Wonder Woman VS X-23 with the Uni-power (In a Brawl)

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Wonder Woman VS Uni-Power X-23 (In a Brawl)

No prep. No bfr. No lasso. No energy projection. Only brawling allowed. WW is not holding back & neither is the uni-power/x-23. fight is in

who wins?

Probably Diana

This is actually a very tough one. I'm not sure who would win in the end.
The Uni Power would greatly boost X-23, but I think that Wonder Woman would take it.

When Daredevil had the Unipower, his senses were so greatly boosted that he needed many hours to learn how to control his new senses, since he was hearing everything in the city.
Later on when he fought, he asked the Uni Power to leave him, because he was too distracted by the sense increase.

When Spider-Man had the Uni Power his powers went nuts. His spider sense was so intense, that he knew basically about every danger coming across him (and that combined with the cosmis awareness).

An alien with the Uni Power went toe on toe with the Silver Surfer and had the upper hand in the fight until the Silver Surfer managed to overpower it or something like that.

Invisible Woman went toe on toe with Gladiator when she had the Uni Power and created a force field which contained a giant tsunami which would have destroyed the entire city.

So yeah, the Uni Power does boost a lot.
The smallest amount of strenght boost is *50 and it can only go higher, up to *7500, depending on the host (it's about will power and so on).
But I doubt that X-23 is a character who would gain much, much, much more strenght, so in the end her strenght would probably still be under Wonder Womans.
The other thing would be the healing factor. I think the Uni Power would increase it so much that X-23s healing factor would easily surpass the one from the Hulk. It would also boost X-23s speed and agility but I feel like she would still be below Wonder Womans physical stats.

Wonder Woman.

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