Iron Fist Respect Thread (Revamped)

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jalek moye
Note: I'll be adding the other sections over the next few days. Please refrain from posting scans till after that, if you have some that you think i'll need just pm me. But feedback is welcome

Iron Fist

Iron fist is one of the premiere Marvel Martial artists and one of it's most respected masters. Unlike What some think he is much more than a human who is good at kung fu but a legitimate superhuman who can utilize chi to a variety of means which i will showcase in this thread so that people get more of a handle on what he is capable of and where he stands in terms of martial arts. So Here we go.

Note: About half of these scans don't come from me and sorry that I'm not listing credit for them but a lot of these I saved along time ago and simply forgot. Two i do remember are Thorion and Superiortech though.

jalek moye
(this section will be somewhat mixed with fights against other characters. but only somewhat, obviously he shows skill in all his fights but I kept most of the major fights for the fights section)

Faces an Assassin and dozens of other martial artists as a teenager.

Takes on Ravager with mostly just his skill

Rematch: uses his skill to open him up for the Iron Fist Punch

With a Sword wound in the back makes Scimitar look like a joke

While under constant mental assault still defends himself and overpowers a bloodlusted colleen ( a trained samurai)

While Weakened and Tired stomps Kumballa Bey

Effortlessly beats down a gang of the best fighters in chinatown

While Blind fights Sabertooth (To be fair at this point in time Sabertooth didn't have a healing factor but still impressive showing.)

Spars with Wolverine. He loses but no shame in losing a sparring match to guy like him

A great skill showing against Davos. As you'll see in the fight section Davos is an incredibly skilled fighter from the same realm as Danny along with his own chi based powers and chi absorption. After years of seeing another Davos manages to steal a weakened and tired Danny's power. Well he goes to take it back and we find out that in those years Danny has advanced so much that even with Danny's own powers Davos is outclassed.

Easily beats an upgraded Scimitar

Takes down 88 shield agents while holding back. As his sister and the guy watching state if he went all out he'd kill all of them in seconds.

Handles some Martial artist terrorists

Owns some thugs

Beats an immortal warrior trained to take down K'un L'un

Goes all God of War on a giant dragon

As a teenager he defeats a robotic martial arts master

jalek moye
Him and his predecessor/grandfather throw down with Hydra.

This time with Hydra, crane chicks, and Davos

Talks about his skills/abilities

Beats a depowered El Aguila without using chi

(will add the next section tommorow)

awesome rock

Heavenly king
great i love iron fist

How about him beating the wrecking crew?

I'm sure jalek will put it in the fights section.

Nice start on the thread, man. Extra props for direct links. If I can help somehow, PM me.

jalek moye

Dodges a bullrush from Iron Man

Catches a knife thrown at his sister, and throws it back into the attacker before he can react

Evades a hail of gunfire

Defeats a guy before his bullet finishes leaving the gun

Beats down Thunderbolt (a speedster)

Defeats a group of soldiers before they even realize that he's attacked them

Dodges bullets by a fraction of an inch each

Beats a gang of martial artists in 6 heartbeats

Deflects dozens of flechetes

Dodges Captain America's shield coming at him from all sides while still suffering the strain from the wrecking crew fight and using the Iron Fist twice in a day

Deflects Boomerang's razor boomerangs

Counters both Nightcrawler and a thrown Wolverine directly after each other

More Machine gun dodging

Another bullet dodge

Blitzes Black Panther with over a dozen rapid speed strikes

Gun fire and arrows from every direction

Dodges a lightning attack from Fat Cobra

Utilizes superhuman striking speed again when he blitzes a demon that absorbs kinetic energy.

Catches a sniper bullet

followed by side stepping machinegun

Deflecting knives

Hulk can't touch him

Dodging gunfire from Punisher

There will be a lot more of these as well in the fight section obviously since most of his feats are mid fight.

jalek moye
Energy defense/absorption

Absorbs enough radiation to instantly vaporize a man and is still able to fight. (said person is undergoing a nucluer reaction)

He absorbs two powerful magical attacks from Master Khan, with no ill effects.

Iron Fist collides with nitro using all of his power through his hand, he not only lives but absorbs Nitro's hand. (yes Fist gets ko'd but seeing as nitro incinerated Wolverine that's a good showing itself)

Easily Forces through magic attacks

Absorbs Davos exploding

Steals his powers back from Davos

Punches open and then reached through a shield that disintegrated a man. (note punching it only made the barrier loosen the effect of the field was still on.)

Absorbs his predecessor's power

Tanks and absorbs a nuke (similar to how he was able to take all that radiation in his earlier appearances now upgraded he takes a whole nuke much easier)

Starts to absorb the power of Wrecker. Wrecker overpowers him though but no shame in that

jalek moye

Heals a dying Luke Cage

Healed himself of mind control

Has healed Cancer before

With Weakened Chi heals himself from the brink of death

Cleanses his body of fatal poison and is even able to counter someone while doing it.

