Break the Block

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Hello everyone. I have been gone for awhile and I wanted to start a new thread for this forum. Sooo, I figured that since many people come here to get inspiration and advice that some of that can be had at one thread. So I encourage everyone to share there thought process or rituals for writing, prepping, and critiquing. I will start it off with one exercise called word salad.

A word salad is a string of words blurted out in stream of consciousness order. The less thought put into any connection the better but is not absolutely necessary. I find that this exercise in the abstract and surreal helps to create new mental pathways which can release the flow of ideas and makes connections perhaps not seen before. The following is such an example.

Drum Giraffe parades List horizontal
to the copious analogies of crumbcakes
Delivered along the river Verbatim
As Wistful Compendums leech out the cracks
Of voracious horny toads
Communing with the aqueous solitudes of Light.

Now I admit this isn't complete stream of conscousness because I use articles and sentence form to shape in a poetic manner but I think it gives you an idea.

Does anyone else have some exercises that they think would help? If so please help this thread grow by contributing . Thanks and so it goes.....

I was gone awhile and just read over Syren's Sticky. I like her idea . In fact I have a friend who is an artist and I have been trying to get him to do a painting for me for years. This gave me an idea for my own thread. Another way to help get over a writer's block is to use other mediums to inspire. Such as music. A famous piece of artwork. Even the current news.

To actively listen to a favorite song prepares your brain to connect neuron patterns that relate to the your creative side. This helps to prime the pump. Music invokes emotion and these emotions can in turn be redirected into a poem with different intentions, mood, meaning, and complexities that are tangent to the music but not necesarily copying the intent of the music.

The visualization of art taps into the more literal aspect of writing but doesn't have to. Especially if you are looking at a Dali painting. By vocally expressing what you see you may open up dormant memories or forgotten ideas. Try it sometime at a museum with friends.

I should practice what I preach so I will try this myself and post the results. Currently I enjoy listening to Metric and Goldfrapp. So let me see what I can come up with. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Camping in the woods by the crackling fire.

Chance meetings conspire amongst the flames spire

Half n half the cold joins the warm flip over to even out that feel.

Watch as the forest parades a spectacle before your eyes.

Out comes the thief of the night here to welcome you into its domain the price is one s'mores of course .

Next jumps by the cautious deer with a twitch of the ear.

Followed by a low swooping owl asking about you know who.

Drowsy eyes settle in a at half mast as we watch the stars and moon pass.

tonight my glass is half full just like the moon.
I hope to see you here soon.

Okay so a first draft of a poem inspired by listening to Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree.

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