Favorite Batman TAS episodes anyone?

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My top 35 fave episodes:

1. The Forgotten.
2. Almost Got Em.
3. Heart of Ice.
4. Feat of Clay.
5. Two-Face.
6. Old Wounds.
7. Mad Love.
8. Over The Edge.
9. Joker's Favor.
10. Blind as a Bat.
11. Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne.
12. Perchance to Dream.
13. Batgirl Returns.
14. Catwalk.
15. If Your So Smart Why Aren't you Rich.
16. Legends of the Dark Knight.
17. Trial.
18. Beware the Grey Ghost.
19. Growing Pains.
20. Christmas with Joker.
21. Cult of the Cat.
22. Make Em Laugh.
23. On Leather Wings.
24. Demons Quest.
25. The Last laugh.
26. Heart of Steel.
27. His Silicon Soul.
28. Appointment in Crime Alley.
29. Be a Clown.
30. Joker's Wild.
31. Tyger Tyger.
32. Harley's Holiday.
33. Laughing Fish.
34. Holiday Knights.
35. Joker's Millions.

This is a tough question as I have so many favorites. I'd have to go with:

"I am the Night"

So dark... Luv it

Heart of Ice is my absolute favorite.

A very close second is Perchance to Dream.

Bat Dude
Almost all of the BTAS episodes are phenomenal, but if I had to choose some all-time favorites...

For me, #1 is probably the Two-Face two-part episode. Two-Face is my favorite villain in the Batman universe and is without question Batman's 2nd best villain. The Big Bad Harv angle was a refreshing take on Dent's descent into madness, and the finale is classic Two-Face.

After that, probably Robin's Reckoning. Robin is almost never done correctly, imo. He's always too "Holy Campy-One-Liners, Batman!" or too "Mini Batman". Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Eric Radomski made Robin the smart arse youth he's supposed to be while also maintaining his seriousness as a vigilante. The series, but this episode in general gives us a look at how Robin's supposed to be.

And finally, the last one is Feat of Clay. The Silver Age shapeshifter Clayface up to that point had been nothing more than a gimmick villain. This two-part episode really fleshed out the character into an interesting and sympathetic one.

My favorite is "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?".

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