New Look 4 Storm, Colossus, Domino, Pixie & Psylocke on X-Men Comics?

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New team for x-men comic issues. So it's sad to know that Jubilee and Warpath are no longer on the team

What do you think about their new look?

I'll start: First is, Colossus is still bald but he looks better. I really hope he gets his hair back.

As for Storm, the gold bars on her wrists are too big and looks heavy and no arm bars please.

I would really prefer a different color costume for Storm cos it's always been black. Why not the other alternate costumes of Storm in umvc3? or the red one in mvc3.

I don't like her eyes and lips but she still looks fine though. I really want her iconic cape that is tied to her wrists but i think her costume is fine. I like the idea of a long collar that covers her neck.

and her tiara doesn't look good.

I don't like Pixie with the bandana.

Psylocke doesn't look as attractive as the previous issues.

and Domino doesn't look good either. I hope she'll have a longer hair and her smile doesn't look good here.

The bandana thing on Pixie does look pretty stupid. Maybe it is actually just her usual hairband, but poorly drawn?

Domino's face seems like a drawing issue rather than a flaw in costume/hair design. Her short hair never bothered me, and I think it suits her; however, she looks pretty bad there. That smile is just....

Looks like Pixie is the only use mutant from the "New X-Men" Generation. I was hoping more of Surge! Now she has personality!

Dear Psylocke: Please get a new costume ASAP. Your outfit from Uncanny X-Force proves that you can wear things that cover your ass and still look amazing.

Signed, 'Yama-who's-loved-you-since-2000.

I don't like the art. And I wish more females were in this like Dazzler and Boom Boom/Meltdown.

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