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This is the dedicated character thread for the role play "Destiny Orb". It is not to be used for discussion, even ones involving characters. To discuss characters, plot lines, settings and other information out of character, Please go to the OOC Discussion Thread.

Archive Guidelines
- Players will place all available characters in one post, and each player must post once before any revisions are allowed.

- Any changes to characters as a result of gameplay will be revised in additional posts by their players, with version numbers attached. Acceptable changes are those that alter a character's appearance or skill set for a greater amount of game time, or permanently.

- Characters removed from gameplay, either through death or player banishment or other means, will be listed as Out Of Game (OOG) until such time as they are able to return to active play.

Character Skeleton
For convenience, the basic information required for characters is provided below. Please ensure all entries follow the proper format.

Name: (Name, partial or full, of the character)

Gender: (Male, Female, Transgender, Androgynous, etc.)

Orientation: (Optional; Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, etc.)

Height: (In inches)

Weight: (In pounds)

Age: (No limit specified. Recommended 15+)

Appearance: (Picture or description of the character's physical attributes)

Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil, Von Karma )

Village: (Home of the character, or the initial setting for the character's introduction)

Class: (Characters are allowed to choose only 1 class: Dual Wielder, Heavy User, Book Mage, Gunner, Staff User/Staff Mage, Sword User, Hybrid )

Orbs: (Characters start with a maximum of 3 orbs, and are allowed an additional 2 orbs, for a total of 5 orbs, 1 of which may be an advanced "Super Orb"wink


Orb/Class Techniques
(Any Unique abilities the character can access, either through class or with orbs, will be listed here, alone with a description of the technique)

Orbs, Classes
The following is additional information regarding the Orbs and Classes of this role play. Be sure to read carefully to better understand your options, that you may choose a style that fits your preferred method of play.

The Orbs are divided into two seperate groups: Elemental and Spirit. The chart below lists each orb within their respective groups, with a brief description of their capabilities.

Orb Chart
Fire: Grants the user the ability to create and control fire. This control can take many forms, such as summoning blazing fireballs, or firing scorching rays of intense heat.

Water: Gives the wielder the power to create and control water. From a simple fountain to drink from to great deluges, any number of uses can come from controlling this orb.

Earth: This orb puts the power of the very ground you walk on is at your command. Summon rocks to pelt your foes, or make the ground quake with terrible fury.

Wind: Call forth the power of the unseen force of the world with this orb. Use a gentle summer's breeze to relay messages, or blow your foes away with great gales.

Thunder/Lightning: The user of this orb can call on the deep voice and bright light of the storms. Deafen enemies with mighty thunderclap, or leave them smoldering husks from deadly lightning strikes.

Ice: This orb houses the power of the frigid cold. Cool hotheads with a bone deep chill, launch deadly ice spikes, and bring the cold beauty of the snow lands wherever you desire.

Light: This orb houses the power of the Great Light. Use it to brighten your way through the shadow and night, purify the poor mutated wretches, or blast them into oblivion with holy power.

Dark: The polar opposite of the Light Orb, the sinister power of the Dark Orb is at your whim. Summon the shadows to keep you hidden from sight, or harness the very essence of the Dark to corrupt targets, turning them into twisted aberrations.

Dream: To sleep, perchance to dream, this orb holds power in the fantasy of peoples' minds. Invade the Dreamscape and grant sweet dreams or vicious night terrors, or trap the waking mind in a daydream.

Time: The tick, the tock, the power of the clock is where this orb holds sway. Slow time to a crawl, or speed it up, even halt it on the spot while you go about your merry way. A word of caution however, five seconds is all the time you have. After twenty seconds, it can be used again.

Space: Space, the area within everyone moves and interacts. The power of this orb lets you move things without needing to actually handle them. Lift a box, a crate, a barrel, a person! Move yourself twenty feet in any direction instantly. Make an invisible barrier to protect you from harm. Takes about ten seconds to use the orb's power again after.

Illusion: What's that behind your ear? It's the powers of Illusion, and this orb is key. Mask your face, make others devote themselves to you fanatically, play parlor tricks. Make them see what they want to see, or what you want them to see.

