearly see other people coming up with the conceptual ideas for General Grievous, Darth Maul, etc. Not Lucas.

Ordinarily, you'd think he did that out of a show of humility, but then again, he isn't too bright.

He's not a visionary when it comes to storytelling by any means, but he does have a knack for marketing and being industrious when it comes to developing one quality of the films (Special Effects).

(Yes, I'm aware he didn't do all that himself, but the fact he made sure there was good special effects and all that, wasn't a bad idea for the time period the original films came out.)

Personally, the most disappointing thing about the PT movies, was the fact that he was too lazy to flesh out important aspects, like the Lightsaber Forms, Jedi arts, etc.

Even if something seems to have a logical answer to it, the lack of proper information leads to alot of really Retarded arguments over who can beat who and "how this form functions".

Those discussions can be fun, but it makes me feel like I'm trapped in a room full of Kindergartners after a while.
Ravenous ones, and they want a juice box, but you have none to give. stick out tongue

Even though in the last ten years I've found most Star Wars fans to be pretty dull, in the last three to four, however, there seems to have been a jump in intellect.

Although, there's always been highly intelligent handfuls of fans here and there, which is enjoyable.

I kinda wish Lucas wouldn't be lazy or dumb enough not to flesh out some of the important aspects of that universe.

Alright, now the hardcore fanboys can have at me. Just make sure when your guns are empty, I'm no longer standing. stick out tongue

This is but idle discussion, but I like good debates and to hear other people's opinions, so come as you are. wink


That's a lot and quite some nonsense too.

1. ABout Kurosawa: check out The Hidden Fortress and you'll see most of the ANH storyline spelled out for you right there.

2. Sure he was influenced bu Herbert as well, but Vader's look is clearly inspired by samurai dress.

3. He WAS a visionary. CHeck out his student version of THX-1138 and the movie as well. Great visionary stuff. The whole 'used future ' concept was his. American Graffiti, still a classic. And as for ANH: no one believed in it, Lucas pulled it off and paid for most of as well.

4. Yes, with the PT and KOTC he seems to have lost his touch. Prolly too much money, possibilties and power. Limitations are good for filmmakers...

That was way too much to read, so I skipped down to queeq's summary.

Originally posted by Thoren
That was way too much to read, so I skipped down to queeq's summary.

me too! laughing

It's all you need to know anyway, my children. wink

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I read the original post but it didn't make much sense to me, maybe because I didn't recognise much of those movies stick out tongue

Not to inflate your already pulsating ego, but your response was well done.

But I already knew that. wink

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*Sigh* Of course you did.


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