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The Big O
Not wanting to be bothered, Thane Druddigan had been in the training grounds with only his thoughts keeping him company. Other than a dueling area, the training area was an excellent place to get some thinking done. Thane had learned a few years ago that for about an hour a day, this area was empty and free to use.

Any other day, Thane would be out here trying to make a spell that would allow him to create a mirror that could be used as a divination tool that he could speak to his family with. But today, he was completely and totally lost in his thoughts as he laid in the middle of one of the dueling stages.

He was bare-footed as usual and had a piece of wheat in his mouth. His sleeveless arms were folded behind his head as he laid facing the sky with his legs crossed. He was completely comfortable laying on the ground in his brown, leather-like vest and green shorts. Looking at the sky brought so many thoughts to mind.

He had just graduated and was informed that he was selected to go out on his first mission. He was trying to figure out what he was feeling. Accomplishment at graduating? Excitement because of his upcoming mission? Fear of the unknown? He didn't know but he had to figure something out. He couldn't risk being caught off guard tomorrow.

Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of his life. No more teachers would be yelling at him. He had no more exams looming over his head. And most importantly of all, he would no longer be confined behind these walls. He was a free-spirit and was never meant to be contained. His powers proved as much demonstrated by their sheer destructiveness. At the thought of this, Thane could feel a smile creep across his face.

Tomorrow marked the first day that his name would start to become associated with legends. People from all over would start to speak the name Thane Druddigan with either reverence, fear, admiration, envy or all of the aforementioned. His family would finally be able to say that he was doing something important. A spontaneous giggle bubble up out of him.

He was excited. Why could he not tell before? With all the years of training under his belt, no goblin, troll, or golem would be able to withstand his power. He could no longer lay down for he was was getting to excited. As he stood up, he just stood still for a short while before letting out a loud and joyous whoop.

In all his excitement, he hadn't known that someone gad invaded his space.

Raven was sitting in the back of the bleachers where on lookers could watch duels, no one was there of course it was still too early for anyone to be here for a match. The frost wizard needed time to think, with graduation came the missions and with the missions she would have to leave the only place she knew as had been so long since she left the safety of the surrounding town, let alone the castle walls.

The ice wizard heard some one walk in and lay down in the middle of the arena at first she thought it might be a drifter wondering in and looking for a home to call hes own. But quickly realizing that was most likely impossible, she took a closer look and saw it was a fellow wizard, one who she had graduated with and would most likely be going on the mission tomorrow. Raven was about to say something but then thought she had waited too long and it would just be weird and he'd probably think she was watching him lay there looking at the sky and probably thinking dirty things about him. She again thought that was mostly unlikely and stood up when she notice another would be drifter walk in then suddenly the boy in the arena let out a very ghastly wail, "A challenger," she said fisting her palm with a weird look of confidence on her face.

"That did not sound like a cry of challenge to me," Kal said, a look of absoloute bemusement on his face, his troubles temporarily forgotten in the face of such obscurity. "Actually, I have no idea what that was supposed to be," he continued, looking directly at Thane. "What, exactly, has made you so noisy?" he asked, a small smile creeping onto his face. "Do you find lying in the sand so amusing? Or are you perhaps impatient for tomorrow to come?"

The Big O
Thane brushed himself off as he spoke. "Its funny that you ask that, Kal. I was just pondering that." He looked to Raven and continued, "We have been at this school many years and have seen more wizards come and go than we can count. Finally, it is our turn to be the ones people speak about. It is now our turn to show our mettle. Our turn to become legends."

Thane looked his two former classmates in their faces with such anticipation, he was sure they could feel it emanating from his pores. "This is a joyous occasion indeed, friends. Why not shout for joy? Of course we could be killed in the most gruesome of ways by the most foulest of evil but that is why I am so excited.

"I do not possess foretelling magicks, so I cannot predict the future. And that is what has me feeling lighter than air. We do not know what's out there. True, we have been told. Even I was paying attention in class that day. But being told something is completely different than actually seeing it with your own two eyes."

Thane turned his back to the two of them and looked back up at the sky. Something so vast and endless always reminded him of how big the world truly is. "But enough about me, I want to hear about how you two are feeling. Are you as excited as I am or do you feel something else entirely? As your new traveling companion, I feel I should be allowed to know these things about you."

Raven took in everything that Thane was saying, he was right the thrill of adventure was washing over here, it was almost suffocating but still leaving a place you've known your whole life was going to be hard. The only comfort she had was knowing that Kal and Thane were competent wizards, that thought gave her some hope and maybe they wouldn't come back in pieces like so many others before them.

"Well I can fortune tell," Raven said bringing her hands close too each other then creating a orb of ice. The Icy wizard stared deep into the orb and her eyes glowed light blue for special effects. "I see-I see! Thane!" Raven says then laughs, "Thane don't pet the wild life no matter how cute it is when we go out tomorrow, k?" The orb melted and Raven dispersed the water, a look of horror came across her face. "n-no why haven't I thought about this before, there are no cupcakes or any sweets in the wild...were doomed!" Raven yelled and sank her head down letting her hair fall over her face.

Kal started laughing. The storm clouds darkening his mood receded, and his eyes became a misty blue. Trust the strange antics of these knuckleheads to lighten his mood. When he stopped he turned to Thane. "Truthfully, I've been to busy all day to even think about tomorrow. Now that my... Business... is complete, well... "
The young wizard trailed off. Now that he stopped to think about it, what exactly did leaving the castle mean t him? He supposed it would be the first time he left his family behind, to stay in the village Eldraza until he came of age. Going from luxurious castle to small town at that age had not suited the young lord 'Alexander' well. It had taken some time before he became accustomed to having the same privileges as everyone else. Of course, moving into Castle Eldraza when he came of age had been a great blessing, but for different reasons, like its great libraries and arenas, rather than the servants and general laziness one usually associated with castle life. Eldraza was a place where something interesting happened every day, and the young Kal drank it up greedily. Even now, after graduation, Eldraza was not a boring place to live. even so...
"Tomorrow we take another step forward," Kal announced to his friends. "We leave behind a life of study to travel the kingdom in the name of our king and our order. I won't lie, as difficult as that sounds, it will be worth it just to hear our names in the songs for once."

The halls were semi-crowded with wizards many their last day as they get ready to leave out on their adventures. Ryner seemed not so amused by these people who garnish the halls. Being a trickster it would normally seem like prank day for him but he had a few things on his mind himself. Ryner walked the halls bored feeling pretty mundane, as he thought to himself what happens next. In truth Ryner really didn't care about serving a king but he would do it to leave this place. His true goal is after his mission is over he wanted to travel, and learn more about the unknown.

Ryner had walked near the training grounds where he had seen some people doing what seemed like talking. This was a glorious opportunity for him to invigorate his trickster mood. The first thing he noticed about them was the girl and here wardrobe as he gave off a smirk. Ryner placed his hands outward and with his magick caused the wind to blow hard into their direction picking up the wind along with Ravens skirt. When the wind settled Ryner was crouched low behind Raven looking up at her panties. "You know thats a bold chose for someone like you Ice queen, but I approve." Ryner Smiled sticking out a thumbs up to Raven not caring what she might do to him, by his views it was worth it.

Raven stood up and adjusted herself quickly, she was getting used to the teasing cause for some reason wizards like Ryner had to make her time here hell. "Do grow up Rynerd, you are a grown man and wizard it may have been cute when you were a small boy but now it is just pathetic. You need to pull these "pranks" to see up a woman's skirt while Kal and Thane only ask and any woman here would throw themselves at them...pathetic worm." The ice wizard stated furiously so opposite from how she would usually respond to a childish prank.

Raven hadn't realized that she had was lowing the temputure in the room so much so that frost started to build up around her, she quickly stopped and felt embarrassed for making a novice mistake and losing control of her magicks do to her emotions. She looked to Thane and Kal, "Sorry if you would excuse me, I have some packing to finish see you...all tomorrow." Raven said cringing at the fact that Ryner was in their group as well.

The sorceress picked up her staff and hopped off the bleachers where she sat and walked away. Tears threat to come out but she would not give some one like Ryner the satisfaction of making her cry, if she would she would cry for a joyful reason.

Raven made her way to the woman's dorms and sat in the public area not wanting to fill her room with the negative aura that was sure to be around her. Raven sat not thinking of much for a moment then out of nowhere she smiled, "blue lacy."

The icy chill started to cool down his body a little but not just the chill from her magick, but from her words as well. He stood up his hand rubbing the back of his neck wearing the i messed up face expression. "I didnt think she would take it so hard damn. I'm going to have to apologize to her it just how the flow goes, but not right this second." Ryner Sat in the bleachers looking over at Kal and Thane and gave off a sigh of boredom.

"So guys it would seem that today is our last normal day here seeing as we head out tomorrow. To me i feel it sucks not the leaving part the mission part. I really only do it because the flow points in that direction and it gives me a chance to hang out with you guys again. However once this is over I want you guys to know I might travel the world like my mother used to do searching for knowledge." Ryner sight changed from the two of them to up to the blue sky there was a whole world out their full of secrets and he wanted to know them.

The Big O
Thane rasied an eyebrow at Ryner. After all these years, he was still aiming to be a prankster. But he was also a dreamer, so Thane figured that that balanced some things out. But he was going to "prank" the wrong person one day and it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that you guys are excited. I won't have to feel weird should I want to break out into song when we begin our travels tomorrow. But a word of advice, Ryner; please do not pull any of your so-called pranks. I would like to leave this place in a rather distinguished manner. It would be most disconcerting to begin our new lives with people remembering only some foul mess generated by your wild sense of humor." Thane semi-smiled as he said this.

'It's a good thing he didn't try to play tricks on me earlier. I might have accidentally killed him,' Kal thought, looking at Ryner. 'One day, that might just happen to him, if he isn't careful.' "I would suggest apologizing to her before tomorrow. It wouldn't do for her to cold snap the morning when we are about to leave." he said out loud, shuddering at the thought of such chill. Winter was already coming. "There's a lot to be said about discipline, my friend, but something tells me you were absent from that lesson." he added, grinning.

Ryner smirked at his friends words, even thought their spoke the truth. He had so many thought running through his head that tomorrow was really more of a burden on him. However non the less he would have to have some serious nature included into it since his life wasn't only at risk. "Hardy har har Thane maybe I want to leave with a bang it all really depends on how the world moves me. As for my disciple i have plenty i just choose to use it."

Ryner Stood up and stretched a little then reached into his pocket pulling out two small boxes. "Well guys I must go see a pretty Raven about forgiveness so i guess i'll see you guys later. Also here's a gift from me to you." At those words he tossed both of them a box. Inside each box was compressed magic wind and itching powder. No matter how he tried he couldn't stop his tricks it calmed him as he walked away from them towards the woman's dorms.

Ryner walked into the woman's dorms not too sure what he was going to say to Raven, he was never too big on apologies. He walked through the halls and asked a girl if she knew where Raven was, she easily pointed him in the direction of the public area. There he seen her sitting by herself so he sat down beside her. "So this is where you are sitting here by yourself huh? I came here because you see I feel bad I made you really angry at me, and i'm not the best with apologies you see. Well i wanted to say i'm ah sorry for my little prank and will you forgive me."

Raven was reading a book one of her friends made, it was a children's book with with tons of goofy characters, it had lighten her mood and she felt better. That feeling of hate did not sit well with her because she had never felt it so intensely even when the others would mock her simply because they did not understand her but there was something different about Ryner that just set her off today, maybe it is the stress she kept telling herself.

Everything negative was being forgotten and her aura was clearing up...until Ryner showed up, just his face sent her mood back to how it once was and when he spoke it made her cringe. "Hollow words from a trickster, I do not believe in some one like you." that said she grabbed her belongings and walked off to her room, "If you choose to follow me again I well call a guard and if that does not stop you I shell."

Walking into Raven's room was walking into a wonderland of colors and sweetness, it would make most sick with its bright colors decorating the walls but she loved it. Suddenly a tiny flying squirrel jumped on to her shoulder and rubbed its back on Raven's face. "Aww how ya doing Pepe, still here hmm, you know tomorrow I leave so you will have to leave with me, " she said pulling out a small nut giving it to the squirrel, it took the nut and jumped of Raven shoulder and onto a table and begun working on it. "Aw your so adorable Pepe but enough of this silliness time to get down to business...CUPCAKE TIME!" she said readying herself to bake.

The Big O
Thane looked at the small package and then to Kal. "Does he honestly expect us to fall for such a thing," he said with a hint of astonishment. "Ryner is certainly a character." Thane's hand began to glow and the package suddenly caught fire and he quickly dropped it.

Without his bow, his magicks were nowhere near as powerful and destructive and setting small things ablaze this way was much more easier to contain. Starting back towards the castle, Thane asked Kal, "So what do you want to do for the rest of the day? We have no classes to attend. No homework to do. I'm almost afraid that I'm becoming bored."

Her words had stung again this time even when Ryner tried to apologize she shut him down with harsh word. However he couldn't go on through the day knowing that she was so mad at him especially over a small prank like that. When Raven walked away he did not heed her words and followed a little behind till she entered her room. Ryner walked up to her door and sat down with his back against it. He let out a sigh and knocked at her door just to get her attention more then to have her open it.

"Look hear me out before you call the guards or whatever okay. Look
I know i was an idiot but, if you had went through the things i went through growing up you'd understand why I pull pranks. I guess you could say I pull them to relax from my worries you know. From the worries of tomorrow and the worries of not being able to see you guys afterwards. So I'm sorry, damn you have me out here showing pouring out my emotion to you and we dont even date." Ryner let out a small chuckle from his last response still hoping she wouldn't be mad at him any more, which was a large hope seeing how angry she was at him.

