In the Light of Night: Registration and OOC

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The Big O
~Would you guys be interested in this thing again? Its from 2007 and was never started.~

In the Light of Night

Choose a side to fight for: the Chosen or the Hell Hole; the Light or Dark Fire; good or evil. If you are Chosen; you fight with an ancient force known as the Light to save the world and to put an end to the ancient, evil force known simply as Dark Fire and the various demonic creatures it employs. Choose the Hell Hole and your mission is to steal as many souls as possible to give strength to the Dark Fire and rule over the world. Whatever the choice you make- be it for the Light or against it- fight with all of your power because the future of humanity depends on you. Are you brave enough to join the fight? If so, choose a character. If not, you would be wise to forget you ever read this.

This Thread has a set plot that will be explicitly followed and is listed above. However, I am open to other ideas so long as they relate to the story. As usual, PM your thoughts.


The Chosen

The Chosen is a group of nine predestined individuals who have access to the ancient force known as The Light. No one knows what The Light is or why it chose who it did. But they all have the same mission: use The Light in their individual ways to help stop the threat of the Dark Fire. The Chosen consists of:

Levi Marks: 18 years old; Mixed-raced (African American/Australian); High school student; The Light's vessel- can channel The Light to dispose of evil creatures. The more Light he channels, the more energy he depletes of himself.

Lucas Taylor: 19 years old; Caucasian American; Orphan who lives with an aunt; Controls/Communicates with all of nature.

Sasha Williams: 18 years old; Australian American; High school student; Proficient in the Martial Arts; Sees visions of the future concerning the Dark Fire.

Lewis Taylor: 13 years old; Caucasian American; Brother of Lucas Taylor; Middle school student; Mind control.

Natalya Nikolai: 26 years old; Russian; Graduate student; Probability manipulation that allows her to be in more than one spot at any given time.

Xavier Lopez: 20 years old; Mexican; Former Mexican gang member now on the run; Controls the element of light for various effects.

Ami Yang: 27 years old; Asian; Medical intern; Siphons life with a touch.

Jesse Bilodeau: 24 years old; French; Male nanny; Able to teleport over vast distances.

Zarabi Mawantago: 30 years old; African; One of the many huntresses of her tribe; Shape shifts into any animal she touches.

There are little quips about each and every one of these characters:

-Levi and Sasha are maternal cousins

-Levi and Lucas have been best friends since elementary school

-Sasha and Lucas have been dating for a few years

-Lucas always has odd jobs

-Sasha and Levi attend the same high school

-Jesse and Xavier are dating, after Xavier finally admitting his feelings to a pursuing Jesse. Xavier was previously heterosexual very standoffish to the homosexual advances of Jesse

-Natalya isn't fond of most of the other Chosen and likes to work alone should a mission permit

-Zarabi has a hard time adjusting to other cultures but uses her Light the easiest

-Xavier is in the Witness Protection Program

-Jesse was previously an international fugitive

-Ami is the least receptive of her Light and mission but has a strong sense of duty

-Lewis is the most receptive of his Light and mission. He compares it to a comic book

-Levi, Natalya, Sasha and Ami are from well-to-do families

-Lucas and Lewis have been living with an aunt since their parents died in a house fire

-Levi's mother died giving birth to him

These are only some of their many quips. You are free to add more based on the characters and their relationships with each other and the personalities you give them.

Due to the various nationalities, cultures and languages, The Light allows the Chosen to fully understand each other's native tongue. When they speak to each other they hear it in their native language and vice versa. To anyone else, they would need a translator.

The Chosen also have allies who work with them:

Adendai: Age unknown; No nationality; Created by The Light to train and guide the Chosen in the use of their Light; Instantaneously knows everything there is to know about anyone who summons the Light and their individual Light powers. Also able to be wherever needed when a Chosen one calls for him. Doesn't need any sustenance of any kind to survive

Patrick Forrester: 46 years old; Ex FBI agent; Widower; Battles along side the Chosen; Has many personal contacts; Possesses various weaponry from his FBI heyday; Employs his own personal team of highly trained agents who fight along side the Chosen

Stephanie Banks: 33 years old; Police detective; Works the Occult cases for the San Francisco Police Department; Often has run-ins with various members of The Chosen

The Chosen's base of operations is on the three lower levels of a functioning museum in San Francisco. It is privately owned and the money earned is used to fund the Chosen and pay the various agents under Patrick Forrester's employ. The museum is well-known and consistently busy, however, no one knows of the true nature of the museum save for the Chosen and their allies.