Heals himself without even thinking about it

Heals himself after getting beat up

(this section is a little short due to me not having some of his stuff in which he healed others. If any one has more healing feats feel free to post them)

I've only recently gotten into him over the past eight or so months I've known of him (or rather, looked into him). The scans here are only broadening my fondness of him too.

jalek moye
Striking Power

Destroys Weapon systems with a punch

Makes a wall explode with an Iron Fist punch

A weakened Iron fist Punch sends Colossus flying

Kicks a turret apart

Brings down a temple with a ground pound

Him and davos kicking each other destroys an entire floor

Destroys a speeding electromagnetic Train

Literally Punches through the Iron Fist killer ( a being strong/durable enough to fight Luke Cage and the rest of the immortal Weapons with no injury)

While weakened and tired Chops the foot off of a giant who can absorb kinetic energy

Shoryukens a Mech (also shows that he can get pretty high with an uppercut)

Fastball special against a giant ship that was owning them moments ago.

One shots a drunk Herc

Punches threw thunderballs wreckingball

One shots a Helicarrier

Draws blood from Luke Cage with a kick and drops him with an Iron Fist Punch. (a feat many class100s cant claim)

Chops a powerline pole in half

Punches out super Skrull (in the form of captain Hero)

One shots Bres (class 100 demon villian)

Causes pain to Chiantang (a foe who easily beat Hulk and Dr strange)

Shatters an Amped Scorpions tail

Swats away thing

Stops a speeding Truck by punching it. Just Cause he can

Breaks a robot Cage couldn't

jalek moye
^for the healing section

Yeah I know this messes up the order and i would normally wait till the rest is done to add to an old section. but this is too big to forget. Heals Demonic possession more or less (not fully but frees enough of the original mind to fight back)

Originally posted by Galan007
Uses his chi to 'heal' Shadowland DD:

Originally posted by SuperiorTech
Daredevil #111


jalek moye
Misc abilities

Can sense radiation

Merges minds with someone (later became able to do it without giving his whole life to a person and only do select emotions. and do it on groups. Don't have that scan though)

Can reduce his body's energy output to almost zero (basically a death like state)

Uses a ranged attack

Turns a dagger into a chi dagger

Meditates for over 3 days

Increases the size of his Iron Fist punch

Masters the Hypnotic fist (jedi mind trick)

Can hear a girl sweat

Multiple projectiles that not only use force but set nearby people on fire (technique learned from the book of Iron Fist)

Can make attacks multiple stories in size

Long range karate chop

Turns a communicator into deadly shrapnel and uses it to free misty

jalek moye
Warmachine's Stealth mode means nothing to him (one of many fighting blind moments showing super senses)

jalek moye

Vs Iron Man

Vs Radion the Atomic man

Fights Chaka (master martial artist with with a weapon that has the force of a howitzer shell going off)

First fight against Wrecking Crew. Wrecker thinks the Iron Fist blow can damage them with a direct hit.

Beats down the Wrecking Crew

Fights Captain America (Steve comments that Danny is pulling his punches)

Fights Sabertooth while off his game and with his powers not fully working

Fights some of the X-men while weakened

fights Spider-man

Brief fight with Dare devil

(will add the rest when i get back on. have to head off)

jalek moye
A crazed Iron Fist (from the black dragon messing with his mind) vs black panther

Spars White Tiger

Vs Nitro

The dark dragon Chiantang is as i mentioned before powerful enough to defeat Hulk, Dr Strange, and Namor, along with Wakanda prepping in order to beat him. A Bloodlusted Iron Fist holds him off single handily

Vs Warhawk

(still have more to upload)

jalek moye
Iron Fist disguised as Daredevil (and using his style) vs Deadpool

vs Mountain Man Marko (super strength and dura around Cage level)

Vs Monstroid

vs The Cat

fights him again only this time fully focused

Fights steel serpent who has his powers

Fights Cobra (how hard he was fighting is uncertain. since he may have subconsciously thrown the fight since he needed to lose. also shown by him thinking way more then normal)

Easily drops Mr. X

is there anyway yall could repost these. theyre all not showing

jalek moye
They will in a week. i went over my monthly limit on photobucket which is why i didn't put up the rest yet. On the 5th it will be back showing.

jalek moye
Seeing as I haven't picked up a comic since shadowland, if someones wants to update. It'll be greatly appreciated

His showings against Skadi, Ragnarok and Gorgon are the first that come to mind that need to be added.

Originally posted by jalek moye
Seeing as I haven't picked up a comic since shadowland, if someones wants to update. It'll be greatly appreciated

Lol that shit was so bad it turned you off comics

Lord Rand gives Thanos a bloody nose.

Thanks to guy for scans.

Danny hurts P5 Namor. He gets beaten after this page, still a nice feat though.
credit to guy

Avengers #17 (Fear Itself tie-in)

Iron Fist knocks Skadi on her ass.

The New Avengers #21

Knocks out Ragnarok.

nice scans thumb up I think that was vision who hit Thanos though.

Originally posted by Damborgson
nice scans thumb up I think that was vision who hit Thanos though.

Yeah, that's possible, I didn't see him when I posted it.

I blame the artist, don't understand why Vision is painted dim green... and his punch is the only one with a special graphic effect in the last five panels, namely yellow energy bursting. Which happens to be the color of the IF technique. Vision seemed to be closer to Thanos, though.

It'd be nice if we could see the script or ask Tom Brevoort.

Yeah, Breevort confirmed it was Vision. Makes sense I guess - Thanos would be dead if Lord Rand even touched him.

thumb up It was for Thanos' safety that Lord Rand was not allowed to strike him.

Originally posted by Lek Kuen
Destroys a speeding electromagnetic Train

Next page showing Danny is perfectly fine:

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