Raven was happily baking tons of cupcakes for their journey tomorrow, she wasn't joking about being worried cause there was no sweets in the wild. There was a knock on her door and she was about to answer when the person of the hour walked in, her unexplained anger swelled up again just his presence was enough to set her off.

Raven was about to call for the guards when Ryner started to speak and tell her his excuse for having fun at others expense. "Everyone has problems so don't use that as an excuse, you want my forgiveness you will have to earn it . That little prank wasn't your first you pulled on me and I don't trust you but now I have to rely on you to have my back when we leave and I just do have any faith in you." Raven stops to think for a second, "If you want my forgiveness then I challenge you to a duel to first blood, if you win I will forgive you and we will leave with a clean slate...but if I win you will abandon the mission and stay here."

Ryner was shocked at her solution it was so unlike her to say something like that. "Whoa princess a fight to first blood sounds drastic plus I could never try to hurt you. Everyone knows I don't attack women it's just who I am and if you dont like that then i'd soon let you stay mad at me." Ryner turned away from Raven and walked out her room door. He didn't know what was wrong with her today getting all angry from such a little prank, then challenging him to a match to first blood. He didn't know what to say to her after that all he could do was return back to his room and pack for tomorrows mission.

Kal looked at Thane. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to leave you with your boredom for a while. I have to follow my own advice and apologize to some people I've offended. Unless you'd like to come and witness my humiliation." With that, the young wizard walked away, back on the direction he had come.

Reiko from afar was observing the conversation between Raven and Ryner. Without saying a word he figured now would be the best time to keep his mouth shut. Reiko had no interest in a conflict he could so easily avoid. He took out a letter he had received hours ago from the inn he had stayed in inside the kingdom. It read "you told me you would stay, but all you did was given me one night with you. I'm not sock in the head I just wa..." And before he finished reading Reiko ripped it up and threw it to the wind. Reiko stood up from where he was sitting "I have no time for games"

The Big O
Thane let Kal go his own way. They would be spending plenty of time together starting tomorrow. At the moment, Thane just wanted to be by himself and work on a few things.

As he headed back to the castle, he was going over the spell he was trying to create that would enchant a mirror so he could communicate with his family whenever he wanted to. It was a true challenge for him. Regardless of graduating, there was still a plethora of things wizards didn't know or could do and for Thane, creating a communicating mirror was one of them.

He allowed his mind to wonder and started thinking about the possibilities of just what he may learn on his new journey. The way Thane saw it, there were so many possibilities for so many situations that he was getting a little dizzy. He decided to get a drink and head back to his room.

When he got back to his room, he smiled. It took some work but his room was immaculately spotless. There wasn't a thing out of place or a dust bunny in sight. He knew he was a neat freak, as did his friends but he was completely okay with this. All his clothes were still in the closet or folded neatly in a drawer. He didn't pack anything because he wanted to do this from scratch.

All he was taking was his bow, his book that had a couple of spells in it and the mirror he was trying to enchant, which all laid neatly on a chair in the corner of his room. Without anything to do but entertain his onw thoughts and fantasies about tomorrow, Thane laid out on his bed and smiled. Everything started tomorrow.

"tss...coward," Raven spat after him. Only a fool would turn down a challenge due simply to ones gender, especially when the duel is a magick one, sure men were physically more strong but that did not apply here. If Rynar would try to even think about getting close to her he would surely forfeit his life in a match against her. The thought that he was being chivalrous never even crossed her mind, a simpleton like the boy trickster being so was impossible.

A squeak came from the flying squirrel that and been sitting on her desk, Raven looked down at him and he looked scared. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Mr. Pepe my anger was not directed at you but that fool Rynar," she said with a smile picking up the rodent and petting it. Raven felt the tension leave her mind then a ding came from the hourglass she had cast a small spell on to remind her to take out her cupcakes from the furnace, "Its time to get some unhealthy sugary cream on these delicious little guys," Raven chimed drooling and overly excised.

Reiko had followed Raven, curious about her flying squirrel. He examined it and then walked casually up to Raven. "Is it a spell" he pointed to the flying squirrel. Reiko tends to be rather curious about things he doesn't understand. After using magic for so long he has lost contact with what's real and what's an delusion created by a fading mind.

Raven had been busy at work on the cupcakes thats she didn't hear Reiko come in so when she heard the mans voice she jumped and if she hadn't learn control in the first years in the castle she would have froze in a solid block of ice. Raven put her hand over her heart and started to breathe again, "Hey..Reiko...didn't hear you come in or knock for that matter," Raven said studying Reiko's curious expression. "Well she is a real squirrel, I found her four months ago in the court yard, injuried, so I brought her here. Her name is Mr. Pepe, I didn't know she was a female until after I named her of course." Raven explained. This was the most Raven had spoken to Reiko, they really didn't talk to much other then hello and how you do. "would you like a cupcake, I just finished a batch, they're delicious." Raven said with a smile holding one of the worlds finest cupcake up to Reiko's face.

Ryner walked through the halls of the girls dorm on his way out when a breeze blew past him pushing shredded paper in his face. Ryner took the paper from his face and the torn pieces read out one night. Ryner sighed he knew where the flow was pointing and he didn't like it, but he could never ignore the flow. So Ryner turned around and headed back towards Ravens room thinking how daft the girl was. The worst was how daft he had to be to have feelings for such a girl after all these years.

Ryner got up to her room and just came out with it not noticing someone was there. "Fine you want to go through with stupid things then fine but if someone dies there wont be any forgivness to give to anyone." That was when he noticed Reiko or how he sees him as Reiko the Gigolo ready to make a sexual meal of any girl. He never minded Reiko they were okay friends. However he could never forgive him if he made his next meal out of Raven. "Hey Reiko...So whats going on here."

"Thank-you, I couldn't say no " he took one bite "dear god!" He shoved the whole thing in his mouth. Right as he did Ryner asked him a question. He pointed to the cupcakes trying to mumble how amazing they are. Once he swallowed he looked at Raven " that was a cupcake sent from the heavens !" He bowed to her with a smile on his face. He saw the squirrel Mr. Pepe. "Can I pet her ?"

Raven's smile got brighter seeing Reiko enjoy the cupcake she was going to offer another but then...he that shell not be named walked it, Reiko had asked her a question but she didn't understand all she had was that child speak again.

"Fine then maybe you do have some sort of back bone and don't worry I have control over my magicks so I wouldn't kill you maybe smack you around a little bit." Raven said walking over to her staff and grabbing it. "Everyone to the arena!" she said moving to the door and waiting for the boys to get out, "Mr. Pepe don't eat all the cupcakes okay?" she said eyeing the rodent.

Ryner didn't like the idea of stricking a women with or without magick. It was just how he was, so the thought of having a bout with Raven seemed too much. "It's not having control of someones magick I'm worried about more rather then someone doing something that could cost someones life. Juat know if it comes to it ill step up even if it costs.." Ryner stopped talking he felt like he was getting too sentimental for himself.

The feeling he had in that moment just had him so uneasy. He hated feeling like this even knowing its the only real chose. He had been to emotional today and it was taking a tole. He needed to let off this emotinal energy with pranks, so many pranks the thought was jusrt eating at his brain. Ryner knew he had to contain this anxiety and get throught this stupidity that this daft women concocted as he followed out behind her.

Kal has made his way back to the chamber where his debate had been held. There was no one there now, save for old Master Forren. Ancient, withered, and almost blind, Forren's true age was unknown to most wizards, but rumors claimed he was well over one hundred years. He had been the head teacher of Kal's generation of students, and was, in Kal's mind, the greatest and wisest man in the order.
"That was some performance you gave today, young Kalhazred," The old wizard rasped as Kal drew near. "Though perhaps for the wrong stage. Next time, use your theories in court, and save your demonstrations for the arena."
Kal bowed low. "Forgive my rudeness, Master - "
"Bah!" Forren snorted. "Worry not, child. I may not see much these days, but the look on young Belmont's face in that one moment... It was a sight I shall remember, even if I live to be a thousand." the old man chuckled. Such a rare sight, the Master laughing at anything, thought Kal. "Anyways," Forren rumbled on. "I've spoken with the other council members, and we all agree, given tomorrow's excitement, that your debate will be postponed until such time when you return from your mission."
Kal was stunned. "Master... You are too kind - "
"Oh shut it," the old Man grumbled, but he looked pleased all the same. "If today's fiasco ends up being the worst mistake of your career, then consider yourself fortunate."
"As you say, Master."
"I'm serious, boy! You and those going with you tomorrow - You are unlike any other generation that has passed through this castle. Never has this order seen such concentrated talent since the days of the ancient wizards long dead. You may have rough edges, but great powers and pure souls burn within you all. Yes, you and your friends are destined for great things, Alexander Kalhazred III. I feel it in these old bones." And without another word, the wizard shuffled away, guided more by his memory of the castle than his eyes.
Kal stood there for what felt like an eternity, letting Forren's words sink in. "Ancient wizards long dead," he muttered. He shook his head and walked in the direction of his room. He was halfway there when he heard a familiar voice.
'Everyone to the arena!' It was Raven's voice. "You can not be serious!" Kalhazred said aloud, though no one was around to hear him. "So soon? We haven't even left yet, and those two are already trying to kill each other!" He switched directions and started down a hallway that would lead him to the arena. Master Forren's words were placed at the back of the young wizard's mind. He had to deal with this problem before it became a disaster.

Reiko had followed them towards the arena. "Very persistant" He said aloud not intending to get a response. As he walked a child in a black cloak had just appeared in front of him. He walked right threw as if it was a ghost. His eyes became widend when he saw this. The child reaveled her face. He saw the others walk on ahead as he stopped in awe. "W...what do you want now ?" It was a little girl in a black cloak. "They can't see me" Reiko shook his head. "No body can see you but me. You are not real!" The little girl giggled and faded away with the breeze leaving him with these words "You finally understand" He shook his head and looked around. "...the sickness...It's getting worse" He closed his eyes for a moment. Then he opened them to see Raven and Ryner very far off. Reiko ran to catch up.

He kept telling himself he would be ok, but inside he felt sick. A condition he had recieved from a spell he had made a fatal error on, he knew it would kill him in the end. None the less Reiko kept moving along with the rest worrying when the voices, figures and elusions will appear again. Luckily for Reiko he carries a medicine bag for when it gets really severe. Thus the point of why he mastered healing.

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Raven was too focus on her duel to notice Reiko's little freak out, they reached the arena and thankfully it was still empty. The outside air was getting cool and she could feel the moisture in the air, it was perfect for her. Raven jumped down into the arena cushioned by the sand below, her bare feet were comfort by the cool sand, "This is going to be great," she says to herself. "Alright Rynar lets do this," Raven said coldly gripping her staff firmly.

As Reiko reached the arena he stood in between Raven and Ryner "remember I can heal you both when needed so don't kill eachother" he then walked a good distance away from them both. He didn't know what to expect from these two.

Ryner didn't like what he had to do but the flow had pointed him there for a reason. He stood in the arena facing towards Raven not wanting to do this as he took a deep breath. Ryner then clinched his hand and pointed it outward. "I offer up this contract to release the one trapped within the wind be Freed." From those words A spiral of wind appeared in front of him and bursting out was a man with short spike silver hair, who wore a sword on his left hip. The man wore a tattered white cape his shirt and pants and shoes where all as black as night. The man drew his blade which was as crimson as blood but showed no sign of it as he spoke. "Ready boss" Ryner nodded at him and signaled Raven to bring it.

Raven was already chanting while Ryner was summoning his swordsmen, a magic circle appeared beneath Raven's feet, there was a giant ring of water hovering above Raven. The ice wizard suddenly pointed her staff toward Rynar, "pluvia glacies!"she said firmly. Water started to shoot out like rain toward Rynar and just before it neared her enemy the droplets froze and took on the form of small icicles, she made sure that they were not large enough to be lethal.

"I don't think so princess" Freed had yelled out as he jumped in front of Ryner. Freed slashed his sword downward pushing out a force of wind pushing back some of the icicles. He then pushed his sword horizontally in front of him producing a shield of wind that destroyed every icicle that hit it. Ryner took the chance to move dashing out from behind Freed on his right side holding to balls of wind in his hand. Ryner through each wind ball out one after another throwing his own barrage of magick at her. Ryner didn't want to fight Raven but it seemed like he had to. After all this he thought he would need a nap from all this crap. It kind of made him question the one question he was thinking about asking.

Icicles shattered all around the arena floor thus making it easier for Raven to attack Ryner in all direction. Raven prepared for a counter attack by rising her own defense, a thick wall of ice that separated Ryner and the swordsman from herself also blocking the wind attack. Raven then formed the shattered ice that laid behind Ryner into an orb of water, it begun to shoot more icicles rapidly at Ryner and the swordsman leading them away from each other and into a trap, all the while Raven is still chanting.

Reiko was very impressed with there skills. With each moment he looked back and forth between the two wondering what move would be next. Although Reiko wasn't much for conflict until left no choice, he did hope one of them would be hurt so he can show off his major skills in the power of healing. Since he did a lot of healing on himself he knew he would be the perfect allie.

Kal walk to the edge of the arena, twirling his cane in his hands. He noticed Reiko, an expert in healing magick, close by. Clearly, Reiko understood the risks of Raven and Ryner's little game as well as he did. However, if it came down to that, Kal was certain he could end the fight himself before anyone became injured.