The Hell Hole

The Hell Hole is a sect various creatures- some human, some not- who's goal is nothing more than advancing the spread of the Dark Fire, an evil so old that it is believed to be the source of all evil. Cretins are Dark Fire-created creatures who are demonic in nature and appearance that collect the souls of humans and feed them to the Dark Fire. There are many species of cretins that range from Necromancer cretins who control soulless humans to Soul Stealers who do just what their name implies. The Dark Fire also employs deranged, evil, psychotic humans to do its bidding. Important members of the Hell Hole are:

Charity Evans: 36 years old; Leader of the Hell Hole; Defense attorney; Possessor cretin controls her body that gives her great strength and durability; Is also able to mimic any power she sees in action for as long as she sees its owner

Gaelyck: Age unknown; Chief cretin of the Hell Hole; Tries to usurp authority from Charity every once in a while; Besides the average super strength many cretins possess, Gaelyck can cause virtually anything to spontaneously burst into flames with the exception of the Chosen and Charity

William Tylers: 38 years old; A particularly sadistic human who excels in the art of torture; joins the Hell Hole for the sheer excitement

Other members of the Hell Hole include the various cretins and humans who dedicate themselves the The Dark Fire and it's cause.

There are small quips with the members of the Hell Hole, as well:

-Charity has a daughter. However, her whereabouts have become unknown after Charity became possessed

-Gaelyck does not respect the fact that Charity is in charge of the Hell Hole but he does respect her

-William does not gather souls for the Dark Fire. He simply enjoys torturing people. That is his sole reason for joining the Hell Hole

-Both Charity and Gaelyck answer to a mysterious shadow figure who appears every now and again

-Gaelyck likes to get his hands dirty and will take care of business himself. He fights dirty. Charity rarely gets physical but when she does, she is a fierce and brutal opponent

No one knows where the Dark Fire is based or the Hell Hole for that matter. Cretins seem to literally appear out of thin air when summoned. Charity works from her rather elaborate home and conducts all her business- both legal and Dark Fire based- there.

Non Playable Characters

Aunt Jo: 65 years old; Lucas and Lewis's aunt takes the two in after their parents are killed in a house fire

Dorian Marks: 54 years old; Levi's father; A high level politician who manages to spend time with his son; His wife died giving birth to Levi


1. There IS a limited amount of god-modding allowed. However, I will be the one who informs everyone when to do it and I will also be the judge of how powerful your character will be and for how long

2. You are not permitted to kill another RPer's character. There are a few exceptions to this rule but I will touch on that at a later time. There are virtually an infinite amount of NPCs for your character to destroy so no one should have to worry about this anyways.

3. Short posts are frowned upon unless they are complete thoughts and sentences. If your point is made clearly, then you are okay. I may ask you to edit/make a new post if it doesn't make any sense. And please do your best to keep all OOC in the OOC thread.

4. The characters are semi-set. Their names, ages, nationalities, at least one character trait and their powers/abilities/skills are provided. However, you give them their personalities, appearances(as long as you go off of their nationalities) and biographies(optional).

5. Whoever wants to join can chooses only one (1) character. If there are any left over characters, you can PM me who you want.

6. This is solely a supernatural RP. There will be no aliens, androids, mythical creatures, anime characters, people who have powers that are not induced by The Light or Dark Fire or anything that doesn't have anything to do with anything in this RP. If I need to elaborate further, please let me know.

7. I will make any changes that need to be made concerning whatever I feel needs work. You all see what I mean in the future.

As much as it pains me to say this, I can see quite a few problems already, based entirely on the above description.
That said, this could work, but only in the hosted section, seeing as you have already set the rail-works down. erm

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PM what you mean, Mel.


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I can't believe that no one has showed any interest in this. Should I move it to the Hosted Thread?

i cant believe no one has posted in at least 2 days

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If I were new, I'd be worried. We both know that KMC has its SUPER-DEE-DOOPER slow days.

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Sadly there is not, but I will take that as a compliment. Thank you.

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KMC is just going through one of it's depression eras.

I call Xavier Lopez big grin who wants to be my Jesse <3

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He's one of my favorite characters, along with his beau. I'll give this RP a couple months to see if people register. I might break one of my own rules and have two or three characters.

Hitosu Moriko
hmmm i will go for Lucas

True Geek
This thing's getting revived and possibly actually going to start? I want to be Gaelyck again.
I'll try to contact the guy who was signed up to be the mysterious shadowy figure to see if he wants to join as well.

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one can only hope, Geek. things have been more than a little slow around here. but the Mysterious Figure isn't going to play that big a part. at least not in the beginning.

Hey can I join? yup its me again o! big grin I'm TOTALLY calling Sasha!!!! big grin

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I wish I could tell you that this is starting soon. But when it does, she's all yours.

kk thx! big grin

This could work very will in the hosted section... and here... but first we'd need some players.

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