Need help on Larp character!

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Okay so im going larping with some people.The game were playing is kind of like capture the flag, . everyone has a character, two powers, and a weapon. I have two powers. One offensive and one defensive. The offensive one is i can redirect anyone's power. The defensive one is i can disguise myself as a member of the opposing team. The problem is that i need a backstory and name for my character. I have some names in mind but i can take any other names. BackStab, Double-cross, and Judas are some of mine. I also need an interesting backstory with a costume but the costume has to be usable in the game. we are playing in the woods so it cant be a long robe or anything like that. If you have any questions please ask. Okay thank you!

I recommend you try Facebook as there is an actual Larp community on there. And in future read the Forum riles (first thread for each area) before posting a new thread. Just make a back story up- doesn't need to be 100%.

It sounds to me that you have built yourself to be an elvish rouge type equipped for the use of both magic and stealth. In terms of name that is completely your own opinion. But character I would say an elf that was training to be a Mage before a large struggle in their life lead them to pick up the blade and fend for themselves in a way they never before thought they would need to. Your character is one with the shadows, sporting two solid, short blades which when used in combination with your acrobatic prowess leads your opponents to believe that you are performing a dance of death. Fluid, gracious and deadly. Combine this with your illusion magic and you couldn't be a better scout, thief or assassin. Your armour is simple, effective and light. A leather jerkin atop thick cloth pants and shirt to allow for silent unencubered movement completed by the addition of sturdy boots. Your jerkin will be adorned with several leather straps sporting numerous poison tipped throwing blades for dealing with long range targets.
This is my opinion based on your information, I hope that it helps somewhat.

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