Hatfield (Needless) vs Kisame (Naruto)

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Ban Mido
The Rain Maker Needless
The Monster of the Hidden Mist

If speed is a big deal it can be equalized, I'm just curious as to who would be left standing if these two met on the battlefield

I mean on one hand we have Kisame who loves to fight and won't hesitate to cut his opponent down, combined with his skill wielding Samehada,his incredible water jutsus, and shocking amount of Chakra..Kisame is not someone to mess with.

Ah but then we have Hatfield, who's power is Rain Maker which gives him the ability to cause it to start raining and then he can manipulate it in an offensive or defense manner (Even stopping a punch from a Needless who's power was well..Power..who had incredible physical strength, and if someone gets too close while he's wet he can make rain like spikes pop out of his body impaling them calling it, "Rain Needle"wink, being able to fire out water with such force it can pierce steel (His "Rain Laser" move). As long as someone is in the rain they're in his range of attack (he killed dozens of people in an instant by just making it shoot down from the sky with such force it ripped through them all as if they were paper), he can even slide on the rain. His Rain Grinder attack is basically a buzz saw made of rain that sliced the top off of a mech that was being used against him, he once even turned the rain into a massive hammer to smash one of his foes (You guessed it.."Rain Hammer"wink

Whew sorry Hatfields was a bit long but I felt not as many people probably know of him so I gave a little rundown of some of the stuff he can do.

All right let's see who takes this, battle takes place in The Valley Of The End.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.