Toshiro(Bleach) vs Evangeline(Negima)

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After finishing Negima recently I though it would be interesting to see how these would fair off in a fight. I was particularly impressed by Evangeline against the Lifemaker and the alternate Fates and her version of Magia Erebea. Toshiro also has a potentially hax ability if properly prepared and could probably take down people of a solid level.

Evangeline is allowed all of her spells and feats towards the end of the series. Toshiro can also use the full extent of his bankai.

So how would the two shouta's do?


I'm serious I want to know who wins. no expression

Negima is apparently above Bleach normally...but I has no clue.

So should I limit Eva to her mock version then?

Well I figured Rakan would be more powerful than most captains but I was still unsure about Eva. Then again she did one-shot a giant demon and has regen.

It just dawned on me that I made a horrible spite thread.

Sorry bout that everyone sad


Rakan more powerful than most captains?

He'd curbstomp FGT Ichigo.

As would Eva.

Well I did just state that I made a spite thread unintentionally. I had funny splash fight in mind when thinking about this thread.

I apologize for making this thread now weep

I don't think Negima vs Bleach is curbstomp ville, personally*. It's not like the explosions caused by high-end Negima characters are bigger, and I think speed wise Bleach captains might be a bit above the likes of Rakan and Eva (though they are capable of reacting to and fighting people of Bleach speed).

But (1) Eva is practically unkillable. (2) Eva is incredibly skilled with ice and I don't think ice will hurt her, plus aside from that she's good enough with magic to be able to do fairly high level spells of other disciplines like lightning.

So I do give Eva the win.

*There is a reason why Negima is often overrated, and that is the lightning form speed calcs. However, even in the highest lightning states, the user visibly shifts how much lightning they are and is visibly slower when not actually resembling a bolt, meaning they aren't as crazy fast as most people think**, and the non-lightning people are probably in the single-digit machs, based on stuff like Rakan's sword-surf, and only minorly magic people being able to be useful in fights.

**Mind you, this is still really really fast, it's just definitely not as crazy fast as 'as fast as lightning all the time'. Negima is a pretty high end series.

Originally posted by Q99
It's not like the explosions caused by high-end Negima characters are bigger

They are.

Nagi's Lifemaker punch is a bigger explosion than anything in Bleach, as are Rakan's Eternal Negi Fever or his opening attack at the tournament.

By Negi's own admission, Kurt Godel can swing his sword as quickly as Negi's lightning form. He also admits that Fate is able to react to it as well.

Rakan's sword feat was a casual throw, he tossed a giant sword, then easily outstripped it and landed on it. Rakan could also react to Nagi's big ass lightning spell (Forget the name), turning his body to weather most of the damage from it.

Also, when is Negi "visibly slower" when not resembling a bolt?

Oh yea, Nagi's. Though is ENF or the opening attack really bigger? 'As big,' maybe, but I don't think they're more sizable than, say, Final form Ichigo's attacks.

Yep, when he's in lightning mode. But that's my point, he isn't traveling at the speed of lightning all the time when he's in lightning mode, only when he shifts his mass completely into electricity, which he is visually not doing just for having his lightning forms on.

And we see slower people watch and react to faster people pretty often- if you work from the low end and scale up, you get more reasonable numbers.

Yea, and the sword was only mach 3.2.

Watch him fight- when Negi is actually draw as a bolt, it's shown as sort of a pseudo-teleport, he's just *at* his destination. When he's humanoid, it shows him actually moving, but fast.

His speed in fights varies considerably (even in mode 2) in how he's drawn, Negi is definitely not going at a constant crazy high speed.

Plus the actual description- it says he gets to lightning speed because he's turned mostly into lightning. Obviously, if he isn't as fully lightning, then he won't be as fast.

When he hits people, he's always in humanoid form, which is noteworthy- because he only has mass when he's not 100% lightning. Again, going by the very description of how his speed works, turning his physical body into lightning, not being physical is a natural consequence.

He's only 100% lightning when shown trying to get to a place, never when hitting, and is drawn traveling faster when doing so.

Wouldn't the blast from Wonderweiss be larger than the blast Rakan made along with the AoE from Eva's spell used on the Lifemaker?

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