Unique Orbs
Desolation: Held by the tyrant Von Karma, this orb's unholy power summons the creatures of the land and enthralls them to his command, which he uses to attack the land of Deru mercilessly. Even worse, the defeated creatures can be brought back as bloodthirsty undead, continuing their terrifying assault, though they an be destroyed even after being raised.

Destiny: The Great Orb. There is little known of this orb save this: it is linked somehow to the very Goddess of the land, Makku, and for it to fall into the wrong hands would mean the end of all things.

The Classes of Destiny Orb shape the way characters interact with the world of Deru. Each class has unique traits to themselves to appeal to a wide variety of players.

Dual Wielder: The Dual Wielder is a master of using two weapons at once, to maximum lethality. Each Dual Wielder is unique, choosing their weapons often based on personal preference as opposed to actual effectiveness. They can even use weapons that can combine, increasing their versatility. Their is one exception, however. Dual Wielders cannot use guns.

Heavy User: As the name implies, the Heavy User enjoys the heft of big weapons. The bigger it is, the harder they hurt follows the basic creed of the Heavy, and not much more is in common among them. From Great Warhammers to massive Claymores, the Heavy controls the battlefield by making sure none survive their deadly swings.

Book Mage: Knowledge is power, and none know it more than the Book Mage. Their minds are great, and their magic formidable. It is rare to see a Book Mage without at least one book on their person; their primary spell book. They can ward off creatures great and small, cast devasting spells, and have a deep knowledge of healing. It is not uncommon for Book Mages to have multiple spell books, suited for different occasions, and the truly uncanny casters can do their spellwork from memory. Orb wielding Book Mages are some of the most powerful casters in the land, using their orbs to further empower their spells.

Gunner: With sharp eyes and quick reflexes, the Gunner is a deadly ranged killer, capable of mowing down lines of footmen, or placing a bullet between the eyes of the most well guarded dignitaries. With the great variety of firearms across Deru, the skills of a Gunner are loosely shared among the class. Whether dual wielding pistols, or lugging massive cannons on their backs, the Gunner is ideal for picking targets off from afar, or raining artillery death from above. They can carry up to 3 different guns, and they are also able to channel the power of their orbs into their shots for devasting effects.

Staff User/Staff Mage: The red headed stepchild of the classes, or so it appears, the Staff User/Mage combines the abilities of a melee class, such as the Sword User or Dual Wielder, with the distance of the Gunner and the magic of the Book Mage. They can engage in close quarters combat skillfully with their staff one moment, only to nimbly leap out of the fray and blast their foes with destructive spells from a safe distance. Only the most foolish underestimate the Staff User/Mage.

Sword User: The Dual Wielder and Heavy User may both choose swords as a preferred weapon, but the true expert in the art of the blade is the Sword User. The Sword User does not rely on quick strikes of the dual weapons, or the lumbering swings of heavy ones, instead matching grace with power in an impressive display. A sword user can carry up to five different types of swords, and he is deadly with all of them. His versatility comes from the variety of his arsenal, from the tried and true longsword to the quick and stinging rapier, or the wavy crook of the Kukri. Two Sword Users upon the battlefield is a deadly and beautiful show of skill to any lucky enough to see it and survive.

Hybrid: Odd in appearance but unmistakable in skill, Hybrids challenge the world with only the might of their bodies and the will of their souls. Some say they are the bastard abomination of unhealthy attractions, others claim them to be touched by a deeper kinship to creatures than normal people, but no matter what all agree that none can match the raw physical abilities of a Hybrid. Wise warriors are wary of the claws.

Name: Chair

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 150 lbs

Age: 15

Appearance: Chair is literally covered in books. He wears a cloak with removable books attached all over it. He wears a short sleeved shirt underneath and pants, both with multiple pockets, and many of those pockets holding books. He has a shoulder sack that houses even more books. His eyes are blue behind brown, round rimmed glasses, and he has short black hair.

Alignment: Neutral

Village: Loran

Class: Book Mage

Orbs: Fire, Water, Earth

Walking Stick - A simple walking staff, useful for travel and self-defense on the road.

Book Flail - Unorthodox, but surprisingly effective, Chair can use his shoulder pack as an impromptu flail to knock back opponents. He can put more books into the pack for greater effect.

