Ultimate spider man: Miles Morales

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With Peter Parker dead, the legacy that is Spiderman will continue on with Miles Morales a half african american, half latin nerdy kid from brooklyn. I wonder how close to Steve Rogers' old hood Miles use to live. Anyway what do you guys think. I for one think its about time. I loved Peter Parker but the guy has been around for ages, been thru clones, aliens, losing his aunt may multiple times...yeah i'm talking 616 version. Come to think of it even that. Peter has an ultimate version. Marvel's move to change their flagship character at least in the ultimate universe is genius if anything. And what the author said about this being reflextive of the 21st century is icing on this well developed cake.

A new guy as Spider-Man? This is going to be ridiculous. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man. This guy Mike isn't going to fly for more than a few years before they bring back Peter and Mike becomes Spider-Lad or some other ridiculous super hero and is never mentioned again.

When they originally introduced a black character to the Ultimate Marvel Universe, they did it right - Nick Fury. They didn't get rid of the old Nick Fury and introduce a new black character in order to inject diversity. They just took the same character, changed the color of his skin and no one missed a beat.

I am so loving this. Now there's talk that the ultimate spiderman cartoon is Morales not parker. That's why they haven't released any images of Pete. I interested in seeing how the public responds to this.

I dont really care for this. :/ Peter Parker has always been spiderman and changing it for the sake of political correctness or "diversity" doesnt make it any better for me. This is just my personal opinion of course. But in the same way i dont like it when the screenwriters with movies and put things like a multi cultural team for Captain America to fight alongside or Norse gods being asian or black and even if peter parker himself isnt a blaxican (lol) i just dont like it. :/ Same way i wouldnt like Black panthers replacement being a blue eyed blonde. Just leave the things they are plz.

Hell No. Im not amused. Peter Parker is Spiderman. This change is complete BS

I'm amused becasue this isn't the true Spider Man of the mainstream Marvel Universe, but from the Ultimateverse. But fans and the news media reported it as being earth shaking that Peter Parker was killed off for this replacement (then after the headlines, putting it in small print that this wasn't the real Peter Parker we know.)

Where were all these breathless reports during the aftermath of the Ben Reilly/Clone Saga of the 1990's? That really happened in the mainstream Marvel U.

(Answer: the internet wasn't around.)

Indeed roughrider.

Imo they can do and change whatever they want to the Ultimate Universe because I don't like it anyways. So I don't read it and normally dismiss anything within the Ultimate Universe as crap. I ONLY read ultimate comics if they cross over into the mainstream somehow(Marvel Zombies for example....which isn't cannon anyways).

Although I love how they tried to boost the death of Peter Parker to the level of the death of superman. I remember the original all white plastic packages with the superman symbol on them and what do you know when Parker died the book came out in a black plastic package with the spider symbol on it.......

Darth Jello
Anyone remember how the media shit its pants after DC killed off Jason Todd and Superman? It's the same kind of ridiculous overreaction. As long as the writing and art are there, what do any of you care who's under the mask, especially if it's in Ultimate? Also, imagine if the latin side of him leads to an Ultimate version of Black Tarantula, a character who came back in an awesome way in the mainstream comics.


That's what i'm talking about!!! Keep doing good things marvel.

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