New Series Concept!

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What would be your idea for a new regular Star Trek series?

Here's a couple of mine,

New Next generation timeline due to altered events of the last movie with Ryker or Chakotay as Captain, Bashir as Dr, Wesley as fulltime crew member, Ro Laren, Tuvok, Tom Paris, Dax, Gordy, n of course Data back._

Maybe have a new Romulan_character as a member of Starfleet as Worf was for Klingons. N allot more Romulan villain as I've always been far more interested by them than Klingons n never see them nearly as much. Maybe see what they got happening on the other ends of the Romulan Star Empire away from the federation.


A series about Starfleet academy n the next generation of Starfleet's finest. A new or veteran teacher or counselor could be the shows lead gaining new perspective on what cadets go threw n what life in star trek future earth is really like day to day without all the space travel yet still showing the interspecial relations n community on 24th century Earth.

N last idea would be a much further ahead in times series about 31 century time trek. Going very very deep into the real ramifications of even seemingly minute alterations to the timeline or violations of the temporal prime directive. Having several throw backs to all the past series time travel cross overs. Particularly that temporal cold war we never really got allot of insight into from Enterprise. Use the series to try n explain or correct any continuity issues that now exist like how the voyager crew were interacted with by the time correcting federation officers form a future that existed after the changes of Spock's n Nero's action in the last movie thereby being from a timeline that should've not had that same voyager series timeline in theirown.

Lord Shadow Z
It's hard to say really, a lot has already been covered... maybe they could do a series devoted to espionage in Star Trek, like covert operation type of stuff, foiling assassinations, laying the groundwork for military action or discovering plots and military aggression by other species. That could be cool because that could bring in more alien personalities.

It would generate lot of action and story appeal, plus everyone likes a good cliffhanger ending to episodes. Bring in the Defiant for them to use and I would be glued to the screen. Literally.

A series centered around Section 31 might be pretty sweet too.

the ninjak
1. A show about away teams that deal with the afteraffects of the Next Generation Enterprises team.

Kind of like a cleanup duty and response unit/diplomacy.

2. A show about Star Fleet Academy. The students and their teachers. I remember a few eps of Next Gen where the high command of Star Fleet were being slowly taken over by body snatchers before Picard's team killed their queen. Stuff like that can be thrown in.

A combination of both would be nice added with others.

I'd not mind another Star Trek based on the same principles of TOS, and TNG, but set in 100+ years after TNG films, like late 25th century or very early 26th century.

Only thing they shouldn't do and would be an outright sin, having the Borg now be reformed good-guys.

same timeline as TNG but with a galaxy class starship that is actually a warship.. have similar characters based on TOS and TNG...

villains, obviously the classic ones such as the borg, klingons, romulans, etc, but also create new villains

The Federation doesn't build warships, the Defiant Class were the first ships to be purpose built for battle due to the Borg threat; even then the Federation classified them as "escort vessels" to not breach any peace-treaties.

Your show would have to be set n the alternate TNG time-line where the Federation is at war with the Klingons/Romulans and losing if you really want a Galaxy Class warship, which the Enterprise D was and a bad-ass one at that.

If you've not seen the episode and are interested, look up "Yesterday's Enterprise" in TNG series. It's a good one.

starfleet csi

Darth Truculent
Robtard, you're forgetting the Promethues class . . . multi-vector assault, ablative armor and primary torpedoes are quantum. Basically she was a Federation battle cruiser. My opinion, I would rate Defiant class as a heavy cruiser.

A story set on the first Federation colony in deep space (or human colony). Or maybe ONE OF the first. Something like "Earth 2", but done better. Maybe there's some native setinent species that they didn't know about before they colonized it.

Or a series set on a Romulan, Klingon, etc. starship, with a human Federation officer onboard as part of an exchange program.

Or a Next-Next Generation, with the Captain of the Enterprise after Picard. Deal with the post Dominion War galaxy. Seems like now the Federation and the Romulans are the two big powers left standing.

Originally posted by Darth Truculent
Robtard, you're forgetting the Promethues class . . . multi-vector assault, ablative armor and primary torpedoes are quantum. Basically she was a Federation battle cruiser. My opinion, I would rate Defiant class as a heavy cruiser.

Good call, forgot about that Voyager episode and that one-off ship.

I would like to a new series take place after the Dominion war but not anymore than 10 years after.

It could focus on getting over to Andromeda and discovering new stuff over there. It could then show us the origins of the El-Aurian's and where they get their mysterious powers (screw the alternative novel explanations! I want real lore/mystery created).

Then, we could see the origin of the Borg: it could be in Andromeda. Lastly, we find out that the Borg are now reformed good-guys just so I can laugh about more TVs will getting broken.

Oh you.

the ninjak
A mini series based in the energy data of the teleportation devices. And the peoples imprinted within.

Animated obviously. You can have a whole new war rage within the energy tunnels of the Energyverse. lol.

Many Borg imprints pouring into the streams whilst every now and then someone like Kirk or Picard could turn up and Kung Fu the crap out of them. But not so much with their fists but their thoughts. smile

Scotty proved that he was trapped in such a place in a Voyager episode for many years then was found and released into the present.

Or a series that further pushes the Alliance into the future through psychic and spiritual phenomena.

I remember an episode in Voyager between Janeway and Chakotay where they used a device to send Janeway on a spirit quest. Such a technology used could be amplified to make the Human quest for exploration more deeper than ever before imagined.
Possibly pushing the human race closer to beings like the Q.

Star trek has always been about pushing the boundries of human tech and awareness. A series based upon this should always be as such.

Dr Mystery
I've always liked the idea of a Post-Picard Enterprise show. I think it could be done, and IMO, no Enterprise, no Star Trek. (Even though I liked DS9 & Voyager somewhat.)

Darth Jello
A Gary Seven show. Then you can do any cast, any guest star, any timeline, any time period. Preferably with at least half a season devoted to the Eugenics Wars and World War III in a modern context. I want to see what makes Phillip Green worse than Hitler.

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