Babylon 5.

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I have been watching this tv series on DVD over the holidays. I only have the first 3 seasons which I got as presents for Christmas. I know that there are two more seasons following the third season which I finished recently. Anyway, I wanted to hear people's opinions on the series and I mean those who have actually watched one full season of the series not those people whose attention spans are like fireflies in the summer night. *To all the Deep Space Nine fans, please keep comparisons and all the negative bile out of this thread since this is not the point of this thread. I enjoyed that series on its own merits so keep it out and please be adults. Personally, I have been enjoying the series from the beginning. Most television first seasons are rough and slow at the beginning but it is worth it to get the lay of the land; the characters, story arcs that will be developed down the line. During the the first couple of episodes I did find the sets, cgi and some acting very cheesy and hard to get through. That difficulty went away by the middle of the first season run because I was too busy focusing on the storylines of each character. At times I was emotionally pulled, G'Kar and his people's plight being one. I currently hate Londo the most on the show but I don't know how I will feel about him by the end of season 5. The secondary characters are genuinely funny and have some pretty good storylines of their own. The aliens on the series are thoughtfully designed but at this point in time not throughly different from ones we have seen before in other tv serieses. Still, I think the First Ones, Vorlons and Shadows are pretty cool in execution. It would be really awesome to see this show updated much the same way Star Trek was remastered recently. I am a realist though, this show is unlikely to be treated with such reverance right now. The recent trend in TV is vastly different now. The days of big space operas on the little screen seems to have died when Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and Stargate went off the air. Still, this show is a gem with its big ideas and characterizations. I will be seeking out the final two seasons to finish the story. I look at this show and look at big budget movies like The Green Lantern and Thor and see how poor these big budget movie pales in comparison to something like B5. Then again, TV has a broader canvas to play with in order to give us the full effect. Hollywood needs to consider long running stories. Look at friggin Harry Potter damnit. Anyway, please add some comments or critiques. Although, I will be lost if you guys and gals mention anything relating to seasons beyond 3.

Well, I guess nobody seems to know what I am talking about or nobody has seen the show. Anyway, I have caught up with season 4 and working on season 5. The shadow war kind of got scuttled a little to easily for my liking. It would be awesome if this show were reimagined in the future the same way BSG was reimagined, I think it would be incredible.

Babylon 5 used to be a great series, I think the first two seasons were the best. But they just got to complicated and I think that really began there demise. They should have kept it more clean cut. From what I remember the shadow wars really screwed everything up in it.


The way I remember it Babylon five was written with five seasons in mind. It was pre plotted prior to execution so they did not want to end it before or after they completed their story arc.

In any case I know the comparisons to ds9 and I thought watching Babylon 5 years ago was fantastic. I haven't seen it lately so it's a vague memory but I remember gakar being very noble if an angry fellow. And londo was this conniving politician that you couldn't trust for a second no matter how he smiled.

Most of it gets hazy.


Mr Parker
that was a great show.was happy to see it come available on DVD.

The show needs a facelift like the recent Star Trek renovations to the effects. The problem with Babylon 5 is anytime there is liveaction blended with effects sequences, you will notice a dip in picture quality. I don't even know if it is possible to attempt the Star Trek renovations to Babylon 5. Or whether the parent company would put money towards it. I highly doubt it though. Still, a great show although I found the final season pretty dull. I still have the movies to watch although, I hear they are pretty terrible but I will forge onward.

This series is great.!

The Emmy-winning Babylon 5 brought many exciting innovations to science fiction television. Computer-generated effects, five-year story arcs, and elaborate mythology made this series stand apart from what came before and point...

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