Comic Book Characters Who Would Fare Better in Different Companies

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Which characters would do better if they switched companies (DC/Marvel)? By fare better, I mean being written to the fullest extent of their abilities, or simply given more appearances to show what they can do. Also, try and state why you think said character is being handled poorly by their current company/set of writers.

Hiro kala in image would have been awesome

Wonder Woman. They just don't know what to *do* with her over at DC.

Punisher should just be let loose in Gotham City on Batman's watch.

Wolverine would get the job done in Gotham in only one week.

give winter-guard to dc comics and throw rocket red in that and you have russian goods.

give evil star to marvel for more cosmic badassness.

Anyone not earth-based in DC. Remember those recent cosmic story arcs Jim Shooter wrote starring people like Adam Strange, Starfire, and The Weird. Those were cool, and pretty much unique in recent history for DC.

Marvel's cosmic books routinely lose enough sales and get cancelled, but at least they keep trying. Enough Surfer cameos and they keep their cosmic what-not afloat. The DC cosmic stuff is consistently good (New Gods story arcs, the Shooter stuff I mentioned, I'm not counting GL Corps, etc.) there's just not enough of it.

Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) in Marvel (or even Dynamite under Ross)

From memory, DC has tried a bunch of cosmic stories for the past few years. And I'm not just talking about Green Lantern. Adam Strange, Starfire were in 52, Same with the Weird, Hawkman, Captain Comet in Strange Adventures and Mystery In Space. Let's not forget about REBELS and Rann/Thanagrian war. DC has been good in space for a while now.

Oh, and Omega Men as well.

The Legion of Superheroes has traditionally been DC's space ongoing.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.