Captain Mar-Vell 2012

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We already know Mar-Vell is supposed to return during the Avengers vs. X-Men event, but whether or not it's the real Mar-Vell or someone else taking up his mantle is still unclear. It's also unclear whether or not this teaser is referring to the tie in issue of Secret Avengers or in fact is hinting at a mini-series or ongoing. It'd be nice if Genis came back, but I'm really hoping for the real Mar-Vell. "The Death of Captain Marvel" was easily one of the best graphic novels and stories Marvel ever produced as well as one of their best character deaths, but the return of "the most cosmic superhero of all" if handled by an all star team would bring back a sorely missed and underrated character as well as still pay homage to the original graphic novel.

Details will be revealed on Saturday at WonderCon.

Sounds cool, but from a marketing standpoint I think they should be trying to steam line Marvelman projects into production to combat Before Watchmen.

i hope its Mar-Vell, but will be glad the character is back nonetheless

Apparently it's Ms Marvel (according to Bleedingcool...).

If that's true it should be Major Marvel, that's her military rank I think... Captain Marvel is a demotion. lol

If it's Carol, that is some shamelessly misleading advertising there.

From the Secret Avengers cover I thought it was going to be Hulking taking up the mantle

• Captain Marvel reborn to unite all Kree!
• Captain Marvel, The Protector and Ms. Marvel vs The Avengers!
• Who is Minister Marvel and why has he drawn the Phoenix to the Kree homeworld?"

Originally posted by Digi
If it's Carol, that is some shamelessly misleading advertising there.

True enough, but Marvel doesn't have any on goings anchored by a female lead right now (X-23 and Ghost Rider are ending), so we can expect a few new ones to pop up soon. They've tried Ms. Marvel a few times and it hasn't really stuck, if they wanted to push her again they'd need a gimmick, like the title Captain Marvel for instance, to get a reader push.

Don Corleone
I just hope it's Mar-Vell. If that happens I will be a very happy emperor.

It's better to leave Mar-vell dead. Still gives him significance. And other characters seem to venture enough behind Death's veil that he continues to make appearances anyway.

If Carol is getting a new costume, that's good. The one she's had for 30+ years is pure cheesecake, with no practical meaning to the design.

Assuming the Carol thing is legit, I gotta say I'm disappointed in Marvel. Again with the Mar-Vell teasing? C'mon. Yes, I realize that Mar-Vell's death was impactful and one of the best handled ones in Marvel. Yes, I understand a good deal of people would prefer he stay dead. But seriously, death in comics has long since been killed. So long as a character's death and revival are done well, it shouldn't matter as that's the nature of the industry. It's even been lampshaded by events such as Blackest Night and Brightest Day and Chaos War: Dead Avengers.

Back to Carol: I feel that yes, Marvel really ought to give a high profile heroine a solo book, and of those available, she's likely one of the few who can sustain a book for a long time (her previous series was pretty good).

I wanted Genis, damnit!!

Marvel has released since pics...


Cool to have Ms. Marvel back on the comic lines again! She looks like Powergirl a bit here, cept the smaller racks.

The question right now is: how the hell did this not happen before? It would seem that Carol has been the obvious choice for the title "Captain Marvel" for years now. I guess she is not kree enough?

Also the character has one of the most convoluted stories of Marvel comicdom, she has interacted with so many characters that she rivals the champions of guest-starhood such as Namor.

jalek moye
Don't like the hair style, but I love Carol. Will check this out

Not a fan of the new look. At all.

RE: Blaxican
I agree; it isn't nearly slutty and impractical enough for a female comic character.

Meh, I could like the costume and look if it fit into a really great and new take on Ms. Marvel.

The pitch sounds meh though.

I actually like the new costume/look. embarrasment

Originally posted by Galan007
I actually like the new costume/look. embarrasment Yeah, I sort of feel the same way, but I'm left uninspired when I read about how they want to approach the story.

Early judgements, meh. Maybe it'll be great?

Either way, I already feel more engaged in this take on Carol Danvers than what she's been sporting for the past while so hopefully it's all positive change.

The hair and helmet/mask is what kills it for me, personally. If she kept the domino Ms. Marvel mask and hair style, or even just the hair style, she'd look pretty awesome.

The attire itself, a visual homage to Mar-Vell, is cool, though.

The premise is also a good one as Carol's basically just been in the background of Bendis' Avengers. And Marvel does need a strong heroine solo title.

I'm interested enough on this as it is, but I kind of wish they make it so Hickman writes it, then I would enter hype mode.

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