Freed noticed the water orb behind him and Ryner instantly yelling out. "Behind boss!" Ryner quickly dodged rolling forward the icicles easily turning his cloak into a pin cushion. Soon as he got out his roll he took off to the right trying his best to avoid Ravens attacks. Freed did quite the opposite he finded off most of the attack with the magick wind his sword gave off. With Freeds other hand he cast another wind spell speeding up his movement then sprinted toward Ryner. Ryner then changed direction running towards Freed meeting in the middle. Ryner clinched his hands together and concentrated his energy releasing it into a bubble of wind to protect him and Freed. " We he have 30 seconds left Freed." "Yeah I know we have to make them count." Freed then faced the ice wall and charged his sword with a large amount of energy slashing quickly at the wall carving into it like a hot knife through butter. He then switched places with Ryner holding up the barriar keeping the icicles back and Ryner took his turn with it. Ryner charged to balls of wind in his had slamming them into the wall over and over till the time was up. In that instant Ryner stopped and Freed disappeard forcing Ryner to be ready to evade Ravens attacks.

Holding back such spells was starting to become tiring to Raven more so then just unleashing the full force of them, she needed to end this quickly before Ryner turn the tables. Raven took a deep breath and swung her staff toward her ice wall which made ice shards fly at Ryner, he was so close to the wall it was almost assured it would hit, she was so focused on winning that she forgot to rebuild the ice wall defenses and the last attack farther weaked it.

Ryner was in a tough spot it was either get hit or defend and attack since he had not time to dodge. In that one instant the spikes started to come towards him he took a need breath and with a booming echoed voice yelled out. "Boo-Rrow!" Ryner let loose his Enochian magick not truly trying to not us it but had no chose. The attack pushed back and shattered Ravens spikes but the attack wasn't aimed at the spikes. The attack was actually aimed at the spot him and Freed had been working on. It was the weakest spot on the ice wall causing it to shatter from all the damage done to it along with Ravens neglect to fix it. Ryner Readied himself taking another deep breath waiting for the right moment to unleash another booming voice attack.

Raven's eyes widen as her all of shattered and fell, she quickly cast another spell, "glacies servo!" An ice shield formed around her but it was to no use as it shattered like thin glass. The blasted forced Raven back several feet making her crash into the arena wall behind her, covered in ice and blood coming from cuts all over her body it was clear the winner was Ryner. Raven didn't expect such a powerful spell at least not in a duel that wasn't to the death. The ice wizard struggled to pick herself up but settled for just sitting on her knees, her head was spinning she may hit her head on the arena,"good shot..." she said falling forward on her face then rolled over on her back.

Hitosu Moriko
"Boo-Rrow" The voice echoed for some distance waking up a man taking a nap near the training grounds he got up from the ground still feeling tired and a bit groggy. Ibatsu went in his bag he used as a pillow and pulled a spring flower and took a sniff the energy surrounding the flower quickly picked up Ibatsu grogginess and made him fully awake. Ibatsu sneezed a bit after smelling the flower "The smell of spring flowers always bites my sinuses whenever it gets the chance huh?". Ibatsu put his kit away and touched the ground "Hmm the ground is unnaturally cold a few meter's away best stay out it assuming I heard that roar it is most likely a fight going on, besides I've got more important things to do." Ibatsu pulls out a small document with his mission briefing "Monster sightings have been seen near the kingdom and they must be stopped so I am to not only Fight the monsters but heal anyone in need of assistance, hmmm pretty simple but most likely this mission won't be a doozy since I have to help humans and there not understanding about magick they would probably freak out if I try to heal them from a monster attack." Ibatsu got up and headed towards the training grounds he saw Ryner and Raven duking it out in the arena he also noticed Reiko and just walked over to him "Who's Ryner training with?"

Ryner exhaled seeing his victory was clear and immediately ran over to Ravens side waving for Reiko to come help heal her. It was never his true intention to use that magick on her but it was what was needed to speed up their bout. Ryner picked Sat down next to Raven and put her in his arms making sure she was alright. "You know it was never my intention to hurt you like i said i don't usually fight women, and don't you take that sexist. It's just i feel women shouldn't be struck at all if it can be helped, seemed like it couldn't be helped in this situation though. So does this mean I'm forgiven."

Reiko looked at the stranger. "Her name is Raven and she put up one Hell of a fight" Reiko then stood up and looked at the man. "Now if you will excuse me I have work to do" Reiko then walked onto the battlefield between the two combatants. He moved on his hands in a specific pattern. "Healing of a phoenix" a light surround the three of them. Small crystal like structures appeared as a phoenix appeared. When it opened its mouth a light had reached them. In a matter of seconds wounds were healed and the phoenix had left leaving nothing but white feathers. Reiko had caught one of them and stashed it in his pocket. "You both fought with great excellence" Reiko walked up to Ryner and patted him on the back. He then walked over to Raven "how do you feel?"

Raven wanted nothing more then to freeze Ryner into a jerkicle but a deal is a deal, "you did win didn't you...your over reacting it's not as bad as it looks," Raven giggles sitting up. Reiko works his magicks and it feels wonderful, although her head still dizzy, " mouth taste like...pur-ple. Anyways thanks Reiko your abilities are phenomenal." Raven stands to her feet and looks down and sees her outfit is shredded and a lot of skin is showing, "excuse me," she says blushing then runs out of the arena forgetting her staff behind.

The Big O
Not knowing that he had dozed off, Thane awoke with a startled yelp followed by the lamp right across from him blasting into pieces after he heard that loud voice. He knew without a doubt that it was Ryner seeing as no one else at the castle could shout that loud.

He got out of bed and started cleaning up what was the remains of his lamp. As he was doing this, Thane was mentally chastising himself for not having more restraint. Because his powers were tied to his emotions, namely surprise and anger, he had to be more careful than other seeing as one flare of his temper could blast a hole in the wall. It was a good thing that he had no roommates. That would be extremely unfortunate or them.

When Thane finished cleaning, he started to wonder what exactly had made Ryner use his ancient magicks like that. He shook his head and pushed it out of his mind. Today was a day of rest and relaxation. Any- and everything else could wait until tomorrow.

Hitosu Moriko
Ibatsu noticed Raven left something of importance behind her staff he then went to Reiko "Um This is Raven's right?, I'll go return it to her." Ibatsu followed the cold energy to Raven *So this cold energy it was her i can feel it in the ground for a few seconds I can use this to track her down and give this staff back to her.* Ibatsu then saw what appeared to be the ice wizard almost in front of him a few meter's ahead RAVEN!!!! Ibatsu called out to her hoping she would pay attention

Reiko did not trust Ibatsu one bit. Especially the way he said he was going to give Raven back her staff. Of course Reiko would never let him know to avoid immediate conflict. Reiko soon found himself following Ibatsu and leading up to the current events between the two.

Raven heads back to her room walking quickly trying not to be seen by any other wizards luckily the halls are empty but suddenly she hears her name being called. Raven turns and sees Ibatsu, another person that will be going on the mission tomorrow followed by Reiko, she waits for them to catch up and notices that Ibatsu has her staff in hand. Gasping she realizes that she had left her staff on the arena floor, everyone must think she's an idiot now for leaving her conduit like that. With out a conduit a wizard is pretty much a common human with a few magic tricks but Raven staff was not her conduit but the amulet that she hides under her shirt.

Blushing Raven holds up her hand and says, "adveho." The staff disappears momentarily and reappears in Ravens hand. "Thank you so much for bringing me my staff, I don't know what I was thinking leaving my conduit behind like a third rate wizard." she says with a bow.

Ryner was going to give Raven her staff but it seemed like Ibatsu was already going to do that so he decided to head to his room to pack. After packing he was going to finish setting up his prank for tomorrow something to relive the stress of going on this mission. It was strange for someone with so much knowledge of Ancient magick to be such a prankster people thought. Ryner had mad it too his room and started packing some cloths and some of his prank items. Some of which can be used for offence like his itching wind in a box, the same type he gave to his friends could push someone back a couple feet. After packing Ryner started working on some fire works pouring a white powder in each one and caping each. When he was done he layed down on his back looking up at his ceiling and just couldn't stop thinking about Raven till he shut his eyes.

Hitosu Moriko
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Raven heads back to her room walking quickly trying not to be seen by any other wizards luckily the halls are empty but suddenly she hears her name being called. Raven turns and sees Ibatsu, another person that will be going on the mission tomorrow followed by Reiko, she waits for them to catch up and notices that Ibatsu has her staff in hand. Gasping she realizes that she had left her staff on the arena floor, everyone must think she's an idiot now for leaving her conduit like that. With out a conduit a wizard is pretty much a common human with a few magic tricks but Raven staff was not her conduit but the amulet that she hides under her shirt.

Blushing Raven holds up her hand and says, "adveho." The staff disappears momentarily and reappears in Ravens hand. "Thank you so much for bringing me my staff, I don't know what I was thinking leaving my conduit behind like a third rate wizard." she says with a bow.

Ibatsu was surprised that the staff disappeared from his hand but for him to see it was with its owner he was fine Ibatsu bowed back "It was no problem i'm just glad you've got it back it seemed very important, I was also fascinated by your match your very skilled I would never consider you third-rate."Ibatsu notices Reiko following behind and doesn't say a word to him he most likely knows why he followed along and Ibatsu was disappointed a little bit he waited till he was done speaking to Raven.

'Hmm... That actually went rather predictably,' Kal thought. He was almost disappointed. The best duals always were always exciting, but this one was clearly not going down in history. 'At least they had the good sense to end the fight when they did. Many a young wizard is killed because they do not know when to rest.' Kal turned and walked away towards the direction of his room. He had his own preparations to make.


"I'm sorry, young Kal. There is nothing we can do. We can't allow you to ride dying horses."
"Are you saying we will all have to to walk to Delmore? Madness! That would take a month at least! How did this even happen?"
"We... Do not know. They all suddenly fell ill overnight. Most of them will be dead by this afternoon. No healing magicks have worked yet."
Kal swore. What an ugly morning this had turned out to be. He had woken up early to talk to the stable master, only to find this catastrophe. If the group could not ride by horse to their destination, then there was little point in leaving the castle at all. Unless...
"The nearest town is Gant, isn't it?"
"Aye, about 2 days walk."
"Right. If we make that trek, would it be possible to to get horses there? Or some caravans, even?"
The stable master thought about it. He was a huge man, with an equally large beard, which he was constantly scratching. "I know a lad who works at the stable there. I could send a bird out to him, if you like."
"That would be much appreciated. I'm sorry about your horses."
"My thanks, young wizard. I got some nice foals I could raise, but in the meantime..." The master wandered off mid sentence, lost in thought.
Kal left the stables and started walking back towards the castle. "The others aren't going to like this," he thought aloud.

Ryner had woke to a new day, a day that he would leave the castle for a long while. Ryner positioned the fireworks so that they would explode right over the castle high up in the air. He then made his way to the mess hall to grab a bite to eat before he had to head out on the mission. On his way he had spotted Kal and yelled out to him to get his attiontion as it seemed like he was lost in thought. "Kal hey over here whats up!"

The Big O
As the morning sun shone on his face through his bedroom window, Thane realized that today was the day. The first day of the rest of his life. The start of life's REAL adventure. Thane was so excited that he started giggling like a young school girl.

He quickly hopped out of bed and raced to the communial showers, not slowing down his pace. He went back to his room to dress in his standard brown leather vest and green shorts. Once he was finished, he grabbed his equipment and headed out of his room. He didn't know exactly where he should head to so he started towards Master Forren's chambers.

He didn't know whether or not the old man would know, but it was a good chance he did. He walked with an excited purpose and his head was held high. Today, he would become somebody.

((Showers? I don't think so, O. This isn't Hogwarts. XD))
Kal sighed. "We are in a bit of trouble, my friend. The stables are in chaos. Every horse is on the verge of death, so we must walk to Gant and try our luck with their stables." He whacked a nearby stone with his cane, sending it flying low across the ground. "I'm not liking this. If it was a more important mission, where the fate of the entire kingdom was at stake, we couldn't afford to be this late."
The door to Forren's chambers opened, and the old wizard limped out. Even blind, he could sense the air of excitement that surrounded Thane. He swilled a small cup of smoking purple liquid in his hand. "My boy, you should be out front of the castle!" He wheezed, draining the potion in one, and making a face. "Terrible stuff!" he spat, "But it helps with the bones. Come now, help an old man get down to the courtyard. I have to make some embarrassing speech about you lot before you leave."

Originally posted by Hitosu Moriko
Ibatsu was surprised that the staff disappeared from his hand but for him to see it was with its owner he was fine Ibatsu bowed back "It was no problem i'm just glad you've got it back it seemed very important, I was also fascinated by your match your very skilled I would never consider you third-rate."Ibatsu notices Reiko following behind and doesn't say a word to him he most likely knows why he followed along and Ibatsu was disappointed a little bit he waited till he was done speaking to Raven.
Raven bowed to the man and says good night then turns on her heels and continues to work on making cuppy cakes for the trip. The young wizard makes enough cupcakes to last for a month but knowing how many cupcakes she can consume she figured they would probably last a couple weeks.

The next morning Raven grabbed her enchanted bag and her staff and headed out the door. She was not in her usual clothing but in a light blue tunic and tight black pants that fit her quite well, she also had shoes, she'd normally hate walking around the castle with shoes but since they were leaving to the outside it was a must. To top her outfit off she threw over a deep blue cloak that covered her body.

Raven made her way to the courtyard where the wizards that were going on the mission were to gather before they were off, she was really early and hadn't seen any of the guys yet so she sat on a stone bench and daydreamed about the delicious cupcakes she had baked last night.

