Sound Of Battle IC

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A freezing wind, howling and carrying snow with it, chased across the mountaintop. The sky was white with cold clouds that watched the group from above, not permitting the sun through to greet the arrivals. That was what Law first saw and felt when he woke up. For a moment he was confused but then the sense of confusion passed, giving way to a feeling of belonging. The kind of belonging that someone would feel when they arrived at a place that was exactly as they wanted, their own personal heaven. That inner warmth, that bond immediately made with one's surroundings. That was what filled Law's heart when he looked up at the sky of this world for the first time. This new world? How strange of him to word it like that. But it was the truth, instinctively realized nt by his mind but by his soul. This place was too... Different. It didn't look like something real, but rather like a piece of art, with the clouds above him with not the slightest break in them. Finally he came to the point where he remembered that he was lying in the snow. As he slowly got up with aching joints, he noticed that the cold was affecting him as it should. He only felt a slight chill, not the bloodfreezing temperatures that should have been felt by him in his moderately warm outfit. Looking around with curiosity in this world, Law saw that they were on a mountain. And not anywhere on it, but on the very top. Around were the ruins of ancient temple of sorts by the look of the runes carved into the pieces of stone that were still standing.

Walking toward a half collapsed wall filled with writing through the knee high snow, Law suddenly felt a weight in his hand. It hadn't been there before. Looking down, he saw his bass, untouched by the snow, which only strengthened his suspicion that it hadn't been there only seconds before. Out of pure instinct Law raised his instrument up and placed the leather belt back on his shoulder. Now he felt more complete than he had before, almost as if the Bass was a part of him and he couldn't function without it. Not able to resist, Law started playing. No, that wasn't correct. Forsaken started playing. His fingers moved along the neck as if the cold hadn't effected them at all. After striking the strings a few times, the magic was there. Shaking his purple hair to get rid of the snowflakes caught in it, Forsaken breathed in deeply, letting the icy air rush into his lungs. It was a slow solo, roaring into the wind one note after the other. He had never been one for fast songs, preferring to let every little sound echo in the listener's ears and soul before adding another note to the symphony. Fate had often joked that in the time he played a song ten times, his brother would play only it once, but a hundred times better than him. A hard note sounded into the heavens, hit with extreme force as Forsaken tensed up with the memory of his beloved brother. For with those cherished memories always came another one, terrible and unforgiveable, yet impossible to hide as much as he tried to lock it away.

"Forsaken." The young man turned around to face the person that had spoken. It was his older brother, sitting on one of the amplifiers with his usual lax pose. The guitar was with him, of course. When their eyes met, he played a short solo. Forsaken's lips broke into a smile. It wasn't just any solo, it was their solo. The one the two brothers had written together when they first came up with the idea of becoming a band. Fate smiled as well and as he continued playing his solo, Forsaken reached out for his own instrument, a black bass. Right on time he joined, weaving a dark undertone into the song. As the two sunk completely into their song, neither of them strayed from the beat. Too often had they played it. It was in their blood. The lyrics that Fate now started to sing were carved into their hearts, forever anchored within their souls. After full ten minutes they finished playing, with Forsaken delivering the solo part for the outro just as his brother had done for the intro, there was an awkward silence. It had been quite sometime since they last played this song. In the past they had played it daily, but ever since the band grew, they had less chances to play it, for the others would surely ask to join in and add their part to it. But it was their song. If anybody else played it or played along with it, it's purity would be spoiled. Fate opened his mouth and suddenly Forsaken knew what he was about to say. "Don't you think it was better when it was only you and me? Those others are fumbling idiots and we planned Fate:Forsaken as a two man act to begin with." Forsaken's answer was short: "No." Fate recoiled as if struck by the directness of the answer. But then he jumped up, standing a bit taller than his brother, reminding him that with 23, he was the oldest member and the strongest too. His face was full of menace and his eyes shone with bitterness: "So you'd rather be with those fools? Are you going to change the band name to Forsaken and Friends?" Suddenly Forsaken's fist flashed forward. Fate stumbled back, holding his bleeding nose. "I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU!!!" Slowly both brothers collapsed, with Fate wrapping his arms around Forsaken: "I'm sorry... I went too far..."

Again Forsaken let the freezing air fill his lungs. The memory burned in his mind, twisting the blade embedded in his heart. He felt the urge to play their song but knew that it would not be the same without his brother. He sighed and looked at the ground. But as he lowered his head, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a shape. A girl. Her scarf and hair blew in the wind. Immediately Law recognized Ally, the band's singer. She was a relatively friendly girl. She was polite, kind and all that but she was schyzophrenic and her other side was brutal and as cold as the snow that she lay in now. After the first band practice with her, Fate had asked his brother which side about her he preferred and Forsaken was unable to answer. Ally was the sweetest girl he knew but Fallen was a siren if Forsaken ever knew one. her voice had magical properties and even when she screamed songs at the top of her lungs, she enchanted the crowd. As he rushed over to her side, Law hoped that it was Ally he was waking up, not Fallen. It would be extremely complicated to handle her in the current situation. Though he was also slightly afraid for the delicate Ally waking up to find herself on a mountaintop. She always had been the one he worried about. Her taste for... Happy songs was one of the sources for this. He hated that kind of song and would have told every other person to shut the f*ck up if they brought up such a topic but couldn't bring himself to tell her. She seemed like the person who would shatter beneath such violent judgement. And it was true that with a growing crowd they needed to widen their horizon a bit. Forsaken had given love songs a try, but they always involved suffering in some form. But right now that didn't matter. Kneeling in the snow next to the singer, Law put his hand on her cheek, surprised to find it warm. His free fingers absentmindedly struck the E chord a few times and the sound seemed to wake her, for her eyes opened: "Are you alright?"

The sound of Law's bass rang in Ally's ears and slowly brought the sleeping girl out of the land of the dreaming. The girl quickly poppd up in a sitting position almost butting heads with the bass player. At first the girl's eyes seem to be as cold as ice and stirred into Law's for a moment, the girl shut her eyes then opened them back up and her eyes were calm and peacful. "Hey Lawl...where are we?" Ally asked. Ally looked around and saw they were on a mountain with snow all around, "we is everyone?"

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