Kongou Banchou vs Adam Blade (FIST FIGHT)

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Akira Kongou http://kongoubanchou.wikia.com/wiki/Akira_Kongou


Adam Blade http://www.obdwiki.com/character-profile-adam-blade/

Situation: Let's say Blade is with Cruz(who's looking like a girl) and Disc at a restaurant and Akira's sister walks by them and Blade freaks and gets ready to go hit on her only to run into the mountain of a man, Akira. Akira sees the company the priest is in (at first thinking he too was a Banchou with the black coat and all) and says something honorable while Blade just laughs, Kongou does his badass yelling speech thing and everyone is shocked but Blade.. who just grins and yells back even louder. Akira decides to try to knock some manners into the persistent priest and keep the pervy priests hands off his sister while Blade is more than happy to rumble then get the girl. They step outside and the fight begins

Who takes it?

(I'm trying to keep this fair so if there's too massive of a gap in speed or something it can be equaled out)

1. Akira is in his base mode but can't go into any other mode and Adam doesn't have any of his usual abilities (he can learn Akiras)

2. Akira starts in his Violent mode and Adam(Still none of his usual abilities) starts with knowing Akiras moves "Double Hammer" and "Wild Trailer"
BONUS ROUND: (I've only read the first 90 chapters of Kongou Banchou but I hear Akira gets quite the powerboost by the time he's facing his brother? So that's where this match came into play.)

Both fight to their best, abilities included. (If it's a stomp or something for Blade now then just say Akira used his headbutt "Face Crush", and Blade now has all of Akiras abilities instead.)

Falcon Man
Blade tried to hit on Akira's sister?


EDIT: I don't think Blade will be able to copy Akira's moves unless they're considered fragments.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.