inimalist's Tournament - F4 vs Dogs of War

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Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

oops, my bad, hounds of war





I am still in the processes of breaking down, Sumrph/Jake Prep-Strat. There are a few gaping holes, that need to be pointed out. But in the mean time, I shall address one variable that they failed to factor in the middle of their planning. Tony/Bastion superb hacking skills. And Weaponizing the Technarchy's transmode virus. They go hand in hand.

During prep, I infected my team with the transmode virus, and infected our surrounding battlefield. My intention are simple. Direct contact with my team, or the environment will lead to instantly overtake the infected, submitting him under our control.

However there is a domino effect. Because Jake/Smurph decided to establish a close network with the near entirety of their team via technopahty. Infecting one member, leads to infecting the rest, given that the virus is extremely potent, and will run unchecked through their systems.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to arise via physical infection. We will create that opportunity by hacking Jeffries/Dooms network, and infect their entire network with the transmode virus. The scan below is enough proof that my team is completely capable of my claim.

It may sounds silly, but the sad fact is with one cyber attack, easily overturns Jeffries/Doom, and his army. Leaving only Johnny to fend for himself. Make no mistake about it, Tony is in all likely this tournament strongest Cyberpath. Bastion being not too far behind. The following scans, serve to enforce the fact.

Extremis gives Tony access to every satellite, computer network, and energy source in the world:

(Pre-Extremis) Tony hacks systems as sophisticated as the Kree network:

(Pre-Extremis) Tony hacks and corrupts Doom's computer system:

(Post-Extremis) Tony hacks into Reed Richards Clock, in the heat of battle against the Sentry.

Bastion easily overtakes the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

Bastion easily overtakes Machine Man. An Android far more sophisticated than anything Jeffries has built in this match.

Smurph/Jake Check.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.