Orb/Class Techniques

Claymancy - Chair taps into the power of all three of his orbs to create items and creatures out of clay. His creations can be as small and mundane as pots to more exotic things such as clay golems. With his spells, the items and creatures he creates can be hardened and strengthened to fight for him.

Metallurgy - Through his study of the orbs, Chair has tapped into a deeper understanding of Earth, allowing him to manifest metal through the orb's power. This ability is used in a number of ways, from forming a shield of iron, to reinforcing his clay golems.

Page of Strength - This simple spell Chair memorized early on as his library grew. It grants him incredible strength, which he uses to counteract the great weight of all the books he carries. The more strength Chair exerts, the less is available, which keeps the boy from being able to manhandle enemies while wearing his cloak. -From the Tome of Might

Burning Page - With an incantation and a gesture, Chair can cast out a gout of flame from his palm to burn his foes. When empowered by the Orb of Fire, the spell shoots forth a blazing fireball that scorches any in its path. -From Flamebound: Magic of the Inferno

Hand of the Inferno - A silent spell, Chair can channel concentrated magical energy into his hands. Any objects he touches after doing so will be slowly be heated. This spell is a defensive measure meant to disarm an opponent. Using the Orb of Fire in conjunction with this spell speeds it's effect, flash-heating the object to unbearable degrees within seconds. -From Magica Domestica issue 39: Ditch the Fireplace! You've got the touch!

Page of Endurance - This spell bestows the caster or target with great vigor. The subject of this spell will not require food for up to five days, and not require water for up to three days. This spell can be cast multiple times, but it's effects take a toll on the body, and eventually those benefiting from its effects must find food and water or starve to death. -From I Live! Surviving the Barren Wastes

Rock Animus - One of Chair's more complex spells, it works to great effectiveness when empowered by the Earth Orb. The young wizard can shape up to four large rocks, or pillars, or just about any rock, into humanoid shaped constructs. Under the influence of the Earth Orb, these constructs can be hardened and grown to massive size. Chair can control the constructs directly, though it requires a great deal of concentration. Should his concentration break, the constructs will become inert until he can regain control again. Alternately, he can relay simple orders to the constructs and let them act of their own accord. -From Earth: An Elemental Understanding

Soothing Touch - Similar to Hand of the Inferno, Chair channels energy into his hands. However, this energy, rather than heat, will heal injuries that he touches. A standard spell, it is quite versatile in its healing properties. An interesting synergy resides with this Spell and the power of the Water Orb. If Chair runs his hands through water created by the orb, the water will be charged with healing energy. He can put this healing water in a receptacle for later use, or soak cloth in it to grant the fabric healing properties as well as long as it is damp. -From The Healing Arts: A Compendium of Curative Magic


The Scenario
Name: Victor Maxim

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6'

Weight: 210lbs

Age: 25


Alignment: Good

Village: Tarenhold

Class: Book Mage

Orbs: Dark, Time, Illusion

1) A single leather bound spell book, written in blessed ink and containing braille lettering of Victor's own design. The book appears patch-worked, containing pages from several other spell books that have been noted on, as well as transcribed pages copied in braille, resulting in a mess difficult for anyone but Victor to read. Victor owns several other spell books, which he has taken spells from, but only uses a single "Work Book" for actual magic.

2) A simple, nonmagical staff.

3) Emergency knives

Orb Techniques
1) Thousand Eyes- Victor uses the Illusion and Dark Orbs to overcome his blindness by creating several black spheres with the Dark Orb, which absorb light and heat and transfer the images they recieve to the Illusion Orb and send them to Victor's mind. This affords him 360 degree vision, as well as the ability to see through most illusions and detect heat. The "Eyes" appear all over, though not all of them are real, and each has a displacement effect obscuring where it really is. Coming into contact with a sphere absorbs energy from a victim. Victor has no maximum on the amount of orbs he may summon, but each one is a constant drain on resources, and hampers how much he can draw from his orbs or magic. More than a few dozen prevent Victor from using magic at all.

2) Entropic Gaze- Another power that is always active, one stemming from the accidental fusion of the Dark Orb to Victor's eyes. When Victor removes his warded blindfold, anything within his field of vision is blasted by the power of decay. A reaction from the Time Orb then adds the ravaging effects of time to his gaze. After five seconds the Time Orb stops functioning, but the Dark Orb cannot be turned off, and drains him even while blindfolded.


