inimalist's Tournament - KIA vs Mutant X

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Charlotte v Ambient:

Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia



Good luck charlotte.. I'll give my 2 cents after my shifts, tonight or tomorrow..

Alright let's get this started.

Charlotte's Prep:

She pointed out that the bleed radiates mystical energies, there is no proof of this, in fact there is only one being not native to the bleed that is able to take in this energy, Mandrakk..

He practically states that there is none that is able to absorb and metabolized from this energy other than himself. None in all DC Omniverse..

So Meggan amping through Bleed energy is NIL..

Charlotte's Attack:

Manchester Black:

She aims to pit Manchester Black against God Cable in one on one TP battle - roll eyes (sarcastic) A good way for him to get mind rape fast, as his never had precision TP the like of Cable..

Cable breaking down the Incredible Hulks TP defensive walls which was tampered by Onslaught..

Another thing that he had not foreseen is the Professor within Cable. While both God Cable and Manchester Black is lock into TP battle the professor can access the tech; D.O, C.O.S and warlock's techno-virus for technopathic, gravametric and techno - virus infection to the now defenseless body of Manchester..


Radiate bright light will not work this time against the Darkness and Darklings as they are protected by a techno - organic armor courtesy of Warlock.. And since Meggan wouldn't be amp in this match, I doubt she could radiate the whole battle field which then only gives more shadow to the field allowing Darkness to use --

-- portals to flung either Meggan or Ambrose to the opposite side of the battle field and have him summon more Darklings to keep him or her busy..

She also have not anticipated that the Darklings have also been infected with same techno - virus as Warlock and can infect everyone..

Lets say Meggan gets ported out: This leaves --

Ambrose Chase:

While being drawned out by more Darkling fodder: Darkness/Warlock attack via --

technopathic, gravametric or shadow death..

If this takes a little too long. God Cable should be able to tag team against Chase as the fight against Machester will be a quick one..

From there back to Meggan: She wouldn't last long against 3 and an infinite Darklings..

Charlotte totally underestimated my team and was totally unprepared for the onslaught that was to come..

yawn yawn

Charlotte DeBel
Sorry, guys... Just wanted to post. I got some major heath issues that will prevent me from being online regularly at least for a week (hurt my left hand, I'm typing with my right hand now)
So congrats to Ambient, sorry that I wasn't able to give a proper duel to you.

Love you all, guys. Hope my health issues will be gone by the time of Delph's drafts and I'll be able to kick your asses.

Ambient, sorry that you're advancing THIS way.

Hope ur hands gets better.. Out of town this week good thing I posted least once..

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