Goku vs Vegeta remix

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From the Saiyan Saga. What if Vegeta lost his tail, and couldn't transform, so had no reason to create an artificial moon calling back the Z team..?

The fight picks up right where Vegeta gets off Goku's beam.

Zack Fair
I always thought Vegeta would have beaten Goku to his 2nd early death had he not panicked and go for the hack.

Though Goku heavily damaged his own body from the Kaioken times 4, keep in mind he still had the Solar Flare + Spirit Bomb combo, which I think would've worked better against normal Vegeta than his Oozaru form. I mean look at how much a miniature version of the spirit bomb (from Goku's remaining energy) damaged the Saiyan prince when Krillen and Gohan worked together to toss it at him.

If Goku doesn't play his cards right with the Spirit Bomb though, then yeah. He probably loses due to not being able to use Kaoiken again or for much longer.

Goku /was/ heavily damaged, but he could still go Kaioken* for a while. With the energy he had left he should have been able to defeat the partially beaten Vegeta with it. It would have pushed himself to near death, but thats in his hero contract.

*Manga shows Goku evading Vegeta with an aura around him which the anime shows to be red.

Zack Fair
Screw you guys, home.

Vegeta stomps. Only reason he lost was because Gohan went great ape.

Which Vegeta easily cut the tail off of, just he didn't have enough energy left or the time to avoid the body falling on him as Gohan was slowly turning back to normal. It was the miniature spirit bomb Krillen took from Goku's remaining energy that Gohan bounced back to Vegeta that weakened him enough for him to eventually be beaten...

And in this thread's scenario where Vegeta never goes Oozaru, Goku's also still able to use his legs and everything (unlike what really happened), and thus should be able to create the kind of spirit bomb that can obliterate Vegeta. Question is would a solar flare and whatever other "distraction" moves Goku has give him enough time to produce the bomb. I don't think a spirit bomb powerful enough to destroy someone on the level of saiyan saga Vegeta should take nearly or at least quite as long to charge up as the one that killed Kid Buu or the one used on Frieza, but I suppose that could kinda be speculated either way.

And if Goku can still use the Kaoiken more for awhile as BloodRain pointed out, then there's that too I guess. If that's the case, he should be able to keep up what he was doing before long enough to send the saiyan prince packing without Krillen or Gohan even needing to come back.

I like Vegeta better as a character (and father), for the record.

Vegeta would've probably won that fight still. Goku was pretty heavily exhausted. Not helpless but he was more tired than Vegeta was.

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