When did the character change?

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I wanted to make an inquiry about Doctor Strange but the Comic Book Question thread didn't strike me as the place to hold a long discussion about it. So instead of just discussing Doctor Strange I'll expand the discussion for every character that has blalantly changed from one portrayal to another over a long period of time. I'll use Strange as an example:

We often use the terms "Classic Doctor Strange" to oppose it to the current character that has been visibly depowered, Classic Doc being a silver-age entity for most part, while current Strange shows many more limitations. The character was explicitly depowered after that, but his string of bad showings started before he lost the Sorcerer Supreme title, even if the exact moment has never been fixed.

The idea of this thread would be trying to define the moment in which Classic Strange stops and the weaker incarnation begins. Another example of this kind of changes would be Count Nefaria which was uber before Bendis and weaker in his last version.

So you can not only discuss in when the characters change but also propose new Characters to try to fix their own power progression. Those characters have to be very different from one iteration to another. Keep in mind that this is not intended to be used in order to cherry pick showings and to debase characters, the fact that Thor hasn't used his godblast in years doesn't mean that current Thor is a weaker incarnation or that his past showings can be ignored etc., keep that kind of selective arguments out of this thread.

As far as Doctor Strange goes, he seemed to take a hit during Avengers: Disassembled. Bendis laid the ground work for depowering Strange something fierce.

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