Ryner laughed at Kal for making what was no big deal into something its not."We'll look at it this way it's not a mission that important and it give us some ground time leaving us with time to see the sights, instead of riding right past them."Ryner did not mind walking since he didn't like the idea of riding horses all day long. What he did however mind was leaving the castle with a bang."So dumb luck today you have the honor to eat lunch with the king of tricks. So lets go you need food in you especially for our long trip ahead." Ryner grabbed Kal by his arm and pulled him with him walking off towards the mess hall.

The Big O
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((Showers? I don't think so, O. This isn't Hogwarts. XD))
The door to Forren's chambers opened, and the old wizard limped out. Even blind, he could sense the air of excitement that surrounded Thane. He swilled a small cup of smoking purple liquid in his hand. "My boy, you should be out front of the castle!" He wheezed, draining the potion in one, and making a face. "Terrible stuff!" he spat, "But it helps with the bones. Come now, help an old man get down to the courtyard. I have to make some embarrassing speech about you lot before you leave." (What? A bath house then? I was gonna say that.)

Thane just smiled at the old man. He always knew just what to say in every situation. "As you wish, Master." Thane placed a hand on his teacher's shoulder to guide him through this labyrinth they called home. This was more for sentimental reasons than necessity seeing as just about everyone who knows Forren also knows that he knows the castle like the back of his hand.

"Do you remember when I first came here, Master? How I kept freezing the class whenever I was asked a question," he chuckled. "It was you who first told me that my powers are tied to my emotions and that I had to get a hold of myself before I could ever hope to get a hold of them."

Hitosu Moriko
Last Night

Ibatsu turned to Reiko and gave him a disappointed look "I know why you followed me and I'm ashamed I know your looking out for your friend but were going to be working together on a mission soon." Ibatsu gave a sigh and turned around to head back to his quarters and said to Reiko as he trailed off "If you can't trust in your team mates just know the whole team can fall apart like that also a side note I would never inflict damage on someone unless I was provoked physically with that I say good night".


Ibatsu woke up early in the morning he took Rosemary herbs and had the scrub him clean "Ah Rosemary the best demon repellent in the world and great intoxicating aroma" Ibatsu headed to the Courtyard to prepare his mission he packed most of his herbs and medical equipment he also packed some edible roots and herbs even some water he walked in the Stables and notices Raven he waved to her and checked his bag if there was anything he will need.

Originally posted by The Big O
"Do you remember when I first came here, Master? How I kept freezing the class whenever I was asked a question," he chuckled. "It was you who first told me that my powers are tied to my emotions and that I had to get a hold of myself before I could ever hope to get a hold of them."

((This isn't the present day - its fantasy-eval, so everyone gets bathhouses and chamber pots. XD))

"I swear that sped my arthritis right up, it did," Forren grumbled, though he was actually smiling. "Took you a while, but you got it done didn't you?." They moved slowly along a small corridor, a shortcut that would take them closer to the front doors. "All of you have done a damn good job," the ancient wizard rasped. "Truth be, we weren't even thinking of sending you lot to do this. It's a job too advanced for most graduates, but, well, you aren't most graduates. I told young Alexander this, and I'll say it to you. You may lack a little discipline, but your powers are exceptional! You all have what it takes to change this world forever. Keep that in mind, but don't let it get to your head." The old man chuckled, proud of his little riddle.
The pair finally emerged into the sunlight. There was a small crowd of people, mostly other graduates and older wizards, to give the team a farewell. Someone had pulled out a wooden instrument, and was whistling a happy tune through its modestly crafted chambers. There was much excitement and talking all around.
It was then that Kal was suddenly dragged into sight by a smiling Ryner. The graduate shook his fellow wizard off, and walked towards the font of the throng, giving the occasional nod to people he passed by. When he was in earshot of Master Forren, he opened his mouth, but the old wizard waved a knotted hand and croaked. "I already know, Alexander, we can discuss the horses later. I have to get this damned speech out of the way first, while my voice is still healthy."
'How in the thirteen hells does he know about the horses?' Kal wondered, but he bowed to his master and stepped back, stopping at the place where he and the others must stand for the ceremony. He closed his eyes, absently spinning his cane in his hands. He too wished this would be over quick. Even with the setback in the stables, he was still excited for what was to come.

It was about time the others got here, it seemed like she had been waiting hours, Raven was so excited to get started on their quest still not knowing about the horse incident. Raven got up from her waiting spot and join the master wizard and the others, the ice wizard gave a curtsy to the master and offered a smile, "it's great to see you again ancient one," she compliments.

"wow i woke up so late i need to hury up and get ready," nate said to himself why he got his cloths and sword ready "man i wont be able to polish it," he said wile loking at his slightly rusted sword "and one last thing this book my master gave me he said i would be able to open it when the time comes i hope its soon," he said runing out the dore to get breakfist and to go to the ceremony.

The Big O
Thane took his place with the other wizards after playfully punching Kal on the shoulder and giving a thumbs up as they walked past each other. He could barely contain himself. From previous ceremonies such as these, Thane could almost predict what the old man was going to say so that made him even more anxious for this to be over with.

"hm i wonder who the rest are," nate said as he never met the rest of the group "i think we where suposed to sit around here," as he said that he found a seat with his name on it "well i hope i see the rest of them soon," as he said that he exhaled thinking of all the fun battles he whould soon be in " man i cant wait!"

Ryner stood next to Kal And Thane looking around to see if he could catch sight of Raven but couldn't really. Ryner gave both Kal and Thane a piece of paper with a pentagram on it. "when the last Speech is said charge that or you might regret it it will block the next thing to come." Ryner snickered a little and walked off a looking for Raven and the others. Ryner walked past Nate and one of the papers with the pentagrams dropped beside him. Ryner kept moving till he finally came to Raven and Ibatsu handing them both a pentagram paper. "Guys activate that when the end of the speech happens or you might regret it i gave one to all our group." Ryner then walked off away from the others and just for fun gave a wave towards Master Forren knowing how blind he was. Ryner was getting ready to shoot off his fireworks he special mixture will surely surprise people he though. Ryner had boosted its mix so that it would show in the day time better so everyone could see and be amazed.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." Master Forren began, the second everyone was in position. "Bah! Who do I jest? Compared to me you're all still a pack of children!" This got a a small laugh here and there. "Anyways... What was I going to say again?"
Forren's speech was kept short. At his age, talking was too taxing for long winded words of farewell. It was however no less meaningful for it. Kal and the other students applauded politely as the old man sat down on his cushioned chair with a grunt. After him came a middle aged woman with striking features. Master lyrus was an expert in illusion magick, and she used her talents to their fullest with a song, images of great beauty shimmering in the air in time with her voice. Once again, everyone applauded.
Several other masters stood up to say some words, giving advice and warnings. Finally, it was Kal's turn. When everyone was seated again he stood up and faced his companions. "My friends, I hate to bring ill news, today of all days. However, something was brought to my attention this morning. Sometime last night, most of the horses in the stable fell into sickness. Of these, only three have survived, but they cannot be ridden, and so were also put to rest. To speak plainly, we cannot ride to our destination." Groans sounded from the assembled crowd, but Kal's voice rose above them. "We must walk the road to Gant and ask their stables for aid. I know it is unexpected, but there is nothing that can be done about it. If we do not endure something as mundane as this, we may as well not leave at all!" Kal turned and faced the masters. "Masters. We give our thanks. We are who we were born to be, thanks to your leadership and wisdom. We humbly - "
"Get on with it!" grumbled Forren, and the others laughed. Kal blushed slightly, but he bowed before the masters, and went back to his position, saying, "well, I guess that's all I have to say. Ryner, I'll leave the rest to you." He tapped his cane on the ground, activating the pentagram, wondering what on earth was going to happen now. With Ryner, just about anything was possible...

The Big O
"Thissius," Thane whispered to the sheet of paper Ryner had given him and the pentagram glowed a bright purple before vanishing. He was slightly annoyed that Ryner had decided to go through with a prank on this day. Especially with all of these people assembled. But what really got Thane's goat is the fact that everyone would think that the whole group had something to do with whatever Ryner had planned, seeing as he gave the whole contingent a sheet.

He tried to brace himself for whatever was to come but that could be anything seeing as Ryner had such a gigantic imagination. All Thane wanted to do now was make his way out of the castle and get to Gant. Hearing about the horses was sad news, indeed but he was comfortable traveling on foot as Thane's family were peasants and poor. They could not even afford a horse, so they would often travel to places on foot.

Gant was a two-days journey, so it wold seem that the real adventure would start as soon as they left Castle Eldraza's walls. Various dark creatures roamed the fields between Algara and Gant at night and that is where the contingent would camp. Thane could almost taste a battle soon to come. That was a given considering that anywhere outside a city was pretty much a free-for-all for any type of creature that wanted to claim an area.

Thane was so excited at the prospect of a battle, that he began to bounce on his tip-toes. If they did not leave soon, he would shout. But he also remembered that Ryner had something planned and that quickly calmed his nerves. What has this boy cooked up, Thane thought to himself. There was really no telling. He looked at Ryner and shook his head. These so-called pranks had better simmer down once they were on their way. He might even have some words for the wizard once they were out of the castle.

hm i wonder what this paper is all about well i dont realy care it whould be fun to go out with a bang i realy wonder what monster we will see first goblins,ogers,the living dead, or mabye even a stone colossuses man just thinking about the battles is makinng my adrenalin levels go of the charts man i might just explode good thing i got to polish my sword it looks as good as the day it was made the day i got my powers as he thought that he activated the paper anxious to see what happend.

Hitosu Moriko
Ibatsu received the paper that was from Ryner *This guy is infamous for his pranks I shouldn't carry something that could potently get me killed although whatever spell he put on this pentagram I'm sure i can use it as my own.* Ibatsu rolled up the paper and put it in one of his spare bottles he then extracted one of his herbs Yellow FoxGlove an acidic flower the flowers acid slowly started to dissolve the paper he received and broke it down in the mix in the bottle.*I feel bad for the person who get's hit with this bile*

Raven took the paper from Rynar holding back the urge to freeze him where he stood instead she took the paper with a smile. Examining the paper a bit she could tell it was some sort of protection spell probably involving a new prank, Raven sighed and tucked the paper into her cloak not wanting anything to do with the immature wizard. All she wanted was to get through the ceremony and be on their way the sooner the better, she was too anxious to deal with the tricksters stupidity and regretted holding back in their duel.

Raven was quite enthralled with everything that was happening it was like a dream, she enjoyed all the masters that got up and spoke and even sang, however when Kal came to spoke he was the barer of bad news. Raven gasped at the poor horses sudden illness and shed a tear for the creatures but when she was done moaning the death of the horses the whole walking plan sunk in. Raven was a wizard and spent her life learning spells and other things of that nature, she had no experience traveling especially on foot. With all that happened she almost forgot about Rynar's paper and the inevitable disaster that was about to take place, hopefully it wasn't as bad as she thought and the master's had planned for his nonsense.

Ryner got away from the big crowd to closer to his room but he knew he couldn't be there and at the assembly too. "I offer up this contract to release the one trapped within the wind be Freed." From those words A spiral of wind appeared in front of him and bursting out was Freed. Ryner was going to have Freed set of his prank while he blinded in. "Okay Freed all I need you to do is activate the fireworks in my room easy enough just use wind magic on the first and the rest will chain react." "Alright Bos."

Ryner returned to others slipping in till he was back in his original spot. Freed quickly ran up the steps to Ryners room and quickly opened the door closing it behind him. He easily spotted the fireworks and did as Ryner told him, the fuse then activated and and 3 seconds after the first the second lit. The first one shot out the window and high above the castle exploding in a beautiful flash of color right over Ryner and everyone else the flash spelled out words the first firework spelled out Good, the second Luck, third On your, fourth Missions, fifth be safe, sixth be safe. The last one fired after but this one was not words but a twin headed dragon accompanied by a finally of other beautiful flashes of color. As everyone had known who has ever been pranked by Ryner that the twin headed dragon was his insignia. Ryner soon got on top of the stage and said a few parting words himself. "This is my gift to all you Graduates a little flashy preformance to cheer one up and dawn the day of our leaving. Everyone Be safe on your journeys and be sure to enjoy the views along the way." Ryner left the stage with a smirk set on his face he was ready to leave the castle and he couldn't wait.

nate started claping with a few outher pepole even though some of ryners pranks where harmfull some of them were funy and this time nate was amazed he actualy did something like this the fireworks were amazing and i especially liked the twin headed dragon it was fun ryner brightend the mood in the usealy boring castle and nate thought it was a sign of good fortuin as it ended he was even more exited about the joruny.

Kal had to admit, it was a spectacular sight. If Ryner wasn't a magician, he would make a fine entertainer. Kal applauded along with everyone else, but when the clapping died down, he beckoned to the others. "If we are going to walk, we had better start now. Say whatever goodbyes you need to, but make it quick."
Ke turned to Master Forren, and bowed low. No words were necessary. The young wizard straightened and walked in the opposite direction - For the first time, away from the castle.

nate got up with a grin on his face thinking that walking whould be better than riding on a horse not only did it mean exercise but it also ment that he might run into more monsters the one thing that made this journy worth wile he whould be able to try his techniques on the realy thing not on wooden dummys or sparing were he had to hold back it sounded like he might be able to not only awakin his true abiliteys but also he might be able to open the book his masters gave him after he thought that he grabed his stuff and ran to the gate thinking that all this was to good to be true.

as nate walked to the gate he saw the outhers doing so to nate was relived that amongest the group he saw his good friends going to because a good adeventure is only grate when you share it with friends he thought about all the good times he had that the school for a seconed he almost lothed leaving but nate knew that the only way to find out his reason for having such a gift was to look for it in the world he inhabated.


