I still think Cruz beats Aldo...seriously.

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long pig
JA had better KB, Cruz has better boxing that translates into takedowns. Neither have show great JJ, credentials or not, they seem equal. Speed wise, they are equal. Cardio, Cruz is a lightyear ahead. Durability, equal. Wrestling, Crzu is a million lys ahead. We all know you can l&p Aldo. I honestly think Cruz can beat him standing and on the ground. Cruz begged for this fight over and over...even saying hed fight for free. But, Aldo refused.

I'm not sure how to look at it. I know Faber isn't Cruz, but Aldo's low kicks killed him. I'm not sure how well Cruz fights with decreased mobility as I don't see him stopping the kicks either. On the other hand, Cruz has a very strange striking style. I'm not sure how it'll match up against Aldo's.

Any idea on who's heavier?

Chef Mikey
Are you even serious? There is no one that can defeat Aldo at his current weight class!

Padawan Obi-Wan
Hmm I hope so as Cruz is one of my favorite fighters. Jose Aldo has great TD defence but he can get taken down, and hr rarely faces a wrestler as greta as cruz with usch great standup. In fact Cruz would eb arguably best MMA wrestler Aldo evrer faced, and he may be able to outpint him too. Aldo is like, the Yoda of MMA.

Cruz is tough. Tough fight, tho.
In the florian fight aldo was getting frustrated with kenny's footwork and movement. Aldo comes forward, goes backwards or side to side, but really never cuts angles. Which opens him up to those who do use corners and footwork. And cruz is the best at that.

Aldo is good, but his game is overrated. We tend to forget that he fought less than steller competition on his way up and as champ is just now fighting quality opponents. Cruz has fought better comp.

Cruz is a machine, but I think that Aldo would win.

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