3 Villains in spiderman 3?

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I've heard loads of people say there's 3 villains in spiderman 3, but I don't really know how. I don't know how you can really count Harry as a villain, because it was more of a misunderstanding with him. Spiderman himself went into a bit of a villaines stage. Would you count him as a villain? He went inyto just as bad of a stage as Harry.

Pete got taken over by a Symbiote and wasn't in full control of his actions.

Harry was pissed that Peter killed his father, even though his father was evil and a murdering psycho who killed himself. And then he started trying to ruin Pete's life, then eventually tried to kill him.

The difference was that Spidey was taken over, Harry just refused to see logic and let his emotions cloud his judgement. So yes, their were three villains. Venom, Sandman, and Goblin Jr.

Symbiote Spider-Man was more of a dark anti-hero fighting against the bad influence in the first place.

Anyone who attempts to kill the hero is considered a villain.

Heck Sandman wasnt really a bad person either he was just trying to save his daughter and Spidey tried to stop him. Misunderstanding as well. Plus it was misunderstood that Sandman was murdered his uncle when it was an unfortunate accident. Still a villain tho

Don't remind me of those 3 villains!

Villains were popping up from everywhere. One randomly fell out of the sky. One randomly fell into a molecule experiment while on the run.

The other one told MJ to dump Parker. His evil plan was to watch and laugh at how pathetic Parker was crying over his break-up like a little weener!

Oh yeah but then we got to see the dark side of Parker. When that Alien costume consumes him, he becomes a Saturday Night Fever Dancer!!

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