Planet Anthromorph - Role Play

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The twin suns of the fourth planet were dwindling. They were setting almost lazily, as though they, like the people below, were tired and weary. As they sank lower and lower, they began casting double shadows on a once proud and tall building, burnt to its bare wooden bones, which were still smoking from the fires that claimed it. Up, down, and a across the dirt worn streets, signs of destruction could be seen everywhere. The houses, taverns, even the old mill - All reduced to wrecks. It was hard to believe one being was responsible for all of this carnage.
This vicious. The savage. Grath was a wolf with many titles. Cunning, ruthless, and a quick hand with his pistols, Grath's skill at causing chaos was outmatched only by his insatiable greed. No matter how many towns he and his gang of cutthroats plundered, the gold and crystals he gathered was never enough. He was powerful, resourceful, intelligent, sadistic.
And now he was hunted...
The lone wolf could see the signs everywhere. This town, called Bear Rock, had been Grath's latest victim. In the eyes of the wolf, it was, building for building, an exact replica of what happened to his own town. Nothing was spared. The wolf, named Rip the hunter, walked down the ruined street, stepping carefully over bits of rubble, until he reached what he supposed passed for the town square. The were more plasma marks than there was any untouched surface. Rip looked around. There was no one in sight.
"HEEEY!" he shouted, making his voice loud and clear. "I'M HERE TO HELP! ARE THERE ANY SURVIVORS?"

Ash just arrived in town and stood horrified at the scene before her, she stood in silence for a moment giving her respects to the dead then pulled her white hood further down over her eyes and started to walk through the burnt down town.

The fox-kin had on a white silk robe that covered most her body used to protect her from the unforgiving suns and a scythe on her back that was almost as tall as her. Underneath the robe she wore a black tight fitting shirt and some short shorts denim, she also had tons of throwing knives strapped to her waist, legs and arms, this was a rough world to live in and a girl had to protect herself.

Ash looked around and saw no life around, it was obvious that this had just happened but hopefully the town folk had enough time to evacuate, the fox-kin felt something underneath her foot and left up to see she had stepped on a singed wolf-kin doll, she picked it up and brought it up to eye level and thought of the little girl who dropped it, she squeezed it in her hand felling sadness in her heart. Suddenly she heard some one calling for survivors, she quickly pocketed the doll and started out to find the source of the call.

A horse-kin woman raced from one side of the street to another. The packs on her back slapped against her flank as she ran. One of her legs was bandages. Bright crimson stained her white coat. Thankfully the blood was not hers. She had found survivors, or at least conscious ones. It was a small family of rabbit-kin. She was happy to see that the children were unharmed, but the mother and father were injured in the attack. She was doing her best to help tend the wounds, both physically and emotionally.

All the while Melisande worried for her brother. She had yet to see him after the dust had settled. "Zaru! Zaru please answer!" She cried as she rushed about. While she searched, she found bodies of her fellow towns-kin. Some were alive, but not many. Her heart began to pound when she hear someone call out. "Here! There are survivors here! Please help!"

The bull-kin slowly walked over to a body he's been watching for a couple of minutes. He knew that the body no longer held life but he wanted to make certain that it didn't. Xaphan kicked the body over and sighed a sigh of relief as he stared at the lifeless eyes of the body. He knelt down next to the body and opened the mouth, grabbing onto a tooth. With a sharp yank, he pulled the tooth free, placing it in a small pouch with other "trophies" of his successful kills. Xaphan reached over to the eyes and closed them with his fingers, smiling a little. He stood up and cracked his neck, thinking of what he's going to do with his pay. He lost his smile and knelt down as he heard a voice call out. He couldn't be seen here with the body or everything would fall apart. Quietly, he walked over to the back door of the building and looked out, spotting no one. He stood up and walked out slowly, keeping a distance from the inner part of the town...or what was left of it.

Rip looked around. It was good to know that there were some survivors. Now that he was here he could smell definite signs of life. Even so, the scent of fear and panic was almost tangible.
"Here! There are survivors here! Please help!"
Rip turned towards the sounds of voices, his hand automatically moving towards his crossbow. But when the words registered ion his ears, he moved his hand away and leaped forward, diving onto all fours to reach the source of the noise all the quicker.

Hitosu Moriko
Kumar was on his back embracing his son in his arms from the attack of Grath's. Kumar looked at his son to see if he was alive "Kuma Kuma are you ok please respond". Kumar shook his son a little to see if he would wake up. His son woke up slowly "D-Dad?".Kumar was happy "Son, Kuma your alright I'm so glad your ok". Kumar stood up and so did his son "Listen son go back to what's left of the workshop and find some of my weapons and please take out the meteorite sword I might need".

Kuma ran for the blacksmith workshop

Kumar searched around have only a weak Sickle sword in his hand and a bent shield surely it was not going to be enough especially if there were any of Grath's men still around he stood his ground to wait for his son

Saru stood over a pot of food stirring it in a half destroyed building. Three wolf-kin two parents one child and a fox-kin child sat huddled in a corner watching Saru cook. Saru stood with a hooded cloak over his head shirtless in Black shorts his satchel on his wait and a short katana sword on the opposite side. Saru poured the kins a bowl of food each at times like this he could only do so much. He hated to see sights like these to think there where people who could just do this and go about their lives it made him angry. Saru could feel the vibrations of others moving around. It made him curious of who could it have been other survivors or the men who did this come back to make sure they finished everyone off. Saru cued the survivors to hide while he go check it out as he slithered on the ground to a window looking out. It was then when he heard the question "ARE THERE ANY SURVIVORS". It was either someone really trying to help or someone trying to finish everyone off. It was then that he heard "Here! There are survivors here! Please help!". He followed the sound hiding in the shadows to see what he was dealing with first before he revealed himself, figure out if they where friend or foe.

Stricken with curiosity, Xaphan walked down a small alleyway and stepped out into what was left of the town. He caught a glimpse or two as he was completing his job but didn't get to see the full chaos and destruction of it. He walked into the middle of a body littered street and looked around, taking in the scene. Dead and Dying were everywhere, cries of pain coming from the dying. Some of the injured were in tears, others were in shock. Xaphan looked down the street and watched as someone searched through debris, shouting a little as he found something. The town-kin picked up what looked like an arm and turned around. Xaphan squinted and finally noticed that the town-kin was missing an arm, "Possibly the arm he picked up..." he mumbled, and watched as he started pushing the limb against the nub where the arm was seperated. He stood in the middle of the street and sighed. "Maybe I can help out somehow...for pay of course."

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