Naija Boy vs Newjak WBH strength Battlezone

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Naija boy

Naija boy
Here Banner once again describes WWH/Green Scar being madder and subsequently stronger than ever before ever

The writer re-iterates this sentiment through spiderwoman:

Reed richards a particularly accurate source re-iterates that Hulkspower level is off charts now

Here the strength increase is once again emphasized by the Gamma corps

This can be further solidified via common foe comparisons:
Here is Hulk vs Wendigo. Wendigo has notably been one of Savage Hulks tougher opponents. Not only has savage Hulk had prolonged fights with Wendigo in which narration described them as evenly matched, but Savage Hulk has actually suggested the notion that Wendigo may have been the strongest of his foes. Now Wendigo's power level do vary with hosts but against Hulk they have always been paritularly formidable. Further it would only make sense for the Wendigo Green Scar fought to be one he encountered before since it remebered him.

Here is a Wendigo Savage Hulk fight:

And here is savage hulk making a reference to Wendigo possibly being his strongest opponent:

Its is significant to point out that while Newjak may attempt to put forward the delusion that Savage Hulks strength level in this fight (and by extension all of his fights) was on a low level, that is patently false. As previously mentioned, Savage Hulk like other Hulk versions has dynamic strength but also had a strength range he fell into consistently. There is no reason to think there is any deviation from the norm here, and we can clearly see that Wolverine is portrayed as being unable to even pierce him (which could possibly have been rectonned to Hulk healing to fast for wolverine to see) which further indicates he is intended to be operating at an optimal level of physicality since Hulks durability/damage soak is directly related to his strength level and anger. When coupled with the fact that Hulk had already previously referenced Wendigo as possibly his strongest opponent it becomes clear that Savage Hulk was at the high levels of his typical range.

Conversely this is how easily WWH/Green Scar handles Wendigo:

So easily infact that he wishes for a tougher fight which causes Wendigo and Bi Beast to be amped hugely and grow Godzilla size.... and proceeds to thrash them anyway

Next we have Rulk.
This is how Rulk handles savage Hulk:

Then here again even Thor admits that Rulk is killing him:

The only way Savage Hulk wins is by Rulk later weakening from overheating.

Comparatively here is how Rulk does against the Green scar Persona:

In summary, Rulk has Green Scar literally smile at his blows to the face, Tries to drain all Green Scars energy (which worked on Savage Hulk btw) and fails, but uses the energy absorbed to amp for one final double fisted smash and which then gets easily brushed off as well, and then gets laid out by a thunderclap.

We have seen how Savage Hulk has faired against Wendigos, Now this is how Prof Hulk fared against Armcheddon
Armcheddon very casually and very easily subdues him with blasts while not even paying full attention to him since he is also fighting silver Surfer and chatting with his son. Merged Hulk is only able to mount any sort of offence when he decides to release him.

And yet conversely Green Scar completely no sells blasts from not a regular Armcheddon but an Armcheddon heavily AMPED by Hulks own energies: ArmcheddonmentionsthattheAngrierHulkgetsthestronge

WWH/Green Scar doesnt even notice simultaneous attacks from Wendigo,Bi Beast (who has also battled Savage Hulk in the past)and Armcheddon: th_WWHnosellsArmageddonBibeastandWendigosimultaneo

Thus the difference in the consistent strength levels and ranges of Savage Hulk and WWH whether from outright statements or direct performance comparisons is abundantly clear. To deny it would take a complete disregard for character portrayal and authorial intention. Nonetheless, the enormity of the gap between WBH and WWH is even more evident in the comparison between WBH and WWH to anyone who chooses to read without the hindrance of preconceived notions or obstacles posed by certain predispositions. Now lets examine that gap:

Firstly, WBH is the WWH with all his anger unleashed. He is literally overflowing with rage:

Hence, common sense and even a cursory reading of the Hulks appearances would dictate a gargantuan leap in strength due to an apparent gargantuan leap in anger. However, even where common sense and intuition fails, on panel evidence prevails. There were several times that WWH/Green scar outright stomped during the story arc such as:

Naija boy

Naija boy

Naija boy
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