Combined Arms- This spell temporarily increases the subject's arm and upper body strength, up to three times normal. It applies to lifting, striking, and carrying strength, and adds enough durability for the subject to withstand its new found power.

Cure Heart- As a Book Mage, Victor is an accomplished healer. He can mend most injuries and render serious wounds less so, but the process takes time and is not combat viable. In addition, he cannot restore lost limbs, and has difficulty healing Orb inflicted wounds.

Knight's Rest- A simple restoration spell, designed to cure fatigue and, for a time, prevent the subject of the spell from getting tired from physical exertion. It lasts most of a day, and does not affect hunger or thirst.

Lieshadow- Victor augments his Illusion Orb with his magic, allowing the use of many varied illusions. Victor may become invisible, or conjure the image of anything he wishes to confuse opponents.

Major Leagues- A travel spell that increases the subject's speed. Useful for going great distances, but it isn't very good for short sprints as it often overshoots the distance needed.

Shove Off- An offensive utility spell. Victor unleashes a bolt of force that smashes into the target, sending them up, down, or straight back as Victor chooses. It can do severe damage, but the primary purpose of the spell is to hurl targets away from Victor and out of melee range. The bolts of force are difficult to see, but observers may note a slight distortion in the air a bolt passes through. (For extra power, the bolts may be augmented by the Dark Orb, but this renders them highly visible.)

Varia- Taken from a spell book written in another language, originally meaning "barrier." Victor modified the spell's original function of warding away heat into a more all-purpose shield spell. For Victor, it creates a shield of force that wards away attacks. When used on objects, however, it imbues them with a protective force that allows them to be used as shields. This function covers Victor's blindfold and Work Book. (This spell may also be combined with the Dark Orb.)

Bio: Victor lived in Tarenhold village all his life, known as the small village's healer and a devoted researcher. When the Orbs descended in Deru, Victor acquired one, not knowing it was a Dark Orb, and began to investigate it. He hoped to unlock the secrets of the Orbs, but during an experiment the Dark Orb reacted to an outside force and fused itself to Victor's eyes, rendering him permanently blind and causing him destroy anything he looked at. Victor blamed Von Karma for his condition, and believed the Desolation Orb was behind the Dark Orb's reaction, caused on the same day the creatures of Deru began acting strangely.
Victor did not give up on his research, however, and was given his Illusion and Time Orbs by the people of Tarenhold who found them and wished to help. As a Book Mage, Victor quickly found ways to incorporate Orb power into his magic, and managed to grant himself sight through his Thousand Eyes technique.
Soon, Tarenhold found itself under attack, and Victor rushed to its aid, defending the village against hopeless odds. There, he learned of the Goddess Makku's charge, and gladly took a vow to stop Von Karm and destroy the Desolation Orb.

Currently, Victor leads the Sol'nube resistance, formed after the city was overtaken by Von Karma's forces. Victor lent his aid, healing wounded, strengthening soldiers, and providing invaluable intelligence through his Eyes, and quickly rose through the ranks of the movement.

Name: Damon Val

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6 ft 8

Weight: 100 kg (screw pounds, metric all the way!)

Age: 21


Alignment: Good

Village: Hel'cata

Class: Heavy User

Orbs: Earth, Lightning, Light

Weapon: Naaru - The Hammer of Destiny
Named after a weapon from ancient myth, Naaru was forged not with metal, but with a rare crystal that is known for its unique conducting abilities. The crystal, however, is extremely heavy - Wielding the hammer takes almost inhuman strength.

Orb/Class Techniques:

Spinal Tap - Damon uppercuts with his hammer, and a column of sharp rock spikes are raised in that general direction.

Chain Lightning - Damon channels lightning into his hammer, and unleashes it on a single target. The lightning may bounce to several nearby targets.

Shield of light - Damon holds his hammer in a defensive position in front of him. A wall of light is created to deflect incoming attacks. Leaves Damon drained of energy.

Shockwave Smash - Damon Summons a bolt of lightning to his hammer, and smashes down on the ground with incredible force, creating a shockwave that deals both earth and lightning damage. (Think the attack Thor uses near the start of the Thor movie, only nowhere near as powerful.) A last resort, as is severely drains Damon's energy to the point of near collapse.

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