Respect The Darkness

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Respect the Darkness

Short Bio from the game:
Jackie is seen riding with Mikey Cimino and Nino Moretti to complete a hit on a foreman named Tommy Sullivan, orders given by Paulie. Before they could proceed in their mission they are being chased by the police, the fellow mobster gave a Jackie a gun to help hold them off, while loading his gun, Nino realizes that they're Eddie Shrote's boys, despite knowing Paulie is working with Eddie they attempt to outrun and fight them off, Nino gets killed in the process leaving only for Jackie (with his gun fully loaded) to take over.

While Mikey still trying to outrun Shrote's men, he along with Jackie eventually jumped off the curb of the road, causing the two to land and have a car accident. They manage to survive, However Mikey becomes severely injured as his femur can be seen sticking out of the left side of his pants. An injured Mikey gives Jackie his guns for his 21st birthday and to help aid him in finishing the hit on Sullivan, Jackie suggests that they should cancel the hit knowing that they almost failed on their mission, Mikey however, disagrees with the idea and encourages Jackie to finish the hit and eventually dies from his injuries.

While proceeding to finish the hit on Sullivan, voices can be heard by the evil entity The Darkness, Jackie enters Sullivan's office and receives a message video, given by Paulie himself and was revealed to be nothing more then a trap and he left him a "surprise" on his birthday, which is in the closet, as Jackie enters the closet he sees Sullivan's corpse tied to a chair and a bomb strapped onto it. Jackie attempts to flee from this trap, but gets caught in the explosion. But luckily since it is his 21st birthday, The Darkness is keeping him alive.

Powers & Abilities

As host of The Darkness Jackie possesses seemingly unholy Demonic abilities. The Darkness powers include summoning different types of imp-like Darklings that can attack foes and move cars, using tentacles to impale foes or break down walls, using creeping dark tendrils that sneak along floors, walls, and ceilings to take out foes from a distance, and creating a black hole that sucks anything nearby into it.

Over the course of the game, Jackie also comes into possession of The Darkness guns that are more powerful than many conventional weapons but consume some amount of his energy in order to fire. The Darkness guns are held one in each hand, the one on the right being a small minigun, and the other is a sort "one hand cannon" that fires immensely powerful rounds. The Darkness cannot be used when Jackie is in a well-lit area but become more powerful in darker conditions; he is able to shoot out lights to help increase the amount of dark energy available for their attacks. Additionally, by ordering The Darkness to consume the hearts of the victims of the attacks, he can further increase the effects of The Darkness powers.

Short story on the Darkness:

In the beginning, there was The Darkness. Then God let the light in and The Universe was created. It began as planets and suns, then Humans began to form. The Darkness was enraged and began inhabiting one Human host after another all through the ages, each host thought that they were The Darkness's master. At some point during World War I The Darkness possessed Anthony Estacado and has been passed through the Estacado bloodline ever since.

Powers & Abilities(game):

The Darkness is a being of pure dark. He has various powers, such as God-like strength, creating black holes, guns out of darkness and even move like shadow to hunt down his enemies. He also has the ability to create a giant demon arm to impale enemies, move objects and take out light sources to refuel Jackie's energy.

His main weapons are two serpent heads, which can devour the hearts of enemies killed to regain some health and Dark Essence. Using The Darkness drains the host's energy and the only way to replenish his energy is to stand in shadow. In The Darkness II he gains a few new tricks, such as spitting out green fumes that eat away at enemy's flesh, or infusing his guns with Dark Essence, causing the guns to never run out of ammo and do more damage to enemies.

Powers(1st game)
Creeping Dark
Jackie can send out one of his demon arms to do stealth attacks with it.
Demon arm
Jackie can use his massive tentacles to impale people with them or throw dumpsters and cars around or to take out choppers from mid air by pulling them out of sky
Darkness black hole

There are 4 types:
light killer(can channel electricity)

gunner(has a mingun)

kamikaze(with dynamite)

melee(has axe,baseball bat ,jackhammer,saw)

Powers 2nd game
Can create lethal swarms.

Gun channeling
Channels the power of Darkness through guns..he can also see and shoot through walls

Black Hole

Demon Arms
With the left one he can rip open doors or use environment as dumpsters and car doors as projectiles with the right one he can slice people in half.

Gives him better durability(from4:35)


Talent tree

Ok so I'm missing a few stuff like Jackie can create darkness shields afzer doing a certain execution also he can charge environment with darkness energy to make them explode on impact....ill add them later but its difficult to find vids about these...

Some game based comics....
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I have found a brand new Darkness comic called Darkness Level 0.
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Darkness Level 1 (Based on the game)
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Darkness Level 3

Some game 1 badassness...

Armor again cause i posted wrong link....from4:35

A bad ass montage...also shows darkness shield at 1:47 ,2:03 and 3:07 and darkness armor from 3:07

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