Nate looked around at the surroundings trying to find some kind of enemy to fight something that could be of danger or at least something to entertain him. Nate sighed after finding nothing. He was sad that today he hadn't even encounter one monster and that had been a big disappointment to him. Nate unsheathed his sword and started polishing the slightly rusted blade. He knew it was easier to use magick but he needed something to do and if he used magick it wouldn't make him satisfied.

The Big O
Thane was laying on the bare ground, looking into the heavens while eating some of the deer that was roasted over the open fire. He had to admit that the spell Kal used to sheild them from the rain was pretty impressive, but he expected no less from him or any of the others after being in training for the majority of their lives. He never learned that spell himself as he didn't spend a lot of personal time with Master Forren, but he did study. After all, it was a requirement of being a wizard.

Shaking off the memories of school, Thane sat up, ready for another peice of meat when he noticed Nate appearing highly alert. He smiled on the inside at the fact that while Nate was around the same age as the rest of the group, he always seemed years younger than them.

Until this journey, he and Nate had never properly met. Thane saw him around inside the castle walls a few times but there was never any reason to say anything to him then. He was content with his friendships with Kal and Raven. Now that they were traveling together, however, Thane deceided that there was no time like the present to get to know one of his new companions. After all, the life of a wizard was not an extended one.

"Is there anything in particular you're looking for in the surrounding area, kid," he asked Nate as he reached for another piece of meat.

"Its not kid my name is Nate," he said as he pulled out an sharpening stone and started sharpening his blade, " and I was looking for monsters since that's the main reason we came here." Nate looked at his blade for a finale inspection sheathing it satisfied, "So whats your name."

The Big O
Taking a large bite out of his meat, he responded, "Thane Druddigan. And I meant no harm or offense in calling you 'kid.' That's just what you remind me of with all the anxiousness you're emanating." After another bite, "And you shouldn't go looking for trouble. We're wizards. Trouble finds us. Its just a matter of being in the wrong place at the right time.

"Where we're at right now, this road that connects Algara and Gant, it does not warrant many monsters as this is a commonly used road. While there are attacks every now and then, I don't think we'll see anything we have to vanquish in this area. But once we make it to Gant and past that, your desire for a fight will satisfied."

Thane was well versed in the various monsters the world warranted and their habits. He was also had a knack for knowing the lay of the land as he comes from farmers. Thane was never able to demonstrate this skill as he was inside the walls of the castle town for the majority of his life. But some things were instilled in one's blood since birth. His knowledge of the land and the creatures it produced was his personal gift. Aside from magick, that is.

Kal looked over at the two. He respected Thane's knowledge of the surrounding area, but he couldn't force himself to be as relaxed as his friend. Something about the dying horse still troubled him. He was hardly an equine expert, but he couldn't fathom them all suddenly falling ill...

Kal shook his head. It was out of his hands. Master Forren, along with the other masters, promised to look into the problem. He grabbed his share of food, looking distrustfully at the deer meat. He certainly wasn't used to this.

Taking a small bite, Kal realised it wasn't that bad. It surely wasn't close to what was served at the castle, but his pride could suffer this. Conjured food was an ongoing experiment in the castle. No one yet had been able to create food that did not taste like ash. "I don't suppose anyone brought wine?" he asked, although he could guess the answer.

"Hm very interesting accusation," Nate said as he thought about the many facts in the words Thane spoke, "but for some reason I can't get this feeling of my chest that something is going to happen." Nate's stomach started growling and he decided it was time to eat, "but then again it might just be nerves." Nate said as he walked over there to grab a piece of deer meat. Nate wondered if he would be much help on the journey, since he was one of the few mages that was brawn over intelligence. He continued wondering how he even got somewhere like here was it his special ability?

Raven was the odd one of the group, instead of hiding from the rain she was playing in it, spinning around until she almost fell and humming an up beat tune. The blue colored wizard was at her strongest in the rain and snow and felt at home in such weather. Raven splashed around in puddles till she was hungry, she smelled the meat cooking with made her stomach growl with anticipation, "Fine you win," she says to herself and makes her way back to the camp.

Before entering the now warded camp she chants a spell and the rain that had soaked into her dark blue robes and hair lifted off her and gathered in her palm then with another spell the water froze into snow then scattered to the ground. In side the camp she cut herself a piece of the deer that Kal had killed earlier, at first eating meat like this disturbed her but she quickly got over it when her supply of cup cakes ran empty. Raven sat near the fire to warm her bluish skin, all the years of practicing ice magicks left her a bit colder then others and an aura of cold was always around her, however, she is able to lessen it to wear you have to be sitting right next to her to feel it. Raven munched down on the deer meat humming her song lightly, "Wow this is pretty great, thanks Kal!"

The Big O
Entirely offended by Raven's lapse of judgement, Thane swiftly turned to her and announced that it was HIS skill with the bow and arrow and hunting technique that provided their meal. He added that for all of the years that they knew each other, Raven knew not to make a mistake such as denying Thane his due glory.

He shook his head in honest offense as he turned back to Nate but added, "No one thought to bring any wine for you, Kal. In all our excitement to leave, we seemed to have forgotten to bring the 'necessary' provisions." Thane put emphasis on "necessary" for sarcasm. But then he started to wonder why in fact hadn't anyone brought any.

Kal started to smirk at Thane and Raven's banter. It was almost like yesterday, until Ryner had appeared and embarrassed Raven. After a few seconds, however, Kal realised Thane was now making sport of him. His smile disappeared, and his eyes turned a light shade of violet. He snorted. Necessary provisions indeed. "I was just asking," he said stiffly.

Thane looked at the small package and then to Kal.

Oakley Sunglasses

The Big O
"All in good cheer, friend," Thane responded. "I won't have a go at you. I just needed to get the bitter taste of hurt from youRaven's unintentional ignorance out of my mouth," he said as he smiled at the blue wizard sideways. He liked to kid around with Kal and Raven this way. In a lot of ways, it helped Thane remain grounded.

Just about every wizard Thane knew had an air of arrogance and emulated that they were superior to everyone else. While they were, in fact, a couple steps ahead of normal people, Thane did not wish to portray himself in that way.

He had a humble start as the nearly ignored, youngest of a small army of children. At least, that was how he felt. But once he was sent to Algara for his training and met Kal and Raven, he felt like he found his place. And because of that, he never wanted to seem arrogant the way a lot of other wizards were. However, he was only human and he definitely seemed that way to others at times just like his traveling companions.

But the joking back-and-forth with his group was what reminded him to try his best to try grounded so he wouldn't lose himself and let his ego get the best of him.

"Hey," Nate said in a louder voice to get everyone's attention. "Since we haven't had any action we should get a couple sparing sessions," Nate said, "it would probably help us all get to know each others abilities, which would help if we ever get into a large battle." Nate let everyone think about it as he finished eating his deer.

Kal sighed. Nate was too impatient for his liking. "We have only been traveling for a day." He looked around at the others. He was sure they would want to do this. "I guess it wouldn't hurt," he admitted. "I'll supervise, like I did yesterday." Kal looked around, and pointed his cane at a clear spot that was still protected from the rain. "Over there. We should only have one duel at a time, and make them short."

Raven smiled wide as Thane reacted to her thanking Val, "It was fully tentional, you look cute when your flustered." She admitted then giggled so hard that she fell off the log she was sitting on, however, this did not stop her from laughing. After a moment of Raven's insane giggling the wizard crawled back to her seat and continued to eat like nothing happened until Nate suggested to spar.

"Pass, I'll let you boys fight it out amongst yourselves," she says with her bare feet playing in the dirt.

Jake swallowed hard, and thought. "best make myself known now, better now then never..." he took another bite of his deer meat, raised his hand and spoke in a non-caring fashion:

"I suppose I will be your opponent, Nate..... How will we do this? First to be hit out the circle, to first blood, or did you have something else in mind?"

Nate laughed finding his challenger amusing "Sure but lets make the first to call uncle my friend," he laughed again as he walked to the clear area "but so you know I'm not going to go easy on you."

Jake got up off of the patch of grass he was sitting on, and shook himself off. He yawned as he walked over next to Nate.

"Alright I think we should get this started," Jake points over to the rest of the group around the fire "we should try to give them a good show don't you think?"

Jake smiled as this was said thinking high of his own powers and ability. "besides," he thought "I can start showing off my powers now, this will be a good thing... I hope this isn't too easy..."

"A good show I think this would be better than a good show," Nate sighed "I hope your ready because I'm making the first move," Nate unsheathe his sword and ran towards Jake making a horizontal slash.

Jake's muscles tensed and his reactions took over dodging the blade by ducking under it and attempting to sweep Nate's feet out from under him.

"Jeez man, kill me why don't ya?"

"No I was using the unsharp of the blade..... I think," Nate side stepped avoiding the movement to his leg "ENERGY BOLT," Nate screamed sending a bolt of energy from his pointer finger directly at Jake.

Jake did a quick backwards roll, and demanded, "EARTHEN ROD!!!!" and a sharp tipped spear of rock rised up in just enought time to block Jake from an other wise painful hit, "I guess this will be fun," Jake said smiling as he struck out with his spear in a stabbing motion.

"ENERGY SURGE," Nate said as he used energy magic to grab the high speed motion of the spear. "Fool you did just what I wanted you to do," Nate said laughing as blood dripped down his hand "I call down one of the 8 true dragon swords BLACK OBSIDIAN," as Nate finished his his chant his red blood turned into a black scale that in turn tuned into a long but slim black blade. "you're move better make it last," Nate groaned finally feeling the pain of the magic and spear.

Jake was amazed at the power Nate got from loosing blood the little amount that he did.

"If this is my last move then I better make it last and make it count... Earthen trap: Quicksand pit fall!!!!"

Jakes word were spoken as his hand touched the groud sending some of his magick through it. Suddely the earth around Nate's feet in a 5 meter radius started changing in to quicksand with a mission to trap him.

"Don't forget that I'm part dragon I can fly with my wings," Nate sheathed his blade and put black obsidian in his other hand letting the blood drip some more Nate created a spare blade and used it as leverage to get out as red dragon wings emerged from his back. he did a back flip of the blade he was now doing a hand stand on flying towards Jake with black obsidian "whats you're next move cause all I can see is check mate."

Jake counted up all the odds, they weren't good..... This looked like game set match for anyone else but not someone one with the wolf, he had one last trump card.

"Hey! Don't count me out just yet!!" Jake glanced at his watchers "I can transform too ya know!!!

As this was said Jakes back began to glow it shown a wolf tattoo then Jake fell on his hands and knees, and began screaming in pain. "SYNCRONIZATION!!!! Jake screamed before his canine teeth began to grow and sharpen as too with his finger nails. His eyes began fierce looking, and blood hungery.

"NOW... YOU DIE!!!!!!" Jake said in a voice that was half his own and the other half a voice much deeper and more intent on killing even though that wasn't Jake's intention.

Jake bolted toward nate, one all fours, as if to get under his airborne body and attack him from underneath

Nate saw this tactic and saw an easy way to get ahead he used his wings to cover his head and did a dive bomb to the ground turning the area into a crater as the dust went up he used that to conceal his presence in till he found Jake which he lunged at trying to get his blade to Jake's neck.

sadly if Jake hadnt been in beast mode he would of had an easly earth clone becauseof the dust, but he can not control magick enough to cast spells while in beast mode. Jake saw the lung and quickly clapped his hadns together to catch the blade in doing so he cut his hands. He pulled Nate toward him and ducked under his blade so Jake could kick Nate right in the gut.

"NOW TO FINISH IT!!!!!!" Jake screamed Nates blade still in his hands over Jake's head

"That's enough!" The power and authority behind of the voice was almost palpable. A bright blue light engulfed the area around Jake and Nate, obscuring them from view. Withing the light, a loud keening, like metal on metal, rent the night air before silence fell.
It was several seconds before the light faded. when it disappeared, Nate and Jake were standing exactly as before. This time, however, Kal was standing between them. He held his cane horizontally between the two fighting wizards, and from the tips emitted a bright light that shone outwards to form a pair of shields, preventing each from getting at the other. The cane glowed once more, and the shields pushed outwards, forcing Nate and Jake to take several steps back.
"So much for co-operation and understanding one another. This was closer to two animals killing each other over food." Kal said softly. "Change back into human form. This fight is over."

The Big O
Thane was not amused. This little show was exactly the reason why he tried to keep a level head and NOT show off. Almost all wizards had a bad case of showmanship and this caused them to almost always try to show how much more skilled they are than another wizard.

Thane had never seen the kind of magicks Nate and Jake used. He had to admit, the transforming magicks the two men used was impressive. To be able to change oneself from man to beast is powerful magicks, indeed. But the way that both Jake and Nate lost themselves to those beasts showed that they still had much to learn.

"Well. That was... ferociously interesting," Thane said as he got up to get yet another piece of meat and sat back down. He looked at Raven and shook his head in mock disapproval and said, "Boys." He laughed at himself but immediately stopped as it was unbecoming to laugh at one's own joke.

Nate listened as his wings went back into his back and the black blade turned into blood and feel onto the ground. "Well we are two animals are we not," Nate sighed "and I think I got enough info me and Jake seem to be more physical than the other he can use earth magic and he has the ability to transform," Nate looked at the audience "and they should know I can fly, use electric magic, and turn my blood into weapons." Nate finally looked at Kal "We also had to go a little to far so we could see something from you Kal looking at this you specialize in spirit weapons."

Jake's body transformed back into a full man, and he stood.

