Ush's Star Wars Game- Predictions Quick Reference

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So, this is the thread to post your predictions for Ush's game, so that when we want to go back and reference them we arn't digging through hundreds of forum pages, like I used to do in the past.

Put the campaign number next to your prediction so we remember what went when.

Campaign II Episode VI
Roan's Prediction:
You are in a forest full of enemies.

You are being chased through the forest by a wolf. The wolf is fast and dangerous and deadly and it will kill you. Every so often, an enemy jumps out at you, and you must fight it, and then keep running to get ahead of the wolf.

You dare not look back to see if it is close, because if you look back, you might see the wolf. And if you see the wolf, you know it is already too late and you are dead, because the rule is do not let the wolf see you...

The wolf is waiting

Here is mine.

Campaign II Episode VI

You see a barren planet- yet at once barren and full of life, of what you see of it.

You are both approaching the planet and on it, at different times. At both times, you are being queried. The people on the planet aren't expecting you. They are wary of you. There are many f them, and dangerous. Things could go very badly for you.

They are asking who you are, both times. The first time, you are on your ships, approaching the planet. The second, you are already on the planet; they have come to see you as you arrive. They come either curiously... or violently. How they come that second time... depends on how you answered them the first time.

Caution may kill you. Be bold.

You will neeed to specify Light Side, Dark Side ect..

Originally posted by Jedireaper
You will neeed to specify Light Side, Dark Side ect..

I think most people will know that judging by who's posting. We all know who's a lightsider and who's a Darkie, after all.

Lord Melkor

Lord Melkor

Lord Melkor
Campaign II Episode V Gallador's Manifest Destiny

Only the bold can gain power. Sometimes, caution must be abandoned in favour of making your presence known. For too long you have skulked on Epireus, fit to dominate only a band of primitives.

But you foresee that, in this entanglement with the Void, you are coming into the public eye. News from the Void has been known to reach the Republic. The Emperor himself makes broadcast for Republican consumption.

If it comes to a showdown with the Emperor, it would be wise to do it as quiet, unknown assassins.

You must not be wise. You must be blatant. You must ensure that all of the Emperor's surveillance is fully functional for any showdown. This will, of course,m make things noticeably more difficult.

Do this- and you will be noticed.

Lord Melkor
Campaign II Episode VI Gallador's Manifest Destiny

The man you want is down on his luck. You don't believe in luck, so turn his around. He wants to go up in the world- and be successful once he is up there.

Of course, he can't help you much if he is dead. Extreme danger awaits you above, and it is only a matter of time. If your friend is there when danger comes, he will not survive.

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