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James Heller was a Sergeant in the Marines Corps before his infection. He lived in Manhattan, New York with his wife Collette and daughter Amaya. After the war, Heller wanted to return home and live with his family while maintaining a small business in the city. He had to return after his leave was complete. During this time, there was a viral outbreak in the city, resulting in death of thousands.
"If they got the situation contained, then there is no reason to doubt them?"
―Heller trying to comfort his wife

Heller's deep sorrow marked by his wife's death.
Heller received a call from his wife, who informed him about the outbreak and told him that Blackwatch had quarantined the area. Heller assured them that he would return the next day. But when returned to the city, he discovered that the Blacklight infection had ravaged all of Manhattan and his family had been killed.
When Blackwatch claimed that a former scientist named Alex Mercer was responsible for the outbreak and was spotted in the Red Zone, Heller volunteered for patrols in the infected Red Zone, hoping for a chance to find Mercer and avenge his family.

Prior to his infection by Alex Mercer, Heller was competent and skilled in battle as a result of his military training, as he was reported to have killed "hundreds" of infected before his own infection. He is proficient with the majority of military weapons, ranging from standard machine guns, rapid-fire Gatling guns, and rocket launchers. The abilities granted by his viral infection are divided into 5 categories - Offensive, Defensive, Locomotion, Sensory/Hunting, and Disguise.
As he was infected with the same DX-1118 strain as Alex, he has much the same superhuman and shapeshifting powers, as well as many more that he has evolved and/or developed himself.
Shapeshifting: Heller's Blacklight infection has granted him the ability to both shapeshift and fashion his body into weapons, much like Alex Mercer, but with some differences in appearance. An example this would be his Blade resembling a giant combat knife and his viral flesh possessing a redish hue.
His Whipfist has small razor-like blades across its spine-like form. Heller's evolved Hammerfists allow him to perform area attacks. He possesses the same consumption/assimilation abilities inherent in all infected creatures that allow him to take on the form and memories of any creature he consumes. Unlike Alex Mercer, James Heller doesn't possess the Musclemass power, instead gaining the Tendril power.
Speed & Agility: He possesses the same inhuman agility, speed, dexterity, and gliding abilities as Alex, allowing him to jump to great heights, outrun vehicles, run up walls, and perform parkour maneuvers not possible to those with normal physiology.
Endurance & Healing Factor: Heller is equal to Alex in his stamina and regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal within moments from any wound and to withstand intense damage without fatality.
Superhuman Sense: Heller has developed a mysterious yet potent viral sonar sense. This sixth sense allows him to find a target in a crowded populated area.
Superhuman Strength: Due to his inhuman strength, Heller is capable of lifting vehicles, dismantling weapons from armored vehicles, overpowering scientifically-enhanced Marines and dismembering mutated creatures.
Heller has manipulated the Blacklight virus for his own advantage. He is able to implant his targets with a Biobomb, which mutates the target's body rapidly, eventually ending with a barrage of tendrils erupting from the infected body which impale and pull objects within range to the victim's epicenter. Heller can also hurl victims after implanting them with a Biobomb, activating the ability on impact and destroying everything within range.
Heller can form his biomass into a variety of weapons, mostly slicing or crushing tools. In combat, he either uses biomass to augment his strength or create various blades and clubs.
Heller can use two defensive powers, guarding him against enemy attacks and weapons.

Hunting is a new ability developed by James Heller to hunt his targets. This ability allows Heller to "ping" trenches, buildings, and facilities for human targets.
When activated, Heller is capable of sending a viral sonar pulse to isolate his target among a group. This power can be mutated to detect targets at large distances. As this ability evolves, Heller can see through his targets and detect if they were being watched.

Showing some speed and locomotion:




The Tendril power is a unique ability developed by James Heller, replacing the musclemass adopted by Alex Mercer.
The tendrils unleashed by Heller are capable of lifting and tearing apart cars and military vehicles, ensnaring powerful infected beasts, and even ripping large groups of enemies to shreds.

The blade is extremely effective in close contact, and although the area of effect is very localized, the blade's basic attacks dish out higher damage than those from any of the other powers. While this power may be utilized against basic infantry units, its' true destructive capability is maximized against vehicles and large infected creatures such as hunters.

The Whipfist is one of many abilities the Prototypes have at their disposal. It consists of an elongated appendage with a blade at the end. Given its unique status as a ranged attack, the Whipfist is the weapon of choice when opposed by the recurring Helicopters or distant enemies.

The Hammerfists are the Prototypes' anti-vehicle ability. By shifting large amounts of biomass into his fists, Alex Mercer was able to create massive, hammer-like hands which with which to crush his enemies.
James Heller also acquired this ability Hammerfists after consuming the DNA of an infected. Heller was capable of performing performing devastator attacks and create groundspikes similar to Mercer's Claws.

Biobomb is an organic explosive, implanted under the skin of a victim by James Heller. After a brief period of time, tentacles force themselves from the infected subject, at a high velocity, similar to the tendril barrage devastator . These tendrils pull anything they touch, in towards their epicenter, this being the person originally implanted with the Biobomb

Able to protect Heller from all type off attacks can redirect missiles if he gets attacked from upclose the shields become sharp and edgy and release a counter attack:

Devastators are super attacks that the Prototypes can initiate. It causes a massive area damage to their surroundings at the cost of using up a portion of their critical mass health to execute. These moves can also be used while in Disguise.

Pack leader:
Pack leader was one of the many abilities developed by James Heller after consuming the Evolved Dr.Archer . This ability allowed Heller to summon Brawler Hunters to fight by his side.

Brawler and Helicopter finishers:

Maxed out gameplay:

Fighting a Goliath:

Fighting brawlers:

Fighting one of the evolved:

James Heller vs Alex Mercer:



Maxed out:


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