"Sorry for loosing myself a little bit there... Sometimes I do that... Its kinda hard to control when all the power I'm getting is from a voice in my head telling me to kill everything is sight......."

Jake was deeply sorry. That kick could have broken all of Nates ribs and ruptured a handful of organs. He would of hated his self if he had killed one of his friends because of The Wolf's power.

Raven watched the two mighty morph'n wizards battle with a stoic expression, feeding a wizards ego was like feeding a shark's feeding frenzy...dangerous. However their level of transformation magic was on another level from what she was use to, mostly turning oranges to cupcakes that still taste like an orange.

The fight was ended by Val, impressively, maybe he even flexed his magicks a bit. In any case he was able to command the battle mages to stop, honestly, if Val wasn't here she would have let the two fight it out and if one died then that was their own business, perhaps that was the reason the elders thought it best for Val to lead this group. Raven's attention to Val was broken when Thane spoke to her, "Yup, I said it already, boys." She says with a chuckle.

"So since no one else seams like they want to join lets finish this with something even more interesting," Nate said out loud so everyone could here him "CHESS," he said in a louder voice as he put his arms around Kal's and Jake's neck "so Kal want to referee this or should we go to bed," Nate said in a joking manner "it's not like we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow."

The Big O
Thane leaned in close to Raven and lowered his voice as he spoke. "Is it just me or does Nate seem to be more than a little unstable? The way he just went from "ready-to-kill" to "ready-to-party" in the blink of an eye. Maybe we should keep an eye on him. You smell like cupcakes."

Jake waved off Nate's offer.

"Raven can you pass me and extra shirt from my bag?" realizing his shirt was in shreads and he's 6 pack was showing. He walked over and sat next to Thane as he said this.

"I'm sorry Thane, what was that about boys? And don't suprised I heard about your little 'joke,' I was a wolf when you said that I heard everything..."

"More importantly, did he just ask Val and Jake to bed with him?" Raven speculated in a joking manner. Raven looked at the three men and went silent, maybe it would be better for the group if they did kill each other, she thought to herself. "Oh sorry, my imagination can get wild sometimes," she says wiggling her brow at Thane then added, "Hmm, it's a wonderful side effect of practicing cupcake magicks."

Raven blinked at Jake and wondered why he couldn't get it, however, she chose to shrug it off. The ice wizard got up from her log and fetched Jake a new shirt, she handed the shirt over to the guy and offered a smile despite her annoyance. It would be sometime before she would accept Nate and Jake as friends, it had taken awhile for her to be comfortable around Thane and Val.

"Thane I'm not unstable and Raven you might want to lay of the cupcakes for not only the teams sake but yours as well," Nate said as he walked towards his tent "anyway Jake you still need some practice but the duel was fun hope to have another one," Nate yawned as he opened the flap to his tent and went in "well good night everyone."

Jake waited until Nate walked into his tent, put on the shirt Raven gave him, and leaned in to the others.

"Kinda a weird one isn't he? I wonder if all he does if train, fight, eat, and sleep."

((Val? Seriously? erm))
((Whatever, moving things along now...))

Kal turned away from the group without saying a word. Nate had given him a child's answer. He was disappointed, but he also had to admit, the two would make formidable allies. At least, if they could keep it together.
Kal crawled into his tent and lay down. It wasn't very comfortable. A snap of the fingers made the roof of the tent transparent, so he could see the rain falling against the barrier he raised. He enjoyed this view for a time, letting it distract him from the hardness of the ground before sleep finally took him.

The next day, Kal awoke to a blinding light in his eyes. He had forgotten about the transparent roof, and the sun was piercing. He waved his hand and the tent became opaque again. "Damn it," he muttered, rubbing his eyes and sitting up, feeling each vertebrae pop as he did so. He scrambled out of the tent, almost tripping over in the process.
After a few minutes stretching his sore back, Kal noted that someone, probably Thane or Raven, had divided what was left of the meat into equal parts, wrapped up in some kind of enchanted paper. Probably to retain freshness and flavor, Kal thought, taking a piece for himself.
Was he the first one awake? Kal looked around. The fire had long since burned out, and he could still hear the grunts of many snoring wizards. Kal finished his meal, re-wrapping the meat and setting it aside. This was a good opportunity to practice. He would not duel with the others, but he still had to prepare himself for whatever lay ahead.
Sitting down in the spot where the duel took place the previous night, Kal closed his eyes and held his cane in his hands, spinning it occasionally. Every few seconds a spectral weapon would appear in front of him, glowing like blue fire, before disappearing. He summoned a new weapon each time - a sword, a spear, a crossbow, an axe. Kal continued his practice. His concentration was absolute.

The Big O
Being raised in the farmland, Thane was always up at the crack of dawn. It was as if his body knew what time it was and would not allow him any more sleep. He yawned and stretched and got off the ground. He had no need of a tent because he was comfortable in nature. He looked around at all the tents his travel companions had and felt pity for them.

Most were not use to the outside or camping and he could only imagine how it felt for them to wake up on the cold, hard ground in the middle of nowhere. He resigned himself to the thought that they would eventually get use to it as their journey progressed. It would toughen a lot of them up. And besides, they would have far greater things to worry about than sleep on the ground the further they traveled.

It had stopped raining some time ago but the smell of the rain and grass always energized him. Kal's barrier did its job in keeping the campsite dry but other than that, nature still had its way. The sun was shining brightly over the horizon behind the campsite and there was the usual early morning chill wisping through camp.

Dusting himself off as he got up, Thane walked over to the meat over the now extinguished and shook his head. His party really had no clue about camping. He was surprised that they were not accosted by wild beast for leaving the meat exposed like this.

He took a hunting knife out of his satchel and started to slice what was left of the meat before realizing he needed to store it somehow. The only thing of use he had in his satchel was the paper he used to chart their travels. "This will have to do," he said to himself.

He carved the remaining meat and wrapped its as best he could with the paper. Considering the paper was intended for writing on, he felt like he did a decent job. He would normally place the meat somewhere cold with some ice but seeing as he had neither, he decided to use magick.

Thane didn't study too many forms of magicks other than his own. He didn't really see the point to do that. He was use to physically doing things. He never wanted to learn how to float a book across a room or hover in the air. And he never did.

The magicks he learned in addition to the ones he was born with were simple in such a way that all he had to do was utter a word or phrase and a effect of that very nature would happen. However, getting the magicks to work the way he intended was a different story. At least when he first started practicing with them. It is referred to as force-of-will magicks and it takes someone of great willpower to even use the magicks.

It took several years for Thane to get it right but now, something as simple as, "Seal and preserve" was all Thane needed to say for the paper to become enchanted and properly store the meat without the need to chill it.

The others were still asleep when he cleaned the campsite. The refuse was buried and the campfire area was tidied. As the sun crept higher in the sky, Thane decided that he would get in some practice with his bow and then wash up in a river that was just behind some trees not far from camp. He'd be back before everyone got ready to move on.

Jake had been a sleep but laying on the grass on the outside of the camp for making sure nothing was to ambush them. The waking of Thane and then Kal had told him it was probably time to actually get up and moving. Jake woke, yawned, and started to see what Kal and Thane were doing. He saw that some one had beautifully wrapped the extra meat and Jake decised to take one and eat it down while following Kal's trail, because Thane's had led outside the camp. Jake was an exelent tracker even when he was in human form, so finding Kal training was not hard.

"So this our great leader's power?" Jake said coming up next to Kal.

There was no way that Raven was going to sleep on hard ground, instead she used a bit of imagination and magick to create a bed made from water and with a seal she was able to keep the water contain so she would not get wet. When the ice mage heard the others begin to stir, Raven crawled out of her tent fully dressed and and looking magnificent and not at all like she had sent the night in nature. Raven turned to her tent and clapped her hands together and said, "release!" With that her tent and everything in it collapsed into a small satchel.

Raven turned to the camp site and it had been cleared and would seem that they would be moving out soon. Raven wanted to feel useful so she gathered every bodies canteens and filled them back up by gathering last nights rain water and used her magicks to purify it to be sure it was clean, she even chilled the water a bit so the it would be cool for her fellows.

Magick was what she did and who she was and she had no problem using it, other wise what was the point of spending years learning to control it.

Nate woke up and found the packaged meat and ate it as he climbed a tree looking around the camp site he saw Thane, Kal, Jake ,and Raven going around with there business. "That power Kal has is strangely like his," Nate said to himself as he was watching Kal train. Nate continued looking around seeing Jake watching Kal as well he decided to jump over and talk. "What are you doing my friend," he said as he met Jake.

Jake seemed to have something else on his mind, and he did. He was just kinda staring in Kal's general direction, but not really paying attention. It was so obvious you could even see it on his face that something was bothering him, but the problem was not even Jake knew what it was. Was it a scent he picked up, no, there was just his own, Kal's and Nate's, with Raven's cupcakes, and Thanes' scent very faint in the distance....

"What is so different then?" Jake thought to himself. Jake thought back to Nate's comment about Raven and her cupcakes the night before. "That's it I bet." The way he acted the night before, it was kinda rude. His comments about Kal and refereeing our fight, and Raven and her cupcakes... It didn't sit right with him. He normally got along alright with everybody but today something wasn't right.

Jake spoke finally noticing Nate, "Huh? Oh, nothing. I was just sitting with Kal. I'm-umm, I'm going to get find Thane so we get ready to leave, but good morning."

Jake walked off to go find Thane, telling Kal where he was going first. "No." He thought, "It wasn't Nate's actions last night.... All well perhaps it's best to forget about it before I get too hung up on it." Jake continued walking until he finally met Thane, at the end of the scent trail.

"Hey man. You should think about coming back soon, I think we are about to leave."

Kal completely ignored everything around him as he continued his practice. He felt bad for Jake for not responding, but at the same time, he knew this was more important. He registered that Jake had gone to fetch Thane, meaning they should get ready to move out. He began the final part of his training, for lack of a better term.
Kal let go of his cane, letting it float in front of him. The spectral weapons dissipated, and he opened his eyes. He needed to see for this part. A purple light shone from the cane, then rose out of it, forming into something that was equal parts solid, liquid and gas.
Raw arcane energy was a volatile magick in its base form. Many wizards used it in conjunction with other kinds of magick. Everyone knew the arcane missile spell, but beyond that it was mostly an unknown branch or sorcery, and therefore dangerous to use on its own. The Masters always warned young wizards not to meddle with it until they were old enough, and even then, only under constant supervision. Kal, in his confidence (or arrogance, if he cared to admit it), saw this as a challenge. He dedicated the final years of his tutelage to understanding the subtly and versatility of arcane energy to the point that, come graduation, no one knew it like he did. It was part of the reason stiffs like Belmont had slandered his work, but even Kal had to admit that his papers had only scratched the surface. This pulsating purple mass floating before him still held mysterious he did not yet understand. This didn't stop him, in fact, it only fuelled his desire to keep experimenting.
Kal flexed his fingers, getting a feel of the arcane energy. He didn't dare touch it directly. Instead, he moved his fingers just outside the edge of the mass, observing its responses. Once he had looked for long enough, he grasped at it with his will. Using gentle, controlled hand motions he divided the arcane into halves, then quarters, then eighths. he mixed and matched the divided pieces, swirled them slowly around each other without letting them touch. It was like watching a weird light show, with the arcane energy dancing around, and Kal's hands pulling the strings. Every now and then Kal would mutter something under his breath, verbal countermeasures against the minute, virtually invisible mistakes he was making with his hand motions.
After a minute, sweat was beginning to form on the wizard's face. It was time to stop. He couldn't let perspiration distract him. Any slip up now would be deadly. With the same care he took to summon the arcane mass, he dismissed it, letting sink back into his cane, which then fell to the ground. Standing up, Kal announced loudly "We leave in five minutes. Let's make preparations." Following his own advice, he retrieved his cane and walked over his his tent. In less than a minutes, everything was packed away, and Kal was ready.

The tavern was dark, the faint glow of the lanterns illuminating the room a bit, though only a flickering glow. The people inside were drunk and unruly, save for a sole individual in the darkest corner in the back, his dark robes shrouding as much of his appearance as possible. He sat with a pipe in his hand, occasionally taking a draw from behind his hood as he listened to the conversations around him, trying to pick up on some useful bit of information.

The man exhaled a puff of smoke, bending his will around the smoke to form it into a small dragon, flowing in a circle before it dissipated entirely. He smirked, then took a drink from the flagon in front of him and lowered his hood, revealing a mane of long, tangled black hair. He sighed, resigning himself to the idea that there would be nothing useful learned this night, and he would, rather, spend the rest of the evening relaxing, rather than working in futility.

As he stood, he downed his flagon, placing a single silver piece on the bar as he walked outside, breaking into a dead sprint toward the forest nearby. I've been cooped up in that tavern for too long. I need to enjoy the open air a bit, clear my mind. After a moment, fatigue set in, and he slowed himself to a casual stroll, stopping in the center of a clearing to sit upon a tree stump and rest. Perhaps by morning, I will have my wits about me again, and can continue my search. I'm certain the answers I seek are somehow tied to this recent surge in the sightings of monsters nearby. I'm not sure how... But I fully intend to find out. And with that thought, he allowed himself to drop into a mild meditative state, freeing his mind to everything around him as he awaited morning's first light, when he would begin his search again.

((Sorry, know we're on morning time, but I figured I'd try to place this with the night before so I could jump back in more quickly when I wake up later. Consider this the one time I'll break consistency of time.))

The Big O
With his bow at the ready, Thane had his eye on a falcon circling above the open space he was in. To anyone not used to his magicks, one would assume that the bow Thane was taking aim with was empty. However, when he pulled back on the string, a glowing, white arrow appeared and was notched on the bow.

