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hello all! just a new girlie here just wanted to say hi and hows it goin! and is it true that we haveta wait all the way until august for TTT?

Welcome to the board. I'm rather new here as well. Some have said august others have said maybe pushed up to June. I already have it though big grin

What do you mean. "I already have it"? DVD?!
You have a bootleg or a pirated VCD maybe.

hello, ya i had heard it would be june, but only from one source. all others say august. i already have it as well, but that aint going to stop me from buying both dvds!!!

bwah..legolas groupies

Ash Nazg
Hello and welcome. Ive mentioned this before (somewhere, but I cant remember where) I reckon the purchase releases will follow same, or similar timescale as Fellowship, ie with the "cinema" release mid (probably August) but the extended version, which will be WELL worth waiting for around October/November.

Ash Nazg
and ps - bout time we had some grrrls here. Nothing against you geezers like, but geezettes, ahhhhhh....

true that!!! im tired of always hearing from male geeks and it will be good to hear from a female geek. (admit it, we all are, im just the only one proud enough to say it! j/k)

I AM A LORD OF THE RINGS GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain REX
*steps away from Turin*

*steps closer to girls*

big grin

There are girls all over this place! I have no idea what people are complaining about!

Captain REX
Yes, what are people complaining about? big grin

Supposedly I got a copy of the DVD that was sent around to academy award voters. Throughout the movie it says "For your consideration" for about 3 seconds then it dissapears. Doesnt do it enough to annoy me though so im fine with it.

rolling on floor laughing

Captain REX
I'm coming over and stealing that...err...watching that. big grin

Ash Nazg
WHERE!!! I dont see many, unless they are hiding. Is that true, are you hiding grrrlies......?

hey rex...4 is a crowd cool

Captain REX
big grin

laughing out loud

Dinosaurs. Nuff said

That was more than enough, maybe.

2003 T-T

Welcome to the board.



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