Was Catwoman any guy's first comic crush?

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Definitely when i was 8 reading the comics of Batman and Catwoman, i fell in love with her right away and even with Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether's versions of Catwoman.

Then when i saw her on Batman Returns (Saw that movie 4 times in theaters) and on TAS when i was 11, she was hot as hell as a blonde but brunette still wins.

Although i didn't like Year One's version from the comics for she had the Sinead O'Conner look and since she was a hooker she was probably swarming with diseases.

I liked Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman when I was young.

the ninjak
Julie Newmar was a freakin babe! definitely my fav Catwoman.

It was seeing Julie Newmar on Batman reruns that got me into the character. They didn't start to draw her any good until 1986, post Dark Knight Returns.
And I liked the tough version of her as a hooker turned burglar in Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. So she wasn't glammed up - no big deal.

Well she looked too much like Sinead O'Conner if you ask me on Year One, remember Sinead?

I adore Catwoman/Selina Kyle in any version over the years such as comic versions (sans Year One), blonde/brunette TAS versions, The Batman version, Brave and The Bold version, Michelle Pfefier version, Julie Newmar version, Lee Meriwether version. Hell, i even thought the mutated version of Selina Kyle from that cool Batman TAS episode "Tyger Tyger" (Remember that episode where she got turned into a literal cat-woman?) was strangely sexy when i was 11, still do think so, in a way like Cheetara, Cleo on Heathcliff, Felicia on Darkstalkers or Aishia Clan Clan on Outlaw Star if you know what i mean right, LOL.

I hope Anne Hathaway's version takes my breath away like all those did.

She wasn't bald in Year One; just had a closely cropped 'do. No resemblance to Sinead occurred to me.

Lord Shadow Z
I've always preferred Huntress myself and also Black Canary.

I haven't really liked the short haired look of Catwoman, the long hair was better by far.

Comic crush??? lol.. Too funny.

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