Adjusting just a little higher for a perfect shot, Thane let go of the magick arrow. It sunk straight into the birds belly. But instead of the bird falling to the ground- as it would if a regular arrow pierced it- it suddenly stopped where it flew. It's wings were still outstretched as if it were flying but it was frozen in place.

There was no ice to speak of because that was not Thane's magicks. He held no power of ice like his friend and travel companion Raven. His magicks dealt with the motion and movement of things. As demonstrated with the bird above, he could stop almost anything from moving to appear frozen in time.

In contrast to that, Thane could also speed up an objects or person's movement to the point where they began to move too fast that they violently explode or catch fire. Thane had no idea of this aspect of his power until Master Foren trained him further in the use of his abilities once he got over the aversion of even having magicks.

He shook the thought out of his head as he didn't want to go down memory lane and once again raised his bow toward the bird. He drew the string, another magic arrow appeared and he shot it at the falcon. As the bird unfroze, Thane heard the rustling of sticks and leaves in the midst of the trees.

He studied for this journey well back at the castle to make sure that they did not cross into and wild beast or violent creatures territory before they needed to. In fact, Gant was almost on a linear path from Castle Edlraza; and even then, the small detours led nowhere dangerous. As he pulled back on his bow- a bright, white arrow at the ready- he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

Seeing the wolf-wizard come from out of the trees gave Thane more relief than he cared to admit. He had faced a goblin back when he was young and first discovered his abilities. He did not want to fac one again, even though he was sure he could handle it.

"The wolf-wizard," he called as he lowered his guard. "You were about to be splattered all over the trees had you not verbally made yourself known. It is unwise to catch a practising wizard off guard. But let us make our way back to camp before we are both left in the lurched."

He walked back toward camp and patted Jake on the shoulder. "Please don't surprise me when I have my bow drawn. Things can get very...messy that way."

Jake had laughed while walking back with Thane.

"I will rememeber to make myself known more quickly, but don't think your the first person to point a bow at me, magick bow or not, still not the first!" Jake laughted even though it wasn't much of a joke.

Jake had plently of stories when he was growing up, but the short laugh Jake and Thane had shared had made him feel as if he had someone that didn't think of him as a freak. Someone he could be himself around even though Jake probably trusted Thane then his instincts allowed, but he felt as if he could trust Thane.

Jake threw his arm around Thane. "Come on sharpshooter, let us hurry back, but tonight I need to speak to you preferably after everyone has fallen asleep."

Nate went back to camp as he thought about the many spells out there many more powerful than his there could be dark magick that ones who posses them could be called monsters but aren't. There could be someone that could control a group of people with a single word. Nate continued thinking as he put the know packed back pack on his back. "Even if there is 99% chance I won't survive I will still fight because that's just the way I am," Nate said looking to the sky blocking the sun raise with his hand.

The Big O
Thane nodded to Jake. He knew not what the wolf-wizard wanted to talk about with him. Especially because they did not know each other that well. But seeing as they were on a journey together, it was probably a good idea for everyone to at least get a long and open up a little around each other.

As the two wizards made their way back to camp, Thane saw that everyone was ready to go. The only thing that was still out was Thane's satchel. As he walked past some party members, they gave him a little grief, which he was able to either ignore or shoot a sarcastic remark at. Seeing Kal and Raven, Jew grabbed his belongings on his way over to them and loudly stated to the rest of the group, "Let's move out. I don't want to deal with a bunch of wizards with their undergarments in a bunch." He

Raven raised a brow at Thane, he always tried to be funny but failed most of the time, it was cute in a way but also awkward. The ice wizard shrugged and shouldered her satchel then skipped over to the side of Thane. "So when we get the village will do we have to check in with someone or are we going to be able to roam around before we have to leave?" she asked looking up to the taller wizard. Raven hadn't left the castle since she was dropped off there when she was a young girl so it was a bit exciting seeing a village of just normal non-wizard people.

The Big O
Thane shrugged. "I have no idea. Kal is the leader." He leaned in closer to Raven's ear. "You know how boring his speeches are. Almost immediately, my mind begins to wonder when he starts one." He straightened his poster as he spoke normally again. "But I fear that something... less than fun will happen once we reach Gant. We are wizards and trouble has a tendency to find our kind."

Jake asked Raven in a kind but questionitive tone, "You haven't gotten very many out-of-castle missions, have you? I mean it doesn't matter if you have or not, because i would rather have you with us then without. Its just... They made those stone walls for a reason... Not many non-wizards like OUR kind"

The way Jake had said our seemed to say he had a story to tell. The amount of hatred that was put onto the word 'our' was almost crazy, but sadly the statement had been true. Non-wizards did not like wizards, or at least not Jake's kind of Transformation Wizardry.

"Enough," Kal said in a mild tone. "The stables of Gant and Eldraza are friendly, and that is good news for us. Once we secure horses there will be no need to stay. Let us not worry about anything else until we actually get there." The sun was getting higher. It was well past time they left. Finally packed and ready, the party set off once more.
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The Big O
The way to Gant was pretty straightforward. The scenery was beautiful, the path was clear and everyone was getting along for the most part. Thane knew they were walking for quite sometime because the sun was setting off in the distance. Seeing as he was the navigator of this trip, he was leading the group.

"We are about an hours walk from Gant, companions. If we push forward, we can make it there before the sun sets completely." He smiled as he turn back around. It had been two days since they left the comfort of Castle Eldraza and the only thing that happened was Jake and Nate almost killing each other in the sparring match. Thane knew better than to start to think things were easy but if he were being honest with himself, they were.

There were more trees on the road as they got closer to Gant. Noticing how deathly silent it became as the contingent walked through the trees, Thane began to get an uneasy feeling. Overshadowing an already darkening sky, some wizard casted a guiding light spell which called forth a bright, glowing orb of light that lead its summoner to their desired destination.

Thane could feel the tension of the group of wizards. He was not the only one who felt something was amiss. This was confirmed when they reached a giant spider web blocking their path.

"Well, this is strange," Thane uttered. He studied well before he left the castle. There should have been nothing of note between Eldraza and Gant. The guiding light was hovering just past the spider web. "It would be wise to stay on guard," Thane said as he walked up towards the web.

As he was about to reach out to the web, he heard a clicking above him. Looking up, he saw 8 glowing red eyes staring back down at him. He jumped back as the eyes fell towards him. When he looked back at the eyes, the guiding light illuminated what he already knew.

Standing in front of the group of wizards was the most biggest spider Thane had seen. He only studied about the large arachnids at the castle. And even then, there were no pictures of them. His studies also stated that giant spiders stayed further south where it was always warm.

He saw its pincers and the venom dripping off of its sharp teeth. It also had spikes covering the top portion of it 8 legs. It looked like a beast of war. But more than that, it looked hungry. This was most disconcerting to Thane. Especially because he had a potent fear of regular spiders.

"S-somebody, k-k-kill that thing," he managed to stammer.

Kal moved forwards to grab Thane. He was already assessing the situation. The fact that a giant arachnid was so far north was strange in itself. It was highly unlikely that it was alone. Sure enough, just as Kal reached Thane, there came more clicking and rustling sounds in the growing darkness around them. "Ambush!" he yelled, grabbing hold of Thane's arm and taking a swipe with his cane. A glowing blue axe appeared and swung in a wide arc through the creature's body. It gave a loud shriek, but appeared mostly unharmed by the spectral weapon. It moved off the web towards the pair, and Kal backed off, pulling Thane with him. The spider continued its slow approach, wary of the cane Kal was holding steady. It had started to glow violet, like it had during his morning practice.

YES. This is our big chance to prove ourselves. All you need to do is summon me, and I'll take care of this, no sweat. Then we spend a few minutes basking in the adoration of your peers, then we can go for a run. Perfect.
Not a chance, Zephyr. I don't need any adoration and I certainly don't need to waste energy on some jumped-up arthropod when there are so many magickal meatheads just dying to prove how huge their 'powers' are.
Alliteration or no alliteration, it WOULD be a good opportunity to make some friends, Edward Rosetta chimed in with her lilting voice.

Edward had often marvelled at the way someone's voice could have a lilt to it when it wasn't really their voice; Zephyr and Rosetta weren't actually with him, just communicating telepathically using their soul link as per usual. Well, Edward had marvelled at it occasionally. Ehh, maybe once or twice.

But man, it could be such a pain to have those two in his head, meddling in his affairs, telling him to DO stuff. Those two were such go-getters. Why was he stuck with go-getters? He had no intentions of going anywhere, and certainly not of getting things. Not unless necessary.

Edward sighed. Why would I need any more friends? I already have you two.
We are hardly sufficient companionship for someone like you, dear. We're not always around, either - only when we make use of the link. Besides, it's hardly healthy that your only friends are spirits from other planes. And who knows what you get up to without our guidance - Honestly, dear, I wonder about --
Actually, Rosie, I agree with Eddie here. He doesn't need friends when he has us.
THANK you, Zephyr. Also, stop calling me Eddie. It's undignified, and it's too much effort to answer to more than one name.
No, no, no. What Eddie needs, is a HERD
... ... ...Excuse me?
Think about it, man. A herd is exactly the thing. You don't need to be friends with them, but think of the benefits. A herd provides shelter. It provides safety, and most importantly, provides someone to go for a run with.
Yeah, I'll pass. Sounds suspiciously like effort.
Eddie, you aren't listening. A-herd-provides-safety. That means monsters won't attack you. Which means you won't be interrupted in what you're doing. Which means...
Which means I can nap without being woken up. Perfect! But what does finding a herd have to do with wasting effort right now?
Think about it, man. A herd doesn't just carry dead weight around, it leaves it behind. You have to prove you're useful. Think of all the extra napping time, for just summoning one friend. And hey, if that friend happens to have a nice relaxing run in your plane of existence, that's just a coincidental, non-manipulative bonus, right?
Well... I suppose. Just don't use too much energy.

Edward reluctantly opened his eyes and moved off to the side. Staff-gem glowing, he etched an intricate two-meter circle in a patch of grass, glowing blue and with the required symbols of power. The circle began to pulse with magick as Edward fed his strength into it, and moments later there was an explosion of blue light, and in the circle stood a large, tan horse.

The horse reared up on two legs, neighing dramatically, and the wind around it began to shift, swirling outward from his position for a few moments before subsiding. Some of the grass around the horse had been flattened, in a swirling pattern.

Dammit, Zephyr, you show-boating mule! That was completely unnecessary! I TOLD you not to waste energy!
Zephyr snorted. Come on, Eddie. Live a little! Besides, I told YOU it's necessary to prove your worth.
Edward frowned, but said nothing further. Zephyr began charging towards the spider, wind picking up alongside him, building in strength. Several meters away from the spider, he stopped, but the wind did not. It grew into a roaring gale and crashed into the spider, knocking it into the air, legs flailing, trying to find purchase on its web, but this was not to be. The gale had continued past the spider, ripping the web to shreds and leaving silky debris over the ground. Zephyr tossed his head in satisfaction and stood still a moment. Knowing him, that damned show-off was probably waiting for applause or something. Fat chance.

Kal was impressed. He new Edward by reputation: A man who seemed incredibly lazy and easily distracted. Kal knew better. Both traits were a by-product of his power to communicate with and summon creatures from another plane. But this was the first time Kal had actually seen Edward summon anything. It was the chance he was looking for.
Kal released his grip on Thane, and took hold of the glowing arcane power, which had built in size at the top of his cane. Holding it in his hand, he threw it at the teetering spider. The pulsing energy split into six parts, each hitting the underside of the spider at different points. The glow of the arcane missiles reached their peak, and exploded with magical energy, blowing the monster's legs off. It fell to the ground shrieking, then was still.

Raven had fallen a bit behind, the spell slinger was not used to so much walking and her feet were killing her. The ice mage looked ahead and noticed there was something amis, she took a deep breath before freezing the ground below then used it to slide on to quickly catch up. Raven had come just in time to see Edward summon his horse then Kal finishing off the creature.

"Gross...think it's eatable?" Raven quips, clearly joking...or was she?

The Big O
Regaining his composure, Thane lifted himself off the ground and drew his bow in short order. He took aim at the great bug that was lowering itself over Edwars's head and said to Raven as he let a glowing arrow loose at the creature, "We will not know until these vile beings are felled." The arrow pierced the descending spider and instead of freezing the arachnid in place like everyone was used to seeing, it burst into flames. Thane did not use this aspect of his magicks often. Mainly because there was no need.

He spared at the castle to better learn his abilities. He didn't not fight his fellow students to win. He also did not want to end their lives. Seeing as they had a relatively short lifespan, it was frowned upon to kill a fellow wizard. Not to mention stupid as the castle required as much protection as possible.

Everyone knew of Thane's magicks and how....explosive they could be. He'd never forget the first time he caused something to explode. He was in a sparring match with a particularly troublesome wizard who was completely full of himself and had no qualms putting Thane down because of his "lady magicks."

As Thane took aim at the mouthy wizard, he was insulted by the arrogant one. When he let his arrow free and it collided with the other wizards shield, the mouthy one was blasted out of the sparring ring. Master Forren was supervising and Thane distinctly remembered the ancient man's smiled as he calmly said' "I believe that is what we refer to as 'game.'"

Now, this side of his powers- the more leathal side- was what was helping him vanquish these giant arachnids. Although, he had to concentrate more than usual seeing as he was more afraid than anything and his powers had a tendency to get wild when he was not in control of his emotions. Before he shot another arrow, he took a deep breath to steady his aim. He let the arrow sail at another spider and when the arrow met the beast right between its two main eyes, it exploded.

Raven smirked at Thane's response, "Alright but you're taking the first bite." Raven turned looking for more of the attacking spiders, she spotted a pair advancing from the rear, Raven swirled her hands in front of her and water droplets gathered in her fingers then slammed her open palm to the ground. The water droplets started to form a ring around her hand, "create: ice spike," she said in a commanding voice. A tower of ice shot from the ground and skewered the two spiders, as they began to struggle to get free frost started to spread throughout the spider's body until they stopped moving. Raven stood from her crouching position and pointed at the frozen spiders that were still impaled by her ice and pointed to them, "Shatter!" She commanded again, the spiders began to crack before they completely shattered like glass.

Jake desided it was time to 'flex his muscles' a bit see that everyone else we kkilling these incredibly huge spiders.

Jake focused his magick into his hands, "Earth Uprising" he yelled as he dug his hands into the earth only to be ending up lifting a bloder made of stone above his head.

Right before throwing it Jake liked to see how heavy it was. The amount of energy it took could tell him the size, wieght, and density of rocks. "About 135lbs... with a diameter of 18 feet... Not bad guess..." Jake said to himself, "And now lets the power!!!" Jake said as throwing the bolder crushing one spider and many legs of another.

"Hmm so this is my first encounter," Nate waited around for a few more spiders to come as he bit his thumb letting it bleed some he raised it above his head making a scale pointing sky ward. "In the name of the dragons blood I allow your power to flow and crystallize," as Nate said that the scale grew bigger in sized and glowed a crimson red. "Everyone don't move much," Nate yelled as he perfected his aim to stop it from hitting his ally's "NEEDLE RAIN," as he yelled many small needles shot from the top of the scale hitting many spiders "and finally a little combo magick ELECTRIC SHOT," he said hitting one of the spiders as it branched off using the rest of the needles to conduct the energy paralyzing some of the spiders.

Edward looked at the girl, yawning, wondering whether she was serious, then decided it wasn't worth worrying about. A hint of cupcake-smell floated to him on the breeze, and he grinned sleepily. Cupcakes make for good naps.

Seriously? No cheering at all? No applause? Calls for an encore? Pats on the head?
Applause is for jesters and speeches. I didn't hear any speech, and, try as you might, you're just not funny. All you did was waste my magick, which I specifically told you NOT to do.
Now, now, Edward, don't be so hard on him.
Yeah, Eddie!
Don't call me that. My name is Edward.
Poor Zephyr went out of his way and tried his best to help, after all.
Yeah, I did! See? How about some gratitude, Eddie-boy?
It's hardly his fault that his best is so unimpressive. It's the thought that counts, in the end.
Yeah! Wait a minute...
Don't you think you ought to be a little nicer to him, dear? He IS your friend, after all. I really don't think it's healthy for you to always--
Wait, you think you could do a better job?
Well, dear, that's not really the topic of this conversation, but, yes, I imagine I could.
What are you going to do, plant-woman? Let them make a web on you? Pshh. The horse snorted, shaking its head.
Why, I'll have you know that if Edward had summoned me instead - not that I blame you, of course, not at all - I would have killed it myself, not a spot of bother.
Wait a second, you think I couldn't handle it? The only reason I didn't finish it off is because walking-stick-man stole my kill.
Of course he did, sweetie.
No, really! I --
Their bickering was finally halted by a bang and sudden heat overhead. Seeing the fiery spider falling towards him, Edward shuffled away to dodge it, yawning. If the explosion that followed was any indication, there were more and more giant spiders around.
All right! I'll prove it to you! Edward, hop on my back, and give me a little more magick. We'll kill all of them, show up explosion-man over there, and be heroes!
Out of the question. You convinced me against my better judgement that I HAD to summon you to prove my worth. It's been proven. There's no reason I have to give you any more magick. And I'm definitely not riding you.
Okay, first of all, we haven't proven anything. We helped against one spider. Is that meaningful? Against one spider, definitely. Against a cluster of spiders? Not really. Second of all, you HAVE to ride me. It'll be fun!
No, it won't. It'll be WORK.
You'll contribute!
I've already contributed by summoning you, there's no need for me to ride you for you to be useful.
You'll look heroic!
I've always thought you WOULD look rather dashing astride a noble mount, dear.
And until you find one, why not Zephyr? He has... character, I suppose.
I don't need to look heroic. I just have to seem worthwhile, right?
If you don't ride me, it'll look silly. People will wonder why you summoned a horse and didn't ride it.
What people do or do not wonder is none of my concern.
They'll come up and say "Hey Eddie-boy, why didn't you ride that majestic steed you summoned?"
They won't call me Eddie-boy. At least they had better not. Don't call me that. And I really don't care what they say.
They'll come up and INTERRUPT YOUR NAP and say "Hey Eddie-boy, why didn't you ride that majestic steed you summoned?"
... ... ... Damn it.

Zephyr ran past him, and Edward gracefully mounted without the horse needing to slow or stop. His blue cloak began to billow dramatically from the breeze.
... ...Wasn't the wind going the other way a moment ago? could say that it was, I suppose. I wouldn't really know.
...Seriously? You're wasting my magick on that? You're officially trying to force me to be heroic. I'll have no part of it.
You DID mount rather gracefully, dearie.
Not helping, Rosetta. Besides, it just happens to be the easiest method to mount a horse.
Yes, dear.
Anyway, you need to be the hero so you can save the world and live happily ever after with cupcake-girl.
That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And I've known you a long time.
Edward heard a call for everyone to stay still, felt Zephyr's amusement at it as he began to gallop around the area, dodging the needles effortlessly as he gathered more and more wind, draining more and more magick.
What exactly do you think you're doing?
Relax, man. I'm just going to use enough to gather a bunch of them together. Then explosion-man or blood-boy or puppy or whoever can do whatever. You don't be the hero, but you do earn your place. Win-win.
Fine. Whatever.
Zephyr reached the middle of the area again as the spiders were paralysed by lightning. With a flick of his tail, he sent huge gusts of wind in four directions, pushing several spiders helplessly into the air.
I don't mean to tell you your business, dear, but weren't you supposed to be gathering them TOGETHER?
I'm not done yet, Rosie.
The gusts changed direction, bringing the spiders high into the air, spiralling closer together. When the spiders were gathered, the wind changed again, bringing them straight down ever so quickly. Finally, they landed in front of Edward with a sickening crunch. Zephyr reared back on his hind legs triumphantly as what was left of several spiders lay twitching.

So help me, I will have my revenge for this. Edward's vision began to blur as his limbs grew tired.
What? I said I would gather them together and people could do whatever. You may notice that they are now together. You may also notice the others will probably not have trouble fighting them now.
Edward snarled, shaking his head to clear his vision. The next time I summon you will be to pull farming implements, you blasted donkey.

Raven scowled at Edward and his horse wondering why he didn't summon it to ride instead of walking all this way... While.distracted a spider leaped at her and would had sank it's fangs into her but a boulder and several needles struck the creature. Raven lowered her arm to see the dead spider and gave a sigh of relief.

Feeling the wind pick up and change direction she turned to see it was Edwards doing. "I got you Eddy!" She says then begins to chant in a whisper. the shattered ice and water raised and gathered above the pile of spiders and shot down icicles finishing off any survivors.

Raven looked around and saw only spider corpses, "you think that's all of them?" She says running back to the group in case another wave of spiders attacked.

"It depends if it was the whole entire pack then there shouldn't be more," Nate said as he looked around the spiders "and that's if we say these guys where not tamed to kill us," Nate said as he began to remember they where on an important mission. "Edward I have to say that was sorta impressive, but next time remember we don't know when another attack will come and if you use up all you're magick......," Nate thought about the words to say for a couple seconds "you're a weak link and I don't know if I will be able to protect you," Nate said as he began returning as much of his blood as he could.

Jake held up Edward, "Nate's right you know. You shouldn't just that much energy on enemies as weak as this." Jake thought disapprovingly it was a rookie mistake. "Idiot, its not his fault it the horse's!!!" The great wolf's spoke in his mind like a second conscience. "Oh, thats why...." Jake glanced at the now fading horse, and felt foolish for scolding a comrade when he himself was wrong. He changed the subject before he could make even more of a fool of himself, "Well I can search the ground for other enemies, but if they are in the air or the trees I can't feel them."

Oh well, at least you didn't succeed at forcing me to be the hero. I get to be the reckless invalid instead.
Oh come on, you're no more an invalid than I am a cow.
That WOULD be rather appropriate... Do you suppose invalids get more naps?
No need to be sarcastic, dear. Zephyr WAS only trying to help. Besides, you WERE very heroic.
I was NOT! Zephyr was just wasting magick trying to make it look that way.
Anyway, I'm sure they think you were great and just got a little bit carried away. All the great heroes are passionate, aren't they? Riding off to save the princess and what-not.
All the great heroes are idiots.
Now, now, Edward, don't be like that.
What? They really are. They go out of their way to look for excuses to waste energy. Why not just take a break and relax now and then?
Probably because "now and then" means "constantly" to you. Honestly, I just don't understand why you never want to go outside and play. You never make any friends, or have any fun, and the worst thing is --
"Yeah, sorry about that - I guess I just don't have the field experience to understand my limits just yet." Edward gave the others a rueful grin, testing his strength before standing properly on his own with a nod of thanks towards Jake.
Hang on a minute, Eddie-boy. I'm the one who drained too much magick, just tell them that - you can still be the hero.
No thanks. It's better like this. There is no way I'm going through the effort of having the "the voices in my head made me do it" conversation again. Anyway, I should have stopped you using so much of my magick in the first place.
Yeah... sorry about that...
Oh well, what's done is done. I'll be fine.
Are you sure, dear? You know what happens when you --
I said I'll be fine, didn't I? I can't be bothered arguing about it so just trust me on this. To be honest I'm more concerned about cupcake-girl calling me Eddy. That had better not stick, because having two names is way too much effort. He was also concerned about the fact he was starting to take up Zephyr's nicknames for people, he added to himself as an afterthought. "So what's next on the agenda? Giant squids? A house-sized praying mantis? Helping some farmer drive off some rabbits?"

"well we can do two things right now search the corpses for a magic entity that was controlling them or going to the town," Nate sighed wondering if he was being to cautious but something about the attack didn't feel right to him. "Hey Thane I don't know much about giant spiders but I'm pretty sure that normal spiders don't live in big packs," Nate still wondering "and Kal where supposed to find out increased monster sightings so has it spread to here two," Nate was trying to find out what this wired feeling he got from this attack was.

Raven came behind Edward and gave him a friendly slap on the back, "It's all good, we're all newbies to the field. In fact I hadn't left the castle since I got there, anyways, we did Awesome!" Raven seemed to be super excited, something about being out and about made her more out going.

"Hmm...I guess you're on to something Nate, maybe something in side of the is controlling them, perhaps a new mutation?" Raven questioned putting her hand on her chin. "Well Nate, dig in..." She said, there was noway she was gonna stick her hands in one of them.

I don't think you get what I mean, but more or less this isn't something I can do I'm bad at sensing magic as it is but something like this would probably be small so anyone good at tracking things by magical trails.

"They were not being controlled," Kal said finally. He had been keeping his silence since the battle ended, not out of any respect or willingness to congratulate or criticise the others, but because the reek of dead spider was overpowering. He took a deep breath behind his hand, and continued "They were being lead. Giant Arachnids are intelligent creatures." As Kal said this, a horrible realisation came to him. It was so obvious that he cursed himself for not thinking of it immediately. If the spiders were being lead, who was the leader? And where? It was too simple. "This was a distraction. We have to go! The town is under attack!"

The party moved as fast as they could. The darkness fell around them as they ran. Any magicks that were not used on on lighting the way were used on speed. They weren't fast enough, however. The lights of the fires coming from Gant's wooden walls lit the way to a horrific scene. The town was being torched. Screams were coming from every direction, accompanied by high pitched, cackling laughter.
No one had seen or heard of a Goblin raid for ten years. The Order of Magick had seen to that. Such peace was impossible to last when it came to Goblins, however.

The Big O
Thane's mouth gaped. He was expecting far different than what he saw in Gant. He expected nothing short of the common scene of people scurrying about in their own lives and travelers of all sorts re-stocking on supplies they might require for their travels. Instead, everything was burning. Houses, market stands, people. It was chaos.

And then, there came the goblins. Thane hadn't seen one since the first time his magicks activated when he was 12 years of age. They weren't the biggest or most opposing of creatures. Unless they caught you off guard or you couldn't properly defend yourself. Apparently, this town suffered from both instances.

A small contingent of 6 goblins ( ) decided that they wanted to test the groups mettel. Thane was not willing to let this happen. Remembering what occured to him and his father 13 years ago, he quickly took aim at the one who seemed the bravest and let loose a shining arrow.

The creature froze in place and the rest had an expression that seemed to be a mixture of surprise, anger and fear. They all charged at the group then just as Thane let another arrow fly. This time he shouted "MULTIPLY" - tapping into his force-of-will magicks - as the arrow flew at it's target. Before it collided with one of the goblins, the arrow split into 6 other arrows and they all connected with their targets.

Two of the goblins instantly caught fire. The one that was already frozen exploded and the remaining three froze where they stood. Thane smirked and said to the group, "We must purge this town of these vile beasts. They may be small but do not underestimate that. They can be sneaky and crafty." As soon as he said this, Thane was knocked back a few feet by an energy ball. As he got back up and dusted himself off, he was greeted by the sight of a goblin mage. ( )

"Damn. I